Venus in Scorpio Personality Profile

Published May 6, 2020
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Venus in Scorpio presents a complex personality profile that often has contradictions. When the planet of love combines with Scorpio's watery sign of passion, emotions and psychic abilities, you're in for an exciting and bumpy ride!

Venus in Scorpio Creates Excitement

The Roman goddess Venus was renowned for her beauty and capacity to inspire love. She also was revered as the goddess of passion, love, sexuality, and fertility and these attributes are brought forth by her namesake planet. This powerhouse of energy is almost equal to the powerful emotions and fearsome sting of Scorpio. In fact, depending on the roll of the dice, these two energies can be one of these:

Either way, life won't be dull with Venus in Scorpio.

Personality With Intense Emotions

Scorpio in Venus creates a very intense emotional aspect to your personality. In fact, the intensity of your emotions can throw you into out-of-control obsessive behaviors, especially when it comes to a love interest.

Establish and Maintain Emotional Balance

With a heads-up warning, you can curtail this tendency by working to create and maintain an emotional balance through the practice of meditation, yoga or some other form of discipline that aligns your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

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How Venus in Scorpio Interacts With Friends

Venus in Scorpio means you are selective about who you allow to get close to you. You often have a wide range of acquaintances, but you only have two or three close friends. That's because you don't trust others to take care of your emotions the way you care for theirs. You recognize how fragile friendship can be and take great strides to build a strong and solid friendship with those select few.

Venus in Scorpio Expectations of Friendship

You are a true and loyal friend and of course, you expect your friends to be the same to you. If they aren't and you discover a friend has betrayed you, you will be devastated. Once that bond of trust is destroyed, there is no mending it.

Mourning Loss of Friend Due to Betrayal

You will mourn the loss of your friend even more passionately than you would a real death since it is the death of a love you trusted. Once you're over your grieving period, you'll move on, but you won't forget or forgive. In your heart and mind, the former friend is dead to you.

Venus in Scorpio Brings Emotional Insecurity

Your emotional nature is fragile since you suffer from insecurities resulting from past painful emotional breakups and/or betrayals. You don't let go of the past very easily and you may continue to nurse your hurt feelings long after your friendship is over.

Past Can Interfere With Present

If you don't learn to balance your emotional nature, your past hurts can fester and interfere with your new relationships. You can become possessive, especially of a lover. You may even develop bad habits, such as being manipulative and suspicious.

Emotional Intensity Can Threaten Relationships

Few lovers and friends can cope or overlook such control issues. You can turn out to be your worst enemy by setting up a continuous cycle of pain and loss. If you are experiencing this type of pattern, it's time to take yourself in hand and make changes.

Private Person

Venus in Scorpio is a very private person. If anyone needs a confidant, you are the ideal choice since you're good at keeping secrets. You will never betray a confidence and you expect anyone you take into your small circle of trust to keep your secrets. That is, if you ever trust them enough to share your deepest self.

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Enjoy the Sensual Things in Life

With Venus in Scorpio, you enjoy the best of everything. You relish the finer things in life, especially sensual things like food, wine, clothing, perfumes/colognes, art objects, and just about any material items. Investing in higher quality means you can enjoy it longer.

Fascination With Hidden and Forbidden

Your sensuality isn't restricted to material possessions. With Venus being the goddess of love and sexuality and Scorpio being the sign of emotions and passion, you are vulnerable to carnal pleasures. As a result, Venus in Scorpio can plunge you into situations that might not be in your best interest.

Attraction to the Dark and Mysterious

You're intrigued with the unknown and anything that is mysterious will grab your attention until you've figured it out. Things that are dark captivate you. This can be especially true about people who may be dark and even dangerous. Venus in Scorpio has a constant need for excitement and passion. This addictive behavior also includes sex.

Temptation to Experience the Sensual and Forbidden

While you expect your lover to be faithful, you may find yourself straying if presented with an affair that allows you to indulge in something you ordinarily would shy away from. Sometimes, you simply cannot resist the extremely titillating.

Love Affairs

It is possible a less mature Venus in Scorpio may succumb to the excitement of secret love affairs. You may often mistake sex for love in your constant desire to feel the thrills that only new love can give you.

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Curbing the Need for Love Affairs

Venus in Scorpio can possibly thwart their desire of intrigue and excitement they find in secret affairs by having open lines of communication with their mate. Although Venus in Scorpio presents a decided challenge for the most confident, passionate and sensual mate, there is always the possibility your mate can hold their own in your relationship. You may discover that your partner is seeking the same kind of newness and passion and is willing to experiment with you to find fresh new ways to enjoy your relationship.

Personality Profile to Examine Effects of Venus in Scorpio

There are quite a few effects you can expect when Venus shows up in Scorpio. Being aware of some pitfalls can empower you to take decisive counter measure to lessen potential issues.

Venus in Scorpio Personality Profile