Virgos and Successful Money Handling

Published August 5, 2019
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Intelligent and rational, Virgos have the reputation of being the best money managers of the zodiac. They enjoy working for work's sake, not for the paycheck, but usually, have a steadily increasing income. However, there are also Virgos with expensive tastes who are prone to splurge, which can be problematic.

Why Virgo Can Be a Successful Money Manager

Those born with their Sun in Virgo have many character traits that can lead them to be successful and practical money managers. Virgo is logical, focused on details, systematic, and organized.

Virgos Are Conscientious and Systematic

A Virgo is a worrier and one of their favorite subjects to worry about is money. They're very conscientious and systematic, they seldom take chances with money, put money aside for retirement or unexpected expenses, and systematically pay bills when they're due.

Virgos Are Responsible

A Virgo takes their financial responsibility seriously, are always on the lookout for ways to improve on their finances and are not likely to make a purchase that can't easily be penciled into their budget.

Virgos Are Thrifty

Virgos are the bean counters of the zodiac. They believe if they count their pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. They seldom buy anything new if what they have is still serviceable, they shop for bargains, and are not likely to buy a Mercedes over a Kia, regardless of how much money they have.

Organized and Focused on Details

Virgos tend to keep a written budget, go over it monthly, and have a plan for emergencies. They might even have several accounts devoted to their various expenses. Virgos are diligent about balancing their accounts each month, keeping receipts for money spent, and putting everything into appropriately labeled file folders that are stored in a desk drawer or filing cabinet so they will have easy access to all the information.

How Virgo Makes Money

On the career front, Virgos are hard working and apply themselves to doing a good job, while at the same time increasing their knowledge and job skills. This is an indication that making a steadily increasing income won't be a problem. Considering the Virgo character traits above, they can excel in fields like accounting and bookkeeping. However, they might be better at managing the finances of others than they are of their own finances.

Why Virgo Might Not Be Successful

Almost all Virgo traits would seem to imply they would be good at handling money, but according to My Lending Tree, they're not. My Lending Tree anonymized credit report data from over a million users and found that "Leos and Virgos have the most concerning credit profiles, with high balances, lots of late payments, and low credit scores." Yes, Virgo is a great example of why considering only an individual's Sun sign can be misleading.

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Virgo and Venus

When an astrologer looks at anything related to money in a chart, they look to Venus and her sign and house placement. Venus is never over 48 degrees ahead of or behind the Sun. This means a Virgo's Venus will be in either Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio. If Venus is behind the Sun by zodiacal degree, she's called the Morning star. If she's ahead of the Sun by zodiacal degree, she's called Evening star.

A Virgo With an Evening Star Venus

If a Virgo's birth chart has Venus in Libra, Scorpio, or ahead of the Sun in Virgo, they are more mature and deliberate in their actions when it comes to love and money.

A Virgo With a Morning Star Venus

If a Virgo's birth chart has Venus in Cancer, Leo, or behind the Sun in Virgo, they are more eager, spontaneous, and perhaps a little naïve and careless when it comes to love and money. A Morning Star Venus can be problematic for a Virgo when it comes to money, especially if they have Venus in Leo, as many Virgos do.

A Virgo With Venus in Leo

If a Virgo has Venus in Leo, they have a Leo voice in their head that's continually urging them to buy the best, dine at the finest restaurants, stay at five-star hotels, donate to every cause and give extravagant gifts to everyone, including themselves. Keep in mind that Virgo is one of the three Mutable signs of the Zodiac. This means that the Virgo Sun is ruled by impulsive Mercury (which might also be in Leo) and can easily be swayed by their more fixed and strong-willed Venus in Leo.

How Can A Virgo Get a Handle on Their Finances?

Having Venus in Leo can be a gift for a humble and modest Virgo due to her finer qualities. She can give them the urge to stand front and center, be proud, and toot their own horn occasionally. However, they should also realize that this part of them also has an extravagant nature. Of course, not all Virgos have Venus in Leo, but if they do, handling their personal finances can be tricky until they get a handle on Venus.

Getting a Handle on Venus

A Virgo with Venus in Leo is not doomed to financial difficulties because they have all the skills necessary to be successful at handling their finances if they choose to conscientiously use them. Often just becoming aware of and understanding why they're prone to extravagance and overspending can go a long way toward solving their spending problem.

Finding Money in a Virgo's Horoscope

Each of the 12 houses gives astrologers clues about money, but traditional money houses are the second, eighth, and eleventh houses.

  • The second house is the house of personal wealth.
  • The eighth house is personal assets or inheritances accumulated through partnership and marriage.
  • The eleventh house is personal assets accumulated through business and career.

Astrologers look at:

  • The zodiac sign on the cusp of each money house
  • The house in which the ruler of those signs resides
  • Note if the rulers make hard or soft aspects to other planets
  • Consider the planets in each money house and the aspects they make to other planets in the horoscope
  • The planets Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn
Astrological Consultation

A Do-It-Yourself Search for Money

You can calculate an accurate birth chart free online if you want to go on a money hunt. Look for Jupiter (luck and abundance) and Venus (money) aspects, and check to see if Jupiter, Venus, or your Virgo Sun is in a money house. Also, look for Saturn (the taskmaster) and Venus aspects as this can also indicate that hard work (Saturn) can bring wealth (Venus). Have fun, but if you have any or all of these placements don't get too excited before you consult a professional astrologer.

Why Consult a Professional Astrologer?

Finding the potential for wealth in a birth chart is technical and not for beginning astrologers. It not only requires complete birth data (date, time, and location), it requires a professional astrologer who can accurately assess your entire chart in detail, the condition of each money house, as well as planetary progressions and transits. Yes, there are times in your life when your wealth quotient is greater than others.

Virgos and Successful Money Handling