Void-Of-Course Moon Meaning and Astrological Advantages

Published April 1, 2022
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The moon is a life force that creates action and propels time forward. As she circles the earth, she causes moods and oceans to swing and sway. She guides gardeners, fishermen, hunters, and investors. Still, every few days, she becomes a bit untethered when she enters her void-of-course period. Of course, if you really like life to be unpredictable and unexpected, you're likely to enjoy those times when the moon is void-of-course.

The Void-of-Course Moon

The mystical, magical moon circles the zodiac every 28½ days and changes signs every 2½ days. During the time she transits a sign, she's busy making major aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions) to the transiting sun and planets. A day with many lunar aspects is busy with all sorts of activity. However, after the moon makes her last connection and until she makes her entry (ingress) into the next sign, she takes some time to rest and lull about. This period of time is called moon void-of-course. The length of the void varies, from a few minutes to more than 24 hours. This depends on where the transiting planets are while the moon transits each sign.

Entering the Void

When the moon enters the void, her work in a particular sign is done, and she takes some time off and hangs out before her work in the next sign begins. While she hanging in the void, she's untethered from the other planets, and there's inactivity. When this happens, the world around you seems to move more slowly, and your energy wanes. You could consider this period of time a bit like a mini-Mercury retrograde--a short retrospective of the past couple of days and a time when new beginnings are likely to go awry.

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Hanging Out With the Moon Void-of-Course

A moon void is generally not a good time to make purchases, sign contracts, get married, have a first date, or start a major project or new venture. Why? Because under the void, their outcome is often wild and unpredictable. On the other hand, the void is a great time to meditate, relax, and float free as you contemplate your activities and the emotional tenor of the past couple of days.

Positive Uses of the Void-Of-Course Moon

In horary astrology, when the moon is void-of-course at the moment of the question, it indicates "nothing will come of the matter." This means there are times when it's advantageous to actively use the void moon. A few positive uses of a void moon would be mailing in your tax returns, telling someone something unpleasant, admitting to your employer you've made a mistake, etc. A moon void is a perfect time to take action if you'd like to avoid unpleasant repercussions.

Moon Void-of-Course Dates

Finding the dates and times when the moon is void-of-course is easy. You can find when the moon will be void in your time zone simply by entering the city or town where you live into AstroSeek.com's Moon Void of Course Calculator. Noting these days and times on your personal calendar each month can help you avoid impeding troubles and hindrances in your life.

Born During a Void-Of-Course Moon

Those born during a moon void-of-course often face many difficulties related to their moon's sign and house location. These individuals sense situations around them with particular intensity. They seem to suffer somewhat from turbulent emotions, often experience loneliness, and have feelings of being different and misunderstood. People born during a void-of-course moon often lead untethered lives and, as a result, are continually on the go or reinventing themselves. Yet, a void moon doesn't appear to hinder success and achievement. Two examples are Ted Turner (void moon at 28° Libra) and Winston Churchill (void moon at 29° Leo.)

Secondary Progressed Moon Void-Of-Course

The secondary progressed moon may be the most essential tool an astrologer has for timing. Secondary progressions are very personal and based on your birth chart. A secondary progressed moon void-of-course can last for just a few months or up to a year or more and reveals periods when an individual seems to be wandering in the wilderness.

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Dealing With a Void Moon

Don't let the moon void-of-course scare you! They're usually what you make of them. Imagine that you're standing on the brink of something new but aren't ready to make a move. If that's the case, you have an excellent astrological reason for doing nothing. Occasionally removing yourself from the game of life and drifting and dreaming as you hang with a void-of-course moon can be a wonderful and life-affirming experience.

Void-Of-Course Moon Meaning and Astrological Advantages