What Are the Mayan Zodiac Signs? Their Breakdowns & Meanings

Updated November 10, 2021
Maya aztec Mexican calendar stone

Mayan astrology is a complex system of interwoven time cycles. Still, the most important cycle for describing a personality is the 20-day sequence of Day signs. Of the 20 Day signs, ten are animals, and the other ten are forces of nature and plants. The day you were born determines your Mayan Zodiac Day Sign. When someone asks what your Mayan zodiac sign is, your Day sign is what they're referring to.

The Mayan Zodiac's Day Signs

Mayan astrology is very different from Western astrology. Western astrology measures space. It has 12 zodiac signs of 30 degrees, measured along Earth's 360-degree ecliptic. Mayan astrology measures time. It's based on the 260-day Tzolkin calendar's 13 repeating cycles of the 20 Day signs. Yes, the Mayan zodiac signs change daily. An individual's Day sign describes their typical attributes and most dominant personality traits.


Crocodile In Forest

Crocodile is the first of the Day sign. It concerns itself with the concept of new beginnings and ideas. Crocodiles are natural-born leaders who are not afraid of changes or challenges. These are driven, energetic, creative, initiating, intelligent, and forceful individuals who are assertive and have a can-do, bold attitude toward life. Crocodiles are often domineering and self-serving, but they can make significant changes in the world if they use their powerful energy wisely.


Female ballet dancer on pointes dancing with a red skirt

Wind is the second Day sign. Wind is an invisible driving force. It's concerned with intellect and communication. Wind describes individuals with cunning minds, incredible personal power, and great awareness. They are generally multifaceted, versatile, and adaptable, but also idealistic and romantic. Wind individuals are free-spirited and open-minded but tend to be indecisive, overly idealistic, and frequently struggle with commitment issues.


Small craftsman house

The third Day sign is House. It concerns itself with inspiring change by bridging the gap between old traditions and values and futuristic ideas. These people are loyal friends and companions, have strong characters, project an imposing presence, and are capable of achieving a lot. House individuals are deep, introspective, grounded, and stable. They're a blend of old-fashioned wisdom and youthful optimism but often struggle to find the right path.


Chameleon On Tree

Lizard is the fourth Day sign. It's a sign of performance, sexual maturity, and independence. Lizards have high standards, self-esteem is crucial to them, and they are often attracted to attention-getting activities. They are passionate people with a lust for life who are energizing, alluring, and natural entertainers. They demand freedom of expression and live authentically. Although dynamic and brave, they can at times be overbearing and uncompromising.


Serpent on tree

Serpent is the fifth Day sign. Serpent speaks of power and charisma as well as emotional upheaval. Serpents are intelligent but also extremist. They are altruists who are highly empathetic and considerate of others. Still, they have strong characters, will fight for their beliefs, and their reactions can be strong. They navigate the world with their intuition, delve deeply into the human psyche, and often find themselves in highly charged emotional situations.


Christ carrying the cross on Good Friday

Death is the sixth Day sign. It symbolizes personal sacrifice, acceptance of change, and transformation. Death individuals have a selfless and wise nature and carry a deep sense of responsibility. They are intelligent, spiritual, and have a calm disposition. These people often experience a life full of change, but they can adapt to life's ups and downs. Due to their sacrificial nature, they can sometimes take on burdens that are not theirs to carry.


Family of red deers

Deer is the seventh Day sign. A Deer is nomadic, very sensual, artistic, eccentric, and innovative. Many are trailblazers and leaders and are inclined toward success and achievement. However, a Deer is contradictory in many ways. Family and community are of great importance to them, but so is their freedom. Deer people have firm boundaries and struggle to let people in and reveal their vulnerable, romantic side. Still, they can be territorial and protective, especially over people and things they care about.


Rabbit Sitting On Grassy Field

Rabbit is the eighth Day sign. Rabbits are lively and excitable people with clever active minds. They enjoy games, competition, and must always be doing something. Still, they seldom take things too seriously. Rabbits live in the moment and take opportunities as they present themselves. Rabbits also can be argumentative and self-destructive at times. Their challenge in life is to tame their restless attention-seeking energy.


Cupped Hands Of Woman In Water

Water is the ninth Day sign. Those born under this sign are emotional, imaginative, and often struggle with powerful urges. They are great dreamers and visionaries who are sometimes psychic. They're also natural-born leaders, who lead by example, are responsible and disciplined, and have incredible emotional intelligence. However, if they're not careful, their emotional depth can lead to obsessive behavior.


Smiling Golden Retriever

Dog is the tenth Day sign. It's a sign of loyalty, leadership, consistency, and commitment. Dogs are team players, creative, and very loyal to those they care about. Dogs like to roam but don't stray too far from home. They can be incredibly trusting, cooperative but are easily hurt and can be critical. They also have a suspicious nature and are prone to worry. Dog's main challenge is to keep their heart open after trust gets broken.


Smiling Barbary Macaque Monkey

Monkey is the eleventh Day sign. It represents creativity, innovation, and the birth of novel ideas. Monkeys are clever, demonstrative, cooperative, and compromising. They crave attention and are often found in the performing or communicative arts. They are socially active and yearn for the ideal partner but often struggle with close, intimate relationships. Monkeys are childlike, curious, have little patience for details or boring routines, find it challenging to stay focused, and often forget the realities of the present moment.


Green Grass on a Sunny summer day,

Grass is the twelfth Day Sign. Persons born on a Grass Day are careful, helpful, emotional, reactive, compromising. Grass individuals are rational and easygoing but also very touchy. They're not quick off the line, but once they get going, they don't stop. Grass people live in the here and now, make clear judgments, and are business-minded. Still, they're never cold or heartless. Although reserved, they feel and care deeply. They're generally a fine blend of rationality and emotional maturity. Still, they may come across as overly rigid and stubborn.


Yellow-headed Blackbird adult male

Reed is the thirteenth Day sign. Reed is a powerful sign associated with knowledge, strong opinions, and forcefulness. Persons born under Reed are self-assured and determined crusaders who seldom give up. They're usually popular, accomplished, competent, have deep knowledge of human nature, and often come across as authoritative. They are structure-loving people who can be intellectually rigid and prone to argue and tend to find other people's perspectives and opinions challenging.


Jaguar in the jungle

Jaguar is the fourteenth Day sign. Jaguar is associated with magic and is gifted with intelligence and powerful intuition. They are deep souls who crave meaningful connections, see the world from a higher perspective, and tend to be psychically gifted. These individuals are trustworthy, spiritual, and not afraid to get involved in the lives of others. Still, their mysterious nature can make them come across as secretive or manipulative.


Bald eagle in mid flight

Eagle, the fifteenth Day sign, is associated with vision, freedom, and attention to detail. Eagles are generally independent, stable, and perseverant perfectionists who are technically minded. They can be very ambitious, yet they also enjoy a good escape now and then. They are open-minded, observe from a higher perspective, and are natural-born philosophers. Eagle can sometimes be ridged, rebellious, and have an untamable desire for freedom.


Vulture sitting on tree steam

Vulture is a sixteenth Day sign. It's the sign of authority, hierarchy, and good luck in new beginnings. Vultures are incredibly self-aware, status-conscious, and driven to high positions. Alternately, they can become the victims of those already in power. They are serious individuals who have learned to rise above their defeats, overcome their limits, and face life realistically. They're often hardened by life and challenging to reach emotionally. A Vulture's primary challenge is to see all the ups and downs in life as learning experiences and not become cynical.


Ariel image of crevasses caused by earthquakes

Earthquake is the seventeenth Day sign. It represents forceful intellectual activity and progressive thinking. Earthquake people are often controversial. They want to initiate and to go where no one else has gone before. They're generally philosophical, have profound minds, and love to contemplate and develop earth-shaking ideas. They're creative thinkers and innovative trailblazers who explore possibilities and try new approaches. Earthquake is a sign that highly self-aware and, while they tend to worry a lot, they are seldom dull or pessimistic.


Chef's knife

Knife is the eighteenth Day sign. Knife represents both self-sacrifice and self-interest. These individuals have a sharp mind along with a bright and shiny reflective nature. They strive to live in harmony with life, tend to have high moral values, and believe in balanced relationships. Their judgment is seldom clouded by fears or irrational thoughts. They are practical, mechanically inclined, very social but sometimes vain, intellectual but critical, and self-sufficient, but with a romantic nature. Still, due to their mental acumen, they can seem cold and uncaring.


Flower in rain

Rain is the nineteenth Day sign. Rain is associated with diplomacy, balanced relationships, and the need to belong. It's also a sign of compassion and healing. Rain people are youthful, restless, mentally active, and friendly. They are usually multi-talented but are at their best in counseling and healing professions. These are warm, caring, and loving individuals who are family-oriented. They are extraordinary caregivers. Rain is associated with cleansing, purification, spirituality, connectedness to a higher power, and abundance.


Pink Perfection Camellia

Flower is the twentieth and last Day sign. Flower is a symbol of beauty, perfection, and the ideal. These people are loving, artistic, emotional, and reactive. They are persistent dreamers who often have unrealistic expectations. Still, they are devoted friends and lovers. Genuine, curious, gentle, loving, nurturing, and caring, Flowers make everyone around them feel welcome and comfortable. They're intelligent but have an innocent, childlike nature and are incredibly spiritual.

Understanding the Mayan Day Signs

The ancient Mayans created one of the most accurate, sophisticated, and complex calendar systems in human history. Mayan astrology is based on this ancient calendar. This means that Mayan astrology is much more complicated than your Day sign. But the repeating cycles of the Tzolkin's 20 Day signs are the core of a Mayan horoscope. If you want to know your Mayan Day sign Horoscope.com features a tool that will calculate it for you. .

What Are the Mayan Zodiac Signs? Their Breakdowns & Meanings