What Star Wars Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Discover which Star Wars character your zodiac aligns with.

Published April 18, 2023

From the scrappy and persistent people who inhabit the Outer Rim, to the cunning politicians who intermingle on Coruscant, to the adventurous pilots, pirates, and bounty hunters traveling in-between them, there's no franchise with quite a cast of characters like Star Wars. And just like imagining what color your kyber crystal would turn your lightsaber into, we can't help but wonder where our zodiac signs would align in this mysterious galaxy far, far away.

Taken one too many complimentary drinks at the cantina and need to brush up on your sun sign? We've got the holocron filled with every bit of star sign information you could need to find your Sun sign..

Aries: Han Solo


Quick on his feet and ready to fight at a moment's notice, Han Solo is the perfect Aries match. Like an Aries, he confidently dares to do the right thing when the deck is stacked against him, even it's only for selfish reasons. The risk-takers of the Zodiac signs, there's no one quite so daring as Han Solo.

Taurus: Leia Organa


If there's one Star Wars character everyone can rely on, it's Leia Organa. Not only will she get the job done, but she'll persist through any hurdle that comes her way. You could say she's like a bull in a china shop. And only someone as stubborn and strong-willed as a Taurus could put up with Han Solo's machinations. But that strong exterior masks a loving heart, making her the perfect Taurus type.

Gemini: Anakin Skywalker


Anakin Skywalker is a man who's spent his entire life struggling between two halves of himself in a way that every Gemini can relate to. After all, your sign isn't a pair of twins for nothing. Just like Anakin, you adapt to any situation that comes your way, whether it's a broken pod racer or a sudden break up. Just be careful not to lean too much into your cunning and fickle side lest you find yourself facing a fiery blaze.

Cancer: Obi Wan Kenobi


Only a Cancer would be the kind of person so devoted to a loved one that they gave up their way of life, stopped fighting against a tyrannical government, and lived in a cave for decades. Obi Wan Kenobi is a character that loves deeply - if not openly - and takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, just like you. And, let's face it, only a home-loving Cancer could turn a rocky cave into a sleek outer world bachelor pad.

Leo: Lando Calrissian


As a Leo, you've got pride in spades, and so does the flashy and self-confident Lando Calrissian. Swishing his capes around Cloud City, Lando isn't capable of fading into the background, and neither are you. With a self-confidence that borders on arrogance, you'd be just as likely to wager a gem like the Millennium Falcon in a card game…and lose.

Virgo: C-3PO


C-3PO is programmed down to his wires to be organized, helpful, and polite - the kind of droid after a Virgo's heart. Just like C-3PO, you're the hardest workers of the bunch and incredibly intelligent. But you're not overly fond of breaking the rules and quite worried over making your deadlines or accidentally getting your circuits wet.

Libra: Padme Amidala


Padme Amidala, Queen of Naboo turned Senator, is the ultimate Libra. She's diplomatic at every turn, can charm even the most sordid characters, and can't help but fall prey to a consuming romance. Yet, her self-indulgence with Anakin leads, in part, to her death. While yours hasn't led to such severe consequences, it's definitely gotten you in a bind or two.

Scorpio: Fennec Shand


Scorpios are secretive, capable, and cunning people, the likes of which hardly anyone can match. So, we've basically just described Fennec Shand. The master assassin who got serious screen time in Jon Favreau's Disney+ series has a captivating energy that can be wielded with just one look. And like Fennec, you Scorpios are deeply loyal to those who care for you.

Sagittarius: Finn


Ex-stormtrooper Finn is just a man who wants to figure out who he is, and which zodiac does that sound exactly like? Independent to a fault, Sagittariuses have a north star set on defining their identity, and a restlessness that's only abated by travel. You get exactly the same look on your face when your new destination comes into view that Finn gets when he eyes the universe through the Millennium Falcon's screen. And just like Finn, you collect people along your adventures, creating a network of allies and loved ones to carry you through the universe.

Capricorn: Boba Fett


Is there any more of a disciplined, practical, and committed character in the Star Wars canon than the bounty hunter himself, Boba Fett? A Capricorn by nature, Boba Fett will take just about any job if it means he can make a good profit, and you Capricorns know just what to do to double and triple your paycheck. Yet, just like Boba Fett, you have a tendency to be stubborn and unyielding in your decisions.

Aquarius: Yoda


A true Aquarius move is retiring to a swamp planet, training the resistance's only hope in the old ways of the Jedi, and making him carry them around on his back for funsies. Unpredictable with an off-beat sense of humor, Aquariuses are just like Yoda in wanting the best for the world, but getting creative about the paths they take to get there.

Pisces: Luke Skywalker


Although he too fights with an inner dark side and has a temper, at his core, Luke Skywalker is a compassionate man. He's so compassionate in fact, that he loves his father despite the horrible things he' s done and leads him to back to the light. Just like how Luke is deeply connected to the force, you Pisces folk also have a strong intuitive nature. But your desire to escape reality can bite you in the butt, just like hopping on a random ship with a complete stranger led Luke to some serious hijinks.

The Zodiac Signs of a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Whether they're driven by power, passion, love, empathy, or the fun of life, Star Wars characters are some of the most compelling to come out of a modern film franchise. And given that they're gallivanting around their own star systems, it makes sense that their personalities would match up to our zodiac signs.

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What Star Wars Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?