What Super Mario Bros Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

It's a match made in the Mushroom Kingdom with Zodiac signs and Mario characters.

Published April 5, 2023

Wahoo! Like the four common worlds in Mario - overworld, underground, athletic, and castle - so do the zodiac signs from earth, air, water, and fire find themselves perfectly at home with these famous characters. Each of the Super Mario Bros. characters represents one of the sun signs. Take a look and see how well yours is matched! Then go see The Super Mario Bros. Movie and watch your match in action.

In need of a little guidance as you leap and duck your way through? We have the cheat codes for the star sign dates right here. Perfect for finding your sign and that of your Bowser or Princess Peach.

Aries - Foreman Spike


Spike, or in this case, Foreman Spike, is always ready to roll. The former boss of Mario and Luigi doesn't have much of a filter, like dear Aries. Fierce? Oh yes. Impulsive? Well, how else would Spike always be on the offense and always prepared to keep moving forward? Although Spike might be a former boss, like Aries, he's a symbol of new beginnings.

Spike is voiced by Sebastian Maniscalco in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Taurus - Luigi


Taurus loves a quiet life, a life of stability. Like Luigi, Taurus is happy to have someone else lead the charge. As reliable as a brother like Luigi, Taurus, too, is loving and warm, yet oh-so determined and a touch stubborn. Tauruses are ready to have their own space and explore at their own pace, like Luigi exploring his own haunted realms.

Charlie Day voices Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Gemini - Princess Peach


Gemini is one of the most charismatic signs and a natural jack of all trades. With the personality of a quirky side character, who better to represent Gemini than Princess Peach? Like Gemini, Princess Peach can wear two faces: the one for duties and the one for when she spends time with her closest friends. Gemini also has a big circle but much prefers quality over quantity.

Princess Peach is voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Cancer - Cranky Kong


Don't be fooled by his blunt nature, Cranky Kong is a Cancer through and through. Underneath that scathing attitude of his lies a sensitive soul that's always seeking comfort. And a soul that forgives but does not forget. Protective of those he loves - both friends and family - he can sometimes be a bit emotional or pessimistic.

Fred Armisen voices Cranky Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Leo - Mario


The title character time after time, it's Mario! Exuding warmth with a big personality, although slightly vain at times, Mario, like Leo, wants to stand out from the crowd. Outgoing and helpful, and one could say as brave as a lion, Mario is as friendly and warm-hearted as a Leo. Although, like dear Leo, sometimes Mario can interfere a little too much.

Chris Pratt voices Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Virgo - Donkey Kong


Like Virgo, Donkey Kong needs to feel useful, but he's also analytical and meticulous like a Virgo. All work and no play, and never satisfied with what's at hand, Donkey Kong continues to stay hardworking and diligent in his quests. Sound familiar, Virgo? And both Virgo and Donkey Kong can be oh-so stubborn with a firm moral compass that doesn't care for anyone who goes against the established rules.

Seth Rogen voices Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Libra - Toad


They're sweet, indecisive, cheerful, and avoid conflict. Except, of course, when their friends need them. Both Toad and Libra are fiercely conflict-avoidant, but like Toad, Libra will run into battle to help a friend in a heartbeat. Don't mistake their light-hearted natures as being flippant or unattached - they're witty and sharp. Nothing gets past a charming Libra or Toad. Plus, who better to have in your company than an easygoing friend?

Keegan-Michael Key voices Toad in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Scorpio - Kamek


Intuitive, determined, passionate, and magical - whoops, magnetic - Kamek and Scorpio have quite a bit in common. Like Scorpio, Kamek cares a lot about his friends, but the things is, you can never quite tell when one or the other is serious or joking. With the ability to overcome any size obstacle, Kamek and Scorpio will always rise from the ashes. Most likely after exploring the deepest parts of life.

Kamek is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Sagittarius - Penguin King


Always looking to improve but still the friendliest person at the party, the Penguin King is a leader that you'll find in the trenches with his troops, much like Sagittarius will charge into any situation rather than call the shots from a safe distance. Optimistic and jovial, the Penguin King is always learning and driven to explore. You can thank your high energy for all that drive, Sag.

Khary Payton voices the Penguin King in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Capricorn - Bowser


Capricorn turned five and became a full-grown adult. A responsible friend motivated by a sense of duty just like Bowser, Capricorn's ability to repress emotions on the quest for success can cause people to misunderstand them. Once Capricorn and Bowser put their minds to something, nothing will stand in their way. Both unforgiving and unyielding, it's their overly prudent personality that can sometimes push things too far. Ambition can be a lonely road.

Jack Black voices Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Aquarius - Giuseppe


A bit mysterious and misunderstood by those who aren't privy to life behind the curtain, Aquarius and Mario's father, Giuseppe, are friendly and loyal. Unpredictable (after all, it's hard to have a good read on someone that's fleeting) both are filled with desire to make the world a better place. And to give help in all ways that they can. All they want to do is help, and we love Aquarius for it.

Giuseppe is voiced by long-time Mario voice actor Charles Martinet in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Pisces - Lumalee


Ethereal and always doing things their own way, intuitive Pisces and fluid Lumalee are very similar. Believing everything is a sign, and fluctuating between recalling if something was a dream or actual reality, Pisces is prone to a fantasy life. And with the ability to transform between objects and colors, Lumalee's own personality has no boundaries. Both imaginative yet wise, both Pisces and Lumalee are overly trusting. However, they're sympathetic. Who else would have a 1-Up waiting for you before squaring off against a boss?

Adorably, Lumalee is voiced by director Michael Jelenic's daughter, Juliet, in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Star Power! Mario Characters and Zodiac Signs


With so much in common between Zodiac signs and Super Mario characters, it's no wonder that Super Mario Bros has its own Zodiac. These star signs are right at home in the Mushroom Kingdom, and all the worlds it has to offer. No Konami Code required.

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What Super Mario Bros Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?