Which Animal Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Animals have fascinating personality quirks, just like each sign of the zodiac.

Published March 29, 2023

Are you a party animal like the sea otter or naturally introverted like a snow leopard? Do you find yourself super protective of your herd members like the elephant? The animal kingdom is packed with fascinating creatures, all of which have their strengths and quirks. And in the same way, the 12 signs of the zodiac embody different personality traits. We've matched up each sign with an animal that has all the same qualities, and these species are all incredibly cool.

Find the dates for each zodiac sign here, so you can see which animals represent your friends and family, too.

Aries: Polar Bear


The Aries of the animal kingdom is no doubt the polar bear. These independent creatures are incredibly brave, passionate, and confident - not to mention attractive. And just like you, Aries, polar bears are self-proclaimed adventurers; they travel by foot or on sea ice. Beary cool!

Taurus: Caribou


As a tough Taurus, you embody the qualities of the caribou. Caribou are better known as reindeer, but whatever you choose to call them, these animals are powerful with a capital P. They're also dependable and hardworking, with chiseled good looks (sound familiar?). During the summer, when caribou aren't pulling Santa's sleigh, they're not afraid to live their lives at a slower pace.

Gemini: Sea Otter


Sea otters are the "party animals of the sea," which is perfect because Geminis are the party animals of the zodiac. You're both super curious, quick-witted, and charming to boot. Because you can get bored easily, Gemini, it can be hard for you to settle into a relationship, but once you do, you hold hands and never let go. How otterly adorable.

Cancer: Elephant


Cancer, you feel all the feels, which makes you a lot like the elephant; elephants are thought to be the most empathetic creature in the animal kingdom. This trait allows you to understand people more than most other signs. Not to mention both elephants and Cancers are intelligent, protective, and highly intuitive. We love this wise elephant energy for you, Cancer!

Leo: Wolf


"Courageous" is an understatement when talking about the Leo zodiac sign, which is why you're so well-aligned with the wolf. You were probably expecting a lion, right? Sure, you've got a lot in common with the mighty lion, but wolves are brave and loyal leaders who inspire their packs through compassion. Even though you might look intimidating on the outside, we know you're a big softie in there, Leo.

Virgo: Honey Bee


Order and organization are super important to Virgos, which makes you such a good fit with the honey bee. Bees are incredibly analytical; how else could they create honeycomb in such perfect hexagons? And like the bee, you're also fairly introverted but devoted and loyal to the lucky friends you allow into your inner hive. Buzz yeah!

Libra: Flamingo


Libras are all about balance, and who has better balance than the charming flamingo? No one can walk by these stunning birds without admiring their perfectly groomed plumage and easy-going nature. Flamingos embody all other traits of the Libra sign, from being social to highly artistic and even a bit flirtatious. We think you're pretty flocking fabulous, Libra, just like the flamingo.

Scorpio: Komodo Dragon


Scorpios just ooze "cool," which is why the hardcore Komodo dragon is a perfect fit for this sign (and the closest you can get to a real dragon!). You both are brave and fearless individuals who let passion guide your lives. Scorpios and Komodos don't need anyone's approval, but if a person gets on your bad side, they might be met with a venomous bite.

Sagittarius: Dolphin


Dolphins are fun-loving and social animals, so they perfectly represent the playful Sagittarius. Surf the waves? See who can jump the highest? Sure, you're always up for a spontaneous challenge! Both are also confident, friendly, and optimistic. There's even a bit of a resemblance in those big, joyful smiles, Sag. We'd say that's a match made in zodiac heaven.

Capricorn: Snow Leopard


As a Capricorn, you're the snow leopard of the animal world. These large cats are driven creatures that become laser-focused on achieving whatever goal they put their minds to. You're both incredibly independent and remain stoic unless you're in the company of trusted loved ones. And just like the snow leopard, you'll do anything to protect your cubs and whoever else you cherish. Don't mess with this fierce kitty.

Aquarius: Platypus


The platypus is the epitome of a unique and quirky animal, just like you, Aquarius. Platypuses look like a cross between an otter, a beaver, and a duck, but they're an original species. Like the platypus, people with the Aquarius zodiac sign march to the beat of their own drums and are clever, optimistic, and selfless. Stay weird, Aquarius; we love you just the way you are.

Pisces: Swan


What better animal for the loving Pisces than one that symbolizes love? Swans have an elegant and wise energy about them, which aligns perfectly with the Pisces sign. You're also both calm, creative, and intuitive, with a dreaminess about you. You are swanderful, Pisces, and don't you forget it.

Cool Animals to Match Your Personality


Not only is it fun to see which animal is most alike your zodiac sign, but you can actually learn a lot about yourself from these creatures. For example, the platypus is a powerful reminder to all Pisces to embrace everything that makes you unique. And hardworking Taurus, you can learn from the caribou to take some seasons of life at a slower pace. Don't forget to see which animal is aligned with your moon and rising signs, too.

Which Animal Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?