Can You Have Funerals on a Saturday or Sunday?

Published December 23, 2020
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The ability to hold funerals on a Sunday or funerals on Saturday will depend on several factors including religion, culture, and the date of passing away. While many funerals are held on weekends, weekday funerals tend to be more common.

Funerals on Sunday

Funerals may be held on Sundays, but if you opt to have a minister officiate, this day of the week may be a bit trickier to book.

Can You Have a Funeral on a Sunday?

If you want to hold a funeral on a Sunday, you will need to ensure:

  • The funeral home is open
  • The officiator is available to work on a Sunday
  • Burial grounds are open

Can You Have a Cremation on a Sunday?

You can have a cremation on a Sunday, but this will depend on the crematorium's availability. If you are planning on cremating a loved one on a Sunday, be sure to check in with the crematorium to ensure they are available to do so.

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Funerals on Sunday Catholic

Typically, Catholic funerals are not held on Sundays, or any day that falls on a Catholic holiday. They can take place during the week and on Saturdays. On occasion, they may take place on a Sunday.

Funerals on Saturday

Funerals may take place on Saturdays; however, the funeral home and burial grounds may not be open or available to provide this service. If you would like to hold a funeral on a Saturday:

  • Make sure the funeral home is open
  • Make sure the burial grounds are open
  • Make sure your officiator is available to lead the service
  • Check in to see if you will need to pay an extra charge for the weekend funeral

Is It Normal to Have a Funeral on a Saturday?

While funerals don't typically take place on Saturdays, they may occasionally depending on several factors. If there are many out-of-town visitors that would like to pay their respects, funerals may be arranged to allow for them to be present. Some religions and cultures may also prefer weekend funerals or need to have the funeral occur a certain number of days after the passing, even if it falls on a weekend.

What Day of the Week Do Funerals Usually Take Place?

Funerals usually take place during the week, unless the family needs to arrange a weekend funeral for various reasons. Some reasons for a weekend funeral may include:

  • Easier for out of town loved ones
  • Funeral home and/or burial grounds are open for weekend funerals
  • If there is only a service and not a burial, and the funeral home or house of worship agrees to allow it

What Time Are Funerals Usually Held?

Funerals are usually held in the morning or early afternoon. After a funeral, a luncheon or reception may take place so loved ones can gather.

How Long Can You Delay a Funeral?

Funerals typically take place a few days to a week after someone has passed away, but the average time between a death and funeral varies. If you need to delay a funeral, the body must either be embalmed, which will delay decay, or refrigerated. Both of these options will not indefinitely preserve the body, so funeral arrangements should be made as soon as possible.

Is It Okay to Have a Funeral on a Saturday or Sunday?

Funerals can be held on both Saturday and Sundays depending on the family's needs, as well as the funeral home and/or burial ground availability.

Can You Have Funerals on a Saturday or Sunday?