Compatibility in Relationships With ESTP

Published July 17, 2019
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Personality traits can impact every aspect of your life and influence your relationship based decisions. Having a better understanding of your personality traits can help you make insightful decisions when it comes to your relationships.

ESTP Personality Traits

ESTP stands for extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. A person with these traits, regardless of their gender, may be impulsive, rational, a risk-taker, and competitive. People with these traits tend to also be energetic, driven, and may like having a lot of attention. They will tend to enjoy doing activities on dates, especially adrenaline charged ones, instead of sitting and having intense, emotional conversations.

Dating and Relationships With an ESTP Personality

People with these traits tend to live in the moment and can be creative, fun, and exciting to be around. They have an intense energy that attracts others to their personality and they can make for incredible and innovative leaders. Although maintaining a long-term relationship may feel a bit difficult for this particular personality type, they have wonderful strengths that can make them great partners.

Dating Strengths

Because people with ESTP traits tend to be thrill seekers and exuberant about life, dating them can be super exciting and fun. They tend to be up for adventure and having highly stimulating conversations. They like to show up for their partner in big, tangible ways. They also tend to be more open sexually about testing out new ideas. They can also be great under pressure and in more serious situations remaining calm and level headed throughout the process.

Dating Struggles

People with these traits may struggle with the idea of planning and committing to a long term courtship. They may feel stifled and bored within the monotony that can come with a steady partner. They may also find it challenging to connect with their partner on an intimate level as they tend to be more detached and rational within relationships instead of in tune and connected. This can make more emotionally charged conversations very difficult, but not impossible to work through.

Compatible Partners

ESTPs tend to do well with a few personality types. Keep in mind that any couple that aims to make their relationship work, is willing to work on themselves, and is committed to their partner has a good chance of having a healthy relationship regardless of their personality profile.

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People with ISFJ traits tend to be loving, kind, and nurturing towards their partners and friends. They are also very in tune with their emotional process making them a great match for the more logical ESTP. ISFJs and ESTPs can learn a lot from each other and provide balance to each other's personality traits. There is a huge potential for growth for both partners in this type of relationship.


ISTJs tend to be loyal, very dependable, and methodical. They can also be on the shy side, as well as caring and in tune with others. They don't tend to express a ton of emotion, but will be supportive to their partners during times of need. This can make them a great match for an ESTP as they don't tend to prioritize emotional expression, but similarly like showing love via their behavior or gestures. ISTJs tend to be a hit or miss partner as the lack of emotional expression can wear on the relationship without anyone taking the lead in terms of processing arguments.


People who have this cluster of personality traits enjoy spending time alone and like ESTPs are very good at focusing on small details and picking up on subtle nuances. People with these traits are a great potential match because of their go with the flow attitude and logical view of the world. Couples who process information similarly tend to understand each other better, making for an easier relationship.


Someone with the personality traits of an ESTJ is very logical, sociable, leadership oriented, and at times rigid with plans. People with this personality will typically get along well with someone who has ESTP traits. They both are sociable, logical, and leadership oriented with the one major difference being their drive for flexibility. This can serve as a great compliment to each other as one is more planning oriented while the other partner is more flexible.

Least Compatible Partners

Keep in mind that even the most incompatible on paper partners have a chance at having a successful relationship. The incompatibility refers to major differences in how information is perceived, processed, and communicated. These are all behaviors that can be adjusted depending on the relationship, even if it doesn't come naturally to one or both partners.


People who have INTP traits like to focus on theories and understanding how the world works on a philosophical, deep level. They tend to enjoy time alone, can be eccentric, and can spend the majority of their time focusing on how systems, laws, and the world works within their own mind. This can be a challenging partner for an extroverted, sociable person who is focused on doing activities and exploring the world.


People with these traits enjoy spending time alone, are the most empathic of all the personality types, can be rigid with plans, and put a huge emphasis on feelings. This may not be an easy match with a person who has a challenging time with emotional expression and prefers to be flexible and go with the flow instead of rigid.

Understanding How Your Personality Impacts Your Relationships

Your personality traits heavily influence which types of people you are drawn to, are able to connect with, and ultimately have healthy relationships with. Being in touch with yourself can help you understand your relationship needs and what to look for in a partner.

Compatibility in Relationships With ESTP