Well, here we are: somehow 2022 has rolled right along like every year before it, and now it's time to start thinking about holiday gifts again. It always seems like there is plenty of time to tackle the ol' List, but don't be fooled - this is about the time of year when the days start to slip away like sand through your fingers. And if you're anything like me, maybe you find yourself afflicted with a bit of Q4 gift-giving panic where you know who you need to buy for, but you can't for the life of you figure out what they might like. Fear not. We're in this together.

One little hack that I've found useful over the years is to lean into personalized gifts. After all, what could be more special than opening something with your name or even your face on it? I dug deep to find inspiration, and I'm happy to share my findings here with you. Here are ten customizable gifts for the one-of-a-kind person in your life.

Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet

Engraved nameplate jewelry is classic and timeless. Plus, with the right style, it can be worn by any gender. A necklace, a signet ring, or an ID bracelet like this one from Oak & Luna is the perfect way to spoil a special person in your life without being too ostentatious. This bracelet features a delicate yet playfully modern paperclip style chain with the option for one, two, or three engravable plates.

Lands' End Canvas Tote Bag 

One of the more charming things Gen Z has recently reclaimed as "cool" is the basic canvas tote. It's all over TikTok. The simple, clean lines have a minimalist appeal, but it's roomy enough to lug around your whole life if you want to. Choose from one of seven colors, four sizes, and two handle length options, plus add a monogram or short ten-character word or phrase to make it really unique.

Personalized Deluxe Wood Monopoly Set

Got a loved one who is serious about Monopoly? I know I do. This special board is crafted from walnut and features a felt-lined inlay and storage drawer compartment for the bank and accessories. Luxurious details like solid maple houses and hotels as well as foil accents on the cards make this a true keepsake.


Vinyl Record Mixtape

Got a record collector to buy a gift for? Why not make them a one-of-a-kind vinyl mixtape featuring their favorite songs? Each side of this 12" LP can hold up to 20 minutes of music, 40 minutes total. Send this delightful shop your chosen tracks as mp3s, WAV files, or even as a Spotify playlist or YouTube links along with a high-resolution photo you want to use for the album art, and they take care of the rest! Music to your ears.

Custom Neon Sign

Maybe their style is a little more... flamboyant. A personalized neon sign could be just the thing to light them up! Choose the font, the color, how many lines of text, and the mounting type, and you've got a completely unique, on-trend piece of giftable decor. It's handmade using flexible LED strip lights, which is safer and more durable than a traditional glass neon sign, plus it's noiseless and doesn't produce any heat. Each sign usually ships within three or four days of ordering and comes with a 12 volt power adaptor, optional dimmer, and the mouting equipment of your choice.

Custom Photo Coasters

This sweetly nostaglic gift courtesy of Uncommon Goods takes their favorite photos and gives them a Polaroid-style makeover before printing them onto square marble coasters. Use pictures from a memorable trip, birthday, holiday, or any other event special to the recipient. The optional captions can make this an even more personal present. Each coaster is backed in cork to protect their furniture.


Papier Future Leather Planner

Help them kick off their new year in the most sophisticated way possible with this monogrammable leather planner from Papier. Bound in environmentally-friendly upcycled leather, this planner runs from December 2022 - January 2023 for a full year of time management. Choose from four leather colors and three metaillic foils.

Nike Air Force 1 Low By You

A pair of custom Nikes is guaranteed to delight the sneakerhead in your life. There are twelve components to tinker around with in lots of color options. Choose between leather, canvas, or satin textile details, then build from there. You can even add text to the back of each heel! If AF1s aren't their style, Nike By You has 61 other styles to choose from.

Casetify Custom Photo Case

I love Casetify's device cases because not only do they feel infinitely customizable, but they're also high quality and actually protective. The photo grid design lets you choose between five layouts featuring as many as 24 of your favorite photos. Curate by mood, subject, color motif, or just do a random assortment of pics that make the giftee smile. Everytime they pull out their phone (and really, does anyone ever even put their phones away anymore?), they'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.


Joyful Tidings Personalized Slippers

Nothing says "holiday gift" quite like some cozy slippers, and these ones have the recipient's name written all over them - literally! The high-top booty style keeps their feet and ankles toasty while the skid-resistant soles keep them from sliding around. Choose from 19 color, texture, and pattern options, seven monogram styles, and 28 thread colors.