A good candle does so much more than add a gentle glow to your space. It offers a signature scent, an artistic touch - it can even be a fun conversation piece! However bold you want to go, a unique, creative candle can effortlessly pull a whole room together. Design, aroma, and even placement all offer glimpses into our candle-obsessed personalities, which makes picking out a candle with that perfect element of je ne sais quoi all the more fun!

The same idea applies when gifting to a friend. Find something thoughtful that fits their personality or reflects something you like about them. Admittedly, I can spend a lot of time searching for the perfect gift, and candles are something I truly take pride in giving. I love to find a candle with that perfect little hint of character. Perhaps for the avid reader, I'll grab a candle that features a library stamp embossed on the jar. Maybe for the outdoorsy friend, something sturdy enough to take on an adventure or with a woodsy scent to remind them of a beloved journey. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or looking for that perfect gift for another, you have got to check out each of these unique candles full of creative flair!

How Zoe Tang handcrafted these adorable terrarium candles is so far beyond my crafting skill level, it's wild. Hence, my purchase of candles instead of trying to create homemade ones! The detail on the cacti and flower inside the candles make these terrarium candles super unique. It won't take up too much real estate, so place it on your windowsill, shelf, or desk as an adorable addition to a small space.

Who Doesn't Want Gems, Flowers, and a Candle for Their Birthday?

A little torn about what to gift? You really can't go wrong with this birth month candle. It's not just a plain candle with a birth month label either. This one has some texture with gemstones, flowers, and some beautifully smelling herb finishes. Each time they light this candle, the recipient can celebrate their special month in style.

A Rattan Candle to Transport You to That Summer Getaway

Raise your hand if you want to go on vacation, but you just can't go right now. Cool - me, too. Check out this Rattan candle by Otherland that will send you on that summer "vacation" with its notes of warm musk, sandalwood, and golden amber. Light this candle, play some sounds of beach waves, kick back in your hammock - or couch - and relax.


I absolutely love this beeswax candle with its stand-out, coiled design. While it can indeed serve its purpose as a candle, the copper plate and candle clip also make a statement decor piece without too much glitz. "But how does it work?" you may ask - it's easy! Simply thread the coiled candle wax through the candle clip, light, and enjoy. P.S. There are also refills for the coiled wax, so you can keep using the stand for as long as you like!

A "Lit"-erary Candle for the Book Lover On the Go

A travel-friendly candle in a library label embossed tin is a perfect small gift for any bookworm. Including a quote from a famous author on the label, this candle pays homage to some of the most renowned, including Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, and more. And when your book-loving recipient is done with the candle, the case can be used as a small storage tin, too!

Homesick? I get it - we've all been there a time or two. Give yourself or a friend the gift of comfort with one of these Homesick Candles. Light one in order to feel a little more at home even when you can't be there yourself. Keep it on your nightstand or in your living room as a warm reminder that your home state will always be there.


This is Not a Drink, It's a Candle!

How lovely is this candle?! A perfect find for that whimsical someone who loves all things tea and romantic comedies. Sprinkle the handpainted wax flowers and petals on top of the central candle, and enjoy the subtle floral scent. Leave it on your end table in the living room or kitchen counter, and get ready to receive compliments from every one of your guests.

The Candle That Makes You Feel Like You've Time-Traveled

Surround your senses in notes of champagne, saffron, and leather, all while reading your favorite book and sipping some bubbly of your own. Feel as if you've traveled back in time to grand, Gatsby-like parties, gold pocket watches, and lush, gilded decor. Enjoy your novel and celebrate this time to yourself with Otherland's Chandelier candle.

For the devoted minimalist or even the art fanatic, allow me to introduce you to this La Jolie Muse candle in Woody Jasmine. Keep the lid on, and let it act as a decorative object among those carefully curated pieces of artwork and decor. Then, when you're ready to create a little ambiance, light it to immerse yourself in the scent of a mellow bouquet of rich, earthy florals.


A layered candle to accompany your state of mind. Modern and simple in design, the statement is in the red letters: Current Mood. Place it in your living room as a conversation starter, leave it by your bathroom sink to add a pop of color, or gift it to your friend who just gets it.

These homemade candles are adorned with classic book cover artwork ranging from The Great Gatsby to Pride and Prejudice to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and more. Another exceptional gift for bookworms keen to breathe in the ambiance of their favorite literary marvel, this candle is perfect for any bedside table or bookshelf.

A Woodsy Candle for Those Who Thrive in the Outdoors

Get your sleeping bag ready, pack your hiking gear - and don't forget this candle! These tin candles are great for anyone who adores the outdoors, and they offer delightfully woodsy scents like Campfire (citrus, oakmoss, and pine), Desert (white tea and juniper), and Night Sky (eucalyptus, tonka bean, and white birch). Can't get to your adventure today? No worries. Light this candle at home and allow the scents to take you on an adventure!


The Go-To Candle for a Housewarming Gift

"Ugh, another candle" - said no one ever. Candles make perfect housewarming gifts, especially when the new homeowners probably aren't thinking of spending their funds on candles right after move-in day! Gift them this large soy candle by Hidden Label. With all three wicks lit, it will add a magical glow to their space, and its ceramic jar will go with any room (no matter how un-decorated) even after the wax burns out!

The Little Candle with a Powerful Message

Send a positive and embracing note with this beautiful Self Love Candle emblazoned with an uplifting reminder: "I Am Worthy". A stylish gold lid with a clear glass top allows you to look into the candle, where you see dainty florals around the wick - a delicate and charming touch that enhances the thoughtful nature of this sweet and bright (pun intended) little gift.

The Perfect Gift for the Guy Who Thinks He's Not Into Candles

We all have at least one friend who may not think much of candles. They may not want to put in the time to test different scents or look around at various designs. And that's why I'm here with this Manly Indulgence Last Call Scented Jar Candle, a candle with woodsy and spicy notes in a black charcoal jar. You can't go wrong, and they may be surprised by how much they end up loving it!


A Candle That's Dewy, Crisp, and Oh So Serene!

Think fresh-pressed linens mixed with crisp, springy grass. Can you feel the sunshine, too? A go-to scent in the Otherland candle collection, this Canopy candle will invigorate your senses while keeping you calm and relaxed. I'll be placing this on my bathroom counter to keep this mood going all day long.

Oh, this is an eye catcher for sure! This candle is described as "a ladylike candle with a burning desire to make the boldest of statements" - and I couldn't agree more. Grab this for yourself to add a unique conversation starter to your living room or gift it to a friend that's into all things quirky and dauntless! (Check out the link to see it lit in action.)

A Destination Candle with Scents to Take You There

This is an adorably memorable candle to keep as a trinket to highlight where you've been or to use as motivation for somewhere you hope to visit! Each candle has a scent that captures the energy and lifestyle of its typewriter-lettered destination. Light it at your kitchen table while enjoying your coffee and daydreaming about new adventures to far off places or at your desk while you're planning that next trip!


A Candle Set for Those Who Can't Decide On Just One

Decisions, decisions. If you're at a candle crossroad: 1) I don't blame you, because their candles are incredible. 2) Why not try them all? You don't have to choose with this gorgeous and versatile variety kit that includes five of Otherland's signature scents. You can place each one in a different room to offer your space a variety of exceptional aromas or you can line them up to light one at a time!

This is not your average candle jar! This super unique pick checks all the boxes for those who love crystals, gemstones, and of course, candles. The inside wax is cut into crystal-like shapes meant to mimic natural geodes. In addition to looking like actual rocks, these candles are beautifully scented with bergamot and violet. Tip: after the wax is gone, place a tea light in these geodes to make them into votive holders!

A Confident Candle That Makes a Scented Statement

Yes, a candle can be confident in its scent and design. This sleek pick is an excellent addition to any small living space, home office, or bathroom. Light this candle during a date night in, a small gathering with friends, or even while relaxing in your favorite chair as you listen to your signature playlist.


A Customizable Candle to Commemorate a Special Day and Place

How sweet is this?! Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or living under the same roof, celebrating an anniversary or just want a thoughtful little something for no reason at all, this candle is an adorable romantic gift! Customize with your names and pick the city - where you first met, had your first date, had a memorable day - you can truly make this candle your own!

A candle for the low-key book fans. Mm-hmm, I see you! These small tin candles sit perfectly on any coffee table or end table. Light this Rainy Day Reading candle on those slow afternoons that are perfect for staying in, cozying up on your favorite chair, and getting lost in a story. If it happens to be raining outside, well, there's more reason to have this candle handy!

It's Not a Crinkled Cup, It's a Candle!

When I first saw this candle, I thought it was either a crinkled cup or a bag, but NOPE, it's a shiny, stylish candle! I love that the design adds dimension to a space with its glossy finish. While it's not necessarily wild in color, it is certainly a statement piece for its jar shape to compliment either a colorful or neutral display. Place this candle where people will see it as it's sure to grab some attention!


An embossed floral candle with a lid that's just as divine, this candle can be displayed as a decorative jar after use. A gorgeous addition to a vanity or nightstand with notes of blood orange, roses, and white musk. I can see myself gifting this candle for a friend's birthday, bridal shower, or Mother's Day.

Looking for even more creative ways to incorporate candles into your space? Check out our articles about designing and decorating with candles and about candles with surprises hidden inside!