115+ Girl Names That Start With T (Timeless to Trendy)

Published November 30, 2020
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Girl names that start with T might be what you're looking for to name your precious baby girl. Some girl names that start with T are trendy, while others just cool names that are timeless.

What Are Cool Girl Names That Start With T?

You can find some really cool girl names that start with T. A few of the names may have the same meaning, while others may offer you more than one way to spell the name. You can choose the spelling you prefer and give your little girl a name she'll be proud of when she grows and matures.

  1. Tabitha: Gorgeous (Greek)
  2. Tacincala: Deer (Native American)
  3. Taika: Magic spell (Finnish)
  4. Taimi: Young tree (Finnish)
  5. Tala: Wolf (Native American)
  6. Tana: Fire or star goddess (Greek)
  7. Tandy: Flower (Native American)
  8. Tanesha: Born on Monday (African)
  9. Tangerine: From Tangiers (English)
  10. Tannia: Fairy queen (Russian)
  11. Tanya: Fairy queen (Russian)
  12. Tara: Star (Sanskrit), (Irish)
  13. Teah: Goddess; godly (Greek)
  14. Teal: The bird teal (English)
  15. Teles: A siren (Latin)
  16. Tess: Harvester, to reap (English)
  17. Tessa: Harvester (English)
  18. Thea, Theia: Goddess (Greek)
  19. Theophilia: God's name (Greek)
  20. Tia, Teah: Princess, Thor's stone, thunder (Egyptian), (Scandinavian)
  21. Tiahna, Tiana, Tianna: Name of a Pharaoh, anointed, follower of Christ (Egyptian), (Russian)
  22. Tiara: Crown (Latin)
  23. Tierney: Holy place, Lord, master (Slavic), (Gaelic)
  24. Topaz: Golden gem (Latin)
  25. Torrie, Tory: Conqueror, derived from name Victoria (English)
  26. Trina: Pure, clear (Scottish Gaelic)
  27. Trinity, Triniti: Three, Holy Trinity (English)
  28. Trista: Taught agriculture by Demeter (Greek)
  29. Tula: Leaping water (Native American)
  30. Tulia: Gracious gift, God's gift (Greek), (Welsh)
  31. Tyra: Thunder warrior, Goddess of battle (Norse)
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What Is a Unique Name for a Girl That Starts With T?

You may want to find girl names that start with T that are unique. This kind of name lessens the chance your baby girl will end up in class with another girl sharing her name. A unique name provides your little girl with a special name.

  1. Talar: From the headland in the field (Welsh)
  2. Talaye: Golden ray of sun (Persian)
  3. Tale: Green (African)
  4. Talia, Taliah: Dew of heaven (Hebrew)
  5. Talise: Beautiful water (Native American)
  6. Talitha: Young girl (Hebrew)
  7. Tallulah, Talula: Leaping water (Native American: Choctaw)
  8. Tamara: Date palm tree (Hebrew)
  9. Tamika: Beautiful child (Japanese)
  10. Tazia: One reborn (Italian)
  11. Teagan, Teaghan, Teegan: Attractive, beautiful (Irish)
  12. Tefnut: That water, rain (Egyptian)
  13. Terentia: Tender, good (Latin)
  14. Tesia: Loved by God, farmer (Greek), (Polish)
  15. Thadine: Meaning uncertain (Greek)
  16. Thalassa: Given praise (Hebrew)
  17. Thalia: Praise (Aramaic)
  18. Thandiwe: Beloved (Greek
  19. Thetis: Untamed (Greek)
  20. Thirza: Divine (Greek)
  21. Thwayya: Thunder (Scandinavian)
  22. Treszka: River Trent (English)
  23. Trisha: God of fever (Hindi)
  24. Tyro: From Tyre (Latin)
  25. Tytti: Derivative of the Scandinavian god of battle (Scandinavian)

English Girl Names That Start With T

There are plenty of English girl names that start with T. You can browse through a list to find the ideal name you want for your baby girl.

  1. Tamsin, Tamsen: Twin; variant of Thomasina (English)
  2. Tanner: One who tans leather (English)
  3. Tatelyn: Cheerful; a variant of Tate (English)
  4. Tatum: Light-hearted (English)
  5. Taura: Bull (English)
  6. Tawny: Golden brown (English)
  7. Taylor, Tayler: A tailor of clothes (English)
  8. Temperance: Moderation, restraint (English)
  9. Tempest: Turbulent, stormy (English)
  10. Teri, Terri, Terrie, Terry: Harvester, nickname form of Theresa (English)
  11. Teriann: Modern combination of Theresa and Ann (English)
  12. Terilynn: Modern combination of Theresa and Lynn (English)
  13. Tille, Tillie, Tilly: From the fertile land (English)
  14. Torlan: Conqueror (English)
  15. Tosia: Lives by the tower, from the craggy hills (English)
  16. Tracy: Fighter, more powerful, comes from the end of the town (English)
  17. Trilby: Fair town (English)
  18. Trish: Noble (English)
  19. Trishna: Traveler (English)
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Timeless Girl Names That Start With T

You may prefer a name that withstands the test of time. You might discover a name of antiquity that gives you baby girl a great name that could imbue her with the energies of endless possibilities.

  1. Taruh: Happy, remote (Arabic)
  2. Taryn: Rocky hill (Irish)
  3. Tasha: Christmas day, nickname for Natasha (Russian)
  4. Tasya: One reborn, abbreviation of Anastasia (Russian)
  5. Tatiana, Tatianna: Fairy queen (Russian)
  6. Tayen: New moon (Native American)
  7. Templa, Temple: Sanctuary, temple (Latin)
  8. Tendai: Be thankful to God (African)
  9. Thema: Goddess of light (Greek)
  10. Theodora: Goddess of justice (Greek)
  11. Theola: People's ruler (German Teuton tribe)
  12. Timothia: Honoring God (Spanish)
  13. Tionna: God fearing (Greek)
  14. Tiphanie: Clay (Persian)
  15. Tiryns: Water wall (Irish)
  16. Toriana: Spear of Thor (Norse)
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Finding the Right Girl Name That Start With T

You may decide to go with a girl's name that starts with T to give your daughter a name that fits her budding personality. You might choose a name that is quite different from what you had in mind when you explore various girl names and their meanings.

  1. Tammie, Tammy: Palm tree, nickname for Tamara (Hebrew)
  2. Tayla: She has been seen (African)
  3. Tegan, Teigan, Teigen: Loved one, darling (Welsh)
  4. Telsa: Northern German variation of Elisabeth (German)
  5. Teresa, Theresa: To harvest (Greek)
  6. Teresia: Reaper (Swedish)
  7. Terra, Terrah: Planet Earth (Latin)
  8. Terran: Innocent (Greek)
  9. Thelma: Bear of Thor, will (Norse), (Greek)
  10. Tifany, Tiffany: Regal, manifestation of God (Irish), (Greek)
  11. Tikva: Manifestation of divinity (Greek)
  12. Tilde: Battle mighty, nickname for Matilda (German)
  13. Tina: One who honors God; feminine form of Timothy River (Greek), (English)
  14. Titania: A blind seer (Greek)
  15. Toibe: Fox (English)
  16. Toni, Tony: Worthy of praise, little twin, triumphant, of Antonius family (English), (Spanish),(Latin)
  17. Tonya: Praiseworthy, abbreviation of Antoinette (Russian)
  18. Torey, Tori: Thunder bear, Spear of Thor (Swedish), (Norse)
  19. Tori: Spear of Thor (Norse)
  20. Toril: Cache of weapons, Thor's loud weapon (Norse), (Swedish)
  21. Torrey: From the knolls (Gaelic)
  22. Tourmaline: Superior, fast (Japanese)
  23. Treasa: Fair town (English/Welsh)
  24. Truda: Founder of Troy (Latin)
  25. Trudie, Trudy: Curly haired, foot soldier (French), (Irish)
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Beautiful Girl Names That Start With T for Your Baby

You can find beautiful girl names that start with T that might be perfect for your precious baby girl. You can take your spend time browsing the various names to consider how each might sound when you call your little one to the dinner table or when it's time to go to school. There are also some unique girl names that start with S in case you'd like to consider those too.

115+ Girl Names That Start With T (Timeless to Trendy)