120+ Boy Names That Start With L You'll Love

Published November 30, 2020
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Boy names that start with L offer you great choices for your baby. You may discover a few new names or wish to explore the meanings of names you hadn't considered.

Nature Related Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With L

If you are searching for unique baby boy names that start with L, you may want to consider a few that are nature related. These names will be especially pleasing to any lover of forests and woodlands.

  1. Lachlan: Land of lakes (Scottish)
  2. Lake: Lives by a stream (English)
  3. Laken: The lake (English)
  4. Lamar, Lamarr: Of the sea (French)
  5. Lance: Land (French)
  6. Landen, Landin, Landyn: From the long hill (English)
  7. Landon: Long hill (English)
  8. Layton: From the meadow town or settlement (English)
  9. Lee: Clearing meadow (English)
  10. Leeland: Meadowland (English)
  11. Leighton: Town by meadow (English)
  12. Leland: From the meadow land (English)
  13. Lennox, Lenox: Elm tree grove (Scottish)
  14. Levern: Green woodland (French)
  15. Leyland: Fallow land (English)
  16. Leyton: Town by meadow (English)
  17. Liggett: Swing gate between meadow and plowed land (English)
  18. Lincoln, Linkoln: Settlement by water (English)
  19. Lindal, Lindall: Linden tree valley (English)
  20. Lindberg, Lindbergh, Lindburg: Lime tree mountain (English)
  21. Linford: Ford where maple trees grow (English)
  22. Linwood: Lime wood (Scottish)
  23. Lisle: Of the island (French)
  24. Litten, Litton: Wild, loud roaring settlement (Slavic), (English)
  25. Lochlan: From the fjord or lake land (Gaelic)
  26. Logan: Little hollow (Scottish)
  27. London: Great river (English)
Boy names that start with L you'll love

What Boy Names That Start With L Means Noble?

Boy names that start with L and mean noble are usually associated with names that mean lion, royalty, or crowned ruler. You can feel confident when you choose one of these names for your little prince that he wears a noble name.

  1. Ladislas: Rules with glory (Slavic)
  2. Laith: Lion (Arabic)
  3. Landry: Powerful ruler (English)
  4. Larry: Laurel crowned (English)
  5. Laurence, Lawrence: Laurel, man from Laurentum (French), (English)
  6. Laurentius: Laurel, man from Laurentum (French), (Latin)
  7. Leander: Lion-man (Greek)
  8. Leandro: Lion (Spanish)
  9. Lennie: Bold as a lion (English)
  10. Lenny: Brave lion (German)
  11. Leo: Lion (English)
  12. Leon: Lion (French)
  13. Leonard: Bold as a lion (German)
  14. Leonardo: Brave as a lion (Italian)
  15. Leonel: Lion like (English)
  16. Leonidas: Lion (Greek)
  17. Lev: Lion heart (Slavic)
  18. Levon: Lion (Armenian)
  19. Lewellyn: Lion like leader (Welsh)
  20. Liander: Lion man (Greek)
  21. Liandro: Lion man (Greek)
  22. Licio: Light, illumination (Italian)
  23. Linh: Soul, spirit (Vietnamese)
  24. Lionel, Lionell, Lionnel, Lionnell: Lion (English)
  25. Lionello, Lionelo: Young lion (Latin)
  26. Lioni: Lion life (Latin)
  27. Lionisio: Lion (Greek)
  28. Lonnie: Noble (English)
  29. Lorenzo: Winner, crown with laurels (Latin)
  30. Lukas: Light, brings light (German), (Swedish)
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What Are the Coolest Boy Names That Start With L?

Some of the coolest boy names that start with L have meanings that might surprise you. Browsing these names, you may want to say them out loud to get a feel for how they sound and if any of them fit your baby boy.

  1. Lamont: Lawman (Scottish)
  2. Lane: Path, small roadway (English)
  3. Langston: Tall man's town (English)
  4. Lars: Victory (Scandinavian)
  5. Larson: Son of Lars (Scandinavian)
  6. Lathan: God has given (Hebrew)
  7. Lawson: Son of Lawrence (English)
  8. Layne: Path, road (English)
  9. Lazaro: God has helped (Spanish)
  10. Lazarus: God has helped (Hebrew)
  11. Lazlo: Rules with glory (Slavic)
  12. Ledger: Spear tribe (English)
  13. Legacy: Inheritance (English)
  14. Legend: Story, myth (English)
  15. Leif: Son, descendant (Norse)
  16. Lemuel: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  17. Lennon: Dear one (Irish)
  18. Leopold: A bold man, prince of the people (German)
  19. Leroi, Leroy: The king (French)
  20. Lester: Roman town, walled city (Anglo-Saxon)
  21. Levander: Heart (Swedish)
  22. Levar: Risen (Anglo-Saxon)
  23. Levell, Levelle: Beloved (English)
  24. Levey, Levy: Joining (Hebrew)
  25. Levi: Joining (Hebrew)
  26. Levin: Dear friend (German)
  27. Leviticus: Belongs to Levites (Greek)
  28. Lew: Famed warrior (English)
  29. Lewes: Renowned warrior (English)
  30. Lewie: Fighter, famous warrior (German)
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Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With L

If you're searching for unique baby boy names that start with L, you may want to turn to names with unusual meanings. Some of the meanings of the names in this list mean defender or fighter as someone who is honorable and stands up for others.

  1. Leggett: Appointed, ordained (French)
  2. Lewis, Lewys: Renowned fighter (English)
  3. Lex: Warrior (Greek)
  4. Lexer: Man's defender (German)
  5. Lexo: Warrior, man's defender (Greek)
  6. Liam: Guardian, protector (Irish)
  7. Lian: Lotus (Chinese)
  8. Liang: Bridge, mast (Chinese)
  9. Liberato: One who gets freedom (Spanish)
  10. Liberatus: Free (Latin)
  11. Libor: Sacrifice, free (Czech)
  12. Lief: Friendly, dear (Norse)
  13. Liem: Resolute protection (Irish)
  14. Lige: Yahweh is God (Hebrew)
  15. Lindo: Lovely (Spanish)
  16. Link: Nickname left-handed person (Yiddish)
  17. Lino: Messenger, ambitious (Spanish)
  18. Linos: Flax colored (Greek)
  19. Linus, Linos: Flax colored (Latin), (Greek)
  20. Lippo: Lover of horses (Spanish)
  21. Lisandro: Liberator (Spanish)
  22. Lloyd: Gray-haired, sacred (Welsh)
  23. Loki: God of air (Norse)
  24. Lon: Fierce, blackbird, Lion (Gaelic), (Latin)
  25. Lorne: Fox (English)
  26. Louis: Famous warrior (French)
  27. Lucan: Light (Italian)
  28. Lucian: Light, illuminated (French)
  29. Lucius: Light, illuminated (Latin)
  30. Lucky: Fortunate (English)
  31. Ludwig: Famous fighter (German)
  32. Ludwik: Renowned warrior (Polish)
  33. Lukman: A prophet, wise man (Egyptian)
  34. Luthais: Famous warrior (Scottish)

Falling in Love With Boy Names That Start With L

You are sure to fall in love with a few of the boy names that start with L. Many of the meanings for these names are endearing and instill a feeling of confidence and strength.

120+ Boy Names That Start With L You'll Love