101 Brilliant Boy Names That Start With B

Published November 17, 2020
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Boy names that start with B offer you cool choices for your baby boy's name. Dramatic and powerful boy names that start with B often have variants and multiple meanings.

What Are Boy Names That Start With B?

Some of the baby boy names that start with B describe a profession. Other boy names often describe a characteristic you may sense or desire for your son.

  1. Baker: Dry by heat (English)
  2. Balen: Brave (Latin)
  3. Barker: Leather tanner (English)
  4. Baron: Wealthy landowner (English)
  5. Barrett: Bear power (Norman)
  6. Barron: Nobleman (English)
  7. Barry: Fair-haired (Gaelic)
  8. Bart: Son of Tolmai, nickname for Bartholomew (Hebrew)
  9. Bastian: Man of Sebastia (Greek or Latin)
  10. Belarmino: Combative man (Spanish, Italian)
  11. Beldon: Lives in beautiful glen (English)
  12. Bellamy: Fine friend (Irish)
  13. Ben: Blessed, good orator (Hebrew)
  14. Benaiah: Yahweh builds up (Hebrew)
  15. Benedict: Blessed (Latin)
  16. Benicio: Benevolent one (Spanish)
  17. Benito: Blessed (Spanish)
  18. Benjamin: Son of my right hand (Hebrew)
  19. Benji: Nickname for Benjamin (Hebrew)
  20. Bristol: Site of the bridge (English)
  21. Brock: Young stag (English)
  22. Broderick: Blood brother (Norse)
  23. Brody: From muddy place (Irish)
  24. Bronson: Son of the brown man (English)
  25. Brooks: Stream, brook (Gaelic)
Brilliant boy names that start with B

What Are Good Names That Start With B?

There are many good boy names that start with B. Some names may sound too big for a baby boy, but remember your little man will grow into any name you give him.

  1. Bennet, Bennett: Blessed (English)
  2. Bennington: Blessed (Anglo-Saxon)
  3. Benson: Son of Ben (English)
  4. Benton: Town of bent grass (English)
  5. Berger: Mountain or hill (French)
  6. Berkeley: From the Birch Wood (English)
  7. Berklee: Birch tree meadow (English
  8. Berkley: Birch tree (Scottish)
  9. Bernard: Brave, hardy (West Germanic)
  10. Bernardo: Bold as a bear (Spanish)
  11. Bernie: Strong as a bear (Scandinavian)
  12. Bertrand: Bright, raven, rim of shield (German)
  13. Bill: Nickname for William (German)
  14. Billy: Nickname for William (German)
  15. Bjorn: Bear (Dutch)
  16. Blaine: Slender (Celtic)
  17. Blake: Dark haired (Scottish)
  18. Blaze: Flame (English)
  19. Boaz: In him is strength (Hebrew)
  20. Bob: Nickname for Robert-fame, glory (English)
  21. Boden: Sheltered (Scandinavian)
  22. Brenton: Flame (English)
  23. Brett: Brit, person from Britain (Celtic)
  24. Brewer: to brew, ale (English
  25. Brian, Bryan: Noble (Celtic)

Unique Boy Names That Start With B

You may decide to select a unique boy name that starts with B. You may be surprised to be drawn to an unusual name that fits your little boy better than a more commonly used name.

  1. Basil: Brave, fearless (Greek)
  2. Bass: Humble origin (French)
  3. Baxter: Baker (English)
  4. Beamon: Beekeeper (English)
  5. Bear: Strong, brave (French and German)
  6. Beau: Handsome (French)
  7. Bishop: Overseer (English)
  8. Bodhi: Enlightenment, awakening (Sanskrit)
  9. Bodie: Messenger (German)
  10. Bogart, Bo: Commanding (Scandinavian)
  11. Boleslaus: Great glory (Latin)
  12. Booker: Scribe (English)
  13. Boone: Good (French)
  14. Boston: Town, a place (English)
  15. Bowen: Son of Owen (Welsh)
  16. Bowie: Yellow, fair haired (Scottish)
  17. Boyd: Bold, fair (Scottish)
  18. Branch: Branch in river (Latin)
  19. Brant: Firebrand (English)
  20. Braulio: Shining (Spanish)
  21. Buck: Male deer (English)
  22. Burford: Fortified manor (English)
  23. Burke: Birch wood (Norse)
  24. Burton: Enclosure, settlement (English)
  25. Byron: Cattle herder (English)
  26. Byrum: Barn, byre (English)
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Boy Names That Start With Br

While browsing through baby boy names, you may want to consider boy names that start with "Br." These often have a strong sound and may evoke a wonderful emotion you feel for your little one.

  1. Brad: Broad meadow (English)
  2. Braden: Salmon (Gaelic)
  3. Braeden: Brave, wise (Irish)
  4. Branden, Brandon: From the broom hill (English)
  5. Brandt: To burn (German)
  6. Branson: Son of Brand (English)
  7. Braxton: Brock's Town (English)
  8. Brayden: Salmon (Celtic)
  9. Braydon: Broad hillside (Irish)
  10. Brendan, Brenden, Brendon: Prince or king (Irish)
  11. Brennen: Prince or teardrop (Irish), (Gaelic)
  12. Brent: Holy one (Celtic)
  13. Brentley: From the place by the hill (English)
  14. Brice: Swift, famous bearer (Celtic)
  15. Bridger, Briggs: Dweller by the bridge (English)
  16. Brigham: Homestead (English)
  17. Brighton: The Bright town (English)
  18. Brinlee: Burnt meadow (English)
  19. Brinley: Beautiful flower (Welsh)
  20. Bruce: The willow lands (Scottish)
  21. Bruin, Bruno: Brown (German)
  22. Bryant: Strong, wealthy, virtuous (Gaelic)
  23. Brycen: Speckled, freckle faced (Celtic)
  24. Brysen: Passion, ardor, vigorous seas (Celtic)
  25. Bryson: Son of Brice (Celtic)

Deciding on Boy Names That Start With B

The first time you read through lists of boy names, you may find it difficult to decide on just one name. You can take a break and then come back to the lists to see if one name stands out and is perfect for your baby boy.

101 Brilliant Boy Names That Start With B