122 Standout Boy Names That Start With S

Published December 4, 2020
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Lists of boy names that start with S make searching for your little guy's name easier. You can explore the meaning of each name to decide if it is the right one for your baby's name.

Great Boy Names That Start With S

There are some amazing boy names that start with S. A list of the names provides a grouping of boy names that start with S that have meanings of strength, power, leadership, or a celebrated ruler.

  1. Sacha: Defender, protector of mankind (Greek)
  2. Sahil: Leader (Hindi)
  3. Samarth: Powerful (Hindi)
  4. Sanders: Defender of people (Greek)
  5. Shaurya: Bravery (Indian)
  6. Sigmond: Victorious protector (German)
  7. Sire: Kingly, regal (English)
  8. Skyler: Little warrior (German)
  9. Stefan: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  10. Stefano: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  11. Stephan, Stephen, Stephon: Crown (Greek)
  12. Steve: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  13. Steven: Crown, wreath (Greek)
  14. Sultan: Sovereign, monarch (Arabic)
  15. Syed: Noble one (Arabic)
  16. Syrus: Throne (Persian)
Standout Boy Names That Start With S

What Are Names That Start With S That Reference God?

Some of the meanings for boy names that start with S reference God or divinity. If you wish to choose a name for your little guy that pays tribute and honor to God, you have many choices.

  1. Saleh: Pious, righteous (Arabic)
  2. Salvador: Savior (Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese)
  3. Salvatore: Savior (Italian)
  4. Sam: God has heard (Hebrew)
  5. Sammy: God has heard (Scandinavia)
  6. Samuel: God heard (Hebrew)
  7. Santino: Little saint (Italian)
  8. Santos: Holy (Spanish)
  9. Saul: Inquired of God (Hebrew)
  10. Savion: Savior (Hebrew)
  11. Sean, Shawn, Shaun: God is gracious (Irish)
  12. Semaj: Follower of God's word (Hebrew)
  13. Shane: God is gracious (Irish)
  14. Shmuel: Name is God (Hebrew)
  15. Simeon: God has heard (Greek)

What Are the Coolest Names for a Boy?

A cool name is often the goal of a parent when searching boy names that start with S. You may decide that one of these names is the best fit for your little boy.

  1. Sabin: From the Sabines (Latin)
  2. Sagan: Wise one (Slavic)
  3. Sage: Herb, prophet (Latin)
  4. Saif: Sword (Arabic)
  5. Saintis: All Saint's Day (Spain)
  6. Salem: Peaceful, complete (Hebrew)
  7. Salman: Safe (Arabic)
  8. Santana: Follower of St Anna (Spanish)
  9. Santiago: St James (Spanish)
  10. Shaan: Peaceful (Hebrew)
  11. Shai: Gift (Hebrew)
  12. Shalom: Peace, harmony (Hebrew)
  13. Shamar: Preserve (Hebrew)
  14. Shamus: Supplanter (Irish)
  15. Shay, Shea: Hawk-like, gift (Irish)
  16. Sherman: Shearer of woolen garments (Anglo-Saxon)
  17. Sherwin: Like a lion, eternal soul (Persian), (Iran)
  18. Skeet: Attendant, servant (Latin)
  19. Sky: Cloud, scholar (Scandinavian), (Norse)
  20. Skylar: Scholar (English)
  21. Sloan: Little raider (Irish)
  22. Sol: Sun (Spanish)
  23. Sonny: Son, famous (English), (German)
  24. Soren: Strict, serious (Latin)
  25. Spencer: Steward (English)
  26. Steele: Place where one has to climb (English)
  27. Sterling: Little star (English)
  28. Stetson: Wild, young person (English)
  29. Stryker: Tester (German)
  30. Sullivan: Black, dark (Irish)
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English Boy Names That Start With S

You may prefer to find an English name for your little man. There are several boy names that start with S that have an English origin.

  1. Sampson: Sun child (English)
  2. Sanford: Sandy ford (English)
  3. Sargent: To serve (English)
  4. Sawyer: Wood cutter (English)
  5. Seven: Inner wisdom (English)
  6. Shepard, Shepherd: Sheep herdsman or guardian (English)
  7. Sherlock: Bright, fair-haired (English)
  8. Slater: Slate worker (English)
  9. Smith: To smite (English)
  10. Sulaiman: Man of peace (English)

Nature Related Boy Names That Start With S

If you enjoy being in nature, you may want to choose a nature-oriented name for your baby boy. The meanings of these names offer you greater insight into the history of each name.

  1. Sevan: Name of a lake (Armenian)
  2. Sewell: Sea victory (Anglo-Saxon)
  3. Seymour: Marshy land near the sea (English)
  4. Shannon: Wise river (Irish)
  5. Sheldon: Town in the valley (English)
  6. Sherwood: Shire, bright wood (English), (Hebrew)
  7. Sid: Wide meadow (English)
  8. Sidney: Wide meadow (English)
  9. Silas: Man of the forest (Latin)
  10. Sill: Wood (English)
  11. Silos: Of the forest (Latin)
  12. Skip: Sea captain (English)
  13. Skipper: Sea captain (English)
  14. Slade: Valley, dale (Anglo-Saxon)
  15. Stan: Stony field (English)
  16. Stanley: Stone wood, clearing (English)
  17. Stone: Dweller by the stone (English)
  18. Sutton: South enclosure or settlement (English)
  19. Sylas: Of the forest (Latin)
  20. Sylvester: Wild, woodland (Latin)
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Unique S Names for Boys

Unique boy names that start with S often ensure your baby boy won't be bumping into someone with his name very often. This uniqueness can be very special when it comes to a name for your baby boy.

  1. Saad: Felicity, prosperity (Arabic)
  2. Sabastian: Revered (Greek)
  3. Said, Sayid: Happy, patient (Arabic)
  4. Saleem: Safe, undamaged (Arabic)
  5. Samar: Reward, fruit (Arabic)
  6. Sami: Elevated (Arabic)
  7. Samir: Jovial (Arabic)
  8. Samson: Sun (Hebrew)
  9. Sayer: Wood worker (Welsh)
  10. Scott: Person from Scotland (Scotland)
  11. Scotty: From Scotland (Scotland)
  12. Scout: First explorer, to listen (French)
  13. Seamus: One who supplants (Hebrew)
  14. Sebastian, Sebastien: Man from Sebastia (Latin)
  15. Selim: Undamaged (Arabic)
  16. Serge: Servant (English)
  17. Sergio: Servant (Italian)
  18. Seth: Anointed, compensation (Hebrew)
  19. Shia: Followers, sect (Arabic)
  20. Shiloh: Peaceful one (Hebrew)
  21. Shimon: To hear (Hebrew)
  22. Shiv: Auspicious, gracious (Sanskrit)
  23. Shlomo: Peaceable (Hebrew)
  24. Siddharth: One who has achieved all wishes (Sanskrit)
  25. Simon: Listen, hearing (Hebrew), (Greek)
  26. Sincere: Honest, listen (Hebrew), (Greek)
  27. Sinclair: Taken from the hermit saint, renowned (French, English)
  28. Solomon: Man of peace (Hebrew)
  29. Stellan: Peaceful one (Sweden)
  30. Stuart: Household, guardian (Scotland), (France)
  31. Syncere, Sincere: Genuine, heartfelt (Latin)

Boy Names That Start With S and Their Meanings

When you explore boy names that start with S, you may wish to know the origins of the name. This information can provide context for what the name means.

122 Standout Boy Names That Start With S