20+ Boy Names That Start With X to Explore

Published December 4, 2020
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Boy names that start with X are unique but can take some time to find. If you're searching for the perfect name for your baby boy, know that there are some incredible options to choose from that range from one to multiple syllables. Be sure to check out the names' meanings as well to ensure that you love everything about your favorite names.

Boy Names That Start With X

Picking a name for your little one is a huge decision. While this process may feel overwhelming, know that the right name is out there. Take your time searching through potential name options for your little one and be sure that you also like your favorite name's meaning.

What Are Boy Names That Start With X?

There are some great names that start with the letter X available to choose from. Some name options for baby boys that begin with X include:

  • Xylon: One who is from the forest; forest
  • Xaine: A gift from God
  • Xayden: God's gift
  • Xaiver: New house; castle
  • Xavius: New home
Boy Names That Start With X to Explore

What Name Begins With X?

If you're searching for a name that begins with X for your little one, know that there are adorable options available. Some name choices include:

  • Xeno: Foreign voice; unique voice
  • Xen: Guest; authentic; referring to Buddhism
  • Xylas: Calm and loved
  • Xamir: Song bird; to be kind
  • Xylus: Unknown meaning

Names For Boys That Begin With X

If your heart is set on naming your little one something that begins with X, there are great names available from shorter ones to longer ones. Names for boys that start with the letter X include:

  • Xuan: Heaven; springtime
  • Xan: One who defends; light
  • Xiomar: One who is infamous in battles
  • Xandros: One who defends
  • Xerxes: Warrior; ruler of the heroes
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Famous Names With X

There are many famous individuals from around the world whose first name begins with X. If taking inspiration from famous individuals, some options for names that begin with X include:

  • Xolo: Nickname for a Mexican dog breed called Xoloitzcuintli
  • Xavi: The new home
  • Xavier: The new house
  • Xander: One who defends people
  • Xabi: The prophet
  • Xian: First; refined

Baby Boy Names That Start With X

Picking a name for your little one is an exciting experience that may take some time. Be patient with yourself and if possible take your time selecting a name that you truly love. If you are stuck between a few names and can't decide which name you love the most, sleep on your decision to gain a bit more clarity. You can always ask loved ones for their opinion, but go with your gut when it comes to making the ultimate decision. Don't forget to make sure the name's meaning is something that works for you as well.

20+ Boy Names That Start With X to Explore