60+ Egyptian Boy Names From Wise to Princely

Published November 23, 2020
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If you're looking out for Egyptian boy names, there are plenty of great options to choose from. From more traditional to modern, have fun picking out the perfect Egyptian names for boys.

Egyptian Boy Names

When it comes to finding the perfect Egyptian name for a boy, there are tons of great choices. From a shorter name to a longer one, each name will vary in its tone and meaning. Take your time sifting through these Egyptian names for boys to find the ones that work best for you.

Popular Egyptian Male Names

Popular Egyptian names include:

  • Amr: means long life
  • Youssef: means power
  • Khaled: means immortal and eternal
  • Salem: means safe
  • Mo: means defender
  • Aly: means champion and great
  • Shakir: means grateful
  • Set: means gods of storms
  • Ziad: means growth and plentiful
  • Abraam: means father
  • Waaiz: means advisor
  • Bassel: means brave
  • Femi: means love
  • Ramy: means love and loving
  • Abayomi: means joy
Egyptian boy names from wise to princely

Modern Egyptian Names for Boys

Modern Egyptian names for boys include:

  • Seth: means pillar
  • Nour: means light
  • Karim: means noble
  • Mohammed: means praiseworthy
  • Mido: nickname for Mohammed
  • Maat: means truth and balance
  • Tarek: means morning star
  • Nile: refers to the Nile or from the Nile
  • Ahmed: means praiseworthy
  • Omar: means long-live

Famous Egyptian Names

Famous Egyptian names often reference a god, king, or pharaoh. Some great options include:

  • Horus: refers to a falcon-headed god and means power
  • Osiris: refers to the judge of the dead and means powerful
  • Thoth: refers to the god of wisdom
  • Khufu: refers to an Egyptian pharaoh
  • Menes: refers to a king of Egypt
  • Shabaka: refers to a king of Egypt
  • Sethos: refers to a Pharoh of Egypt
  • Babu: means Osiris's first-born child
  • Tutankhamen: refers to an Egyptian king
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Egyptian Boy Names Starting With A

If you're looking for Egyptian names for boys that start with an A, some options include:

  • Ammon: refers to the sun god and also means mysterious
  • Akil: means wise
  • Amsu: refers to reproduction
  • Anubis: refers the afterlife
  • Ausar: means a friend or a companion
  • Abrax: means distinct
  • Amenhotep: means peace
  • Amen: refers to the god of the sun
  • Ali: means champion
  • Adom: means one who gets help from the gods
  • Aharon: means warrior
  • Abasi: means tough and stern
  • Ata: means twin

Top Egyptian Boy Names

Popular Egyptian names for boys include:

  • Bes: means one who brings joy
  • Bassel: means brave and royal
  • Lateef: means gentle and kind
  • Masuda: means happy and joy
  • Zahur: means flower and blossom
  • Zosar: means bright
  • Ramses: means son of Ra and son of God
  • Yahya: means gracious and from God
  • Jabari: means brave
  • Ra: refers to the sun god
  • Shakir: means grateful
  • Donkor: means humble
  • Hager: means flight
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Egyptian Names for Boys

While picking the perfect name can be tricky, there are some incredible options to choose from. Be sure to check out your favorite names' meanings, as their tone will vary greatly. Take your time picking a name that works best for your needs and make sure the meaning fits what you're looking for.

60+ Egyptian Boy Names From Wise to Princely