80+ Unique Names That Mean Moon

Published October 13, 2020
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Names that mean moon are unique ways to express the mystique of the moon. Moonlight and moon glow are ethereal, and words that mean them convey a unique sense.

The Word Moon in Various Languages

You may decide to use the word for moon in a foreign language. This choice for a name can make it extra special and your baby will appreciate when she/he grows up.

The following Words mean moon:

  1. Alqamar (Arabic)
  2. Ay (Turkish)
  3. Chaand (Hindi)
  4. Dal (Korean)
  5. Fengári (Greek)
  6. Gealach (Irish/Scottish/Gaelic)
  7. Kuu (Finnish)
  8. Lleuad (Welsh)
  9. Lua (Portuguese)
  10. Luna (Italian, Latin, Spanish)
  11. Lune (French)
  12. Maan (Dutch)
  13. Måne (Danish)
  14. Tsuki (Japanese)
Unique Names That Mean Moon

Goddess and God Names That Mean Moon

Not every child can boast that they were named after a goddess or god that means moon. You can exalt your baby with a god or goddess name for moon.

  1. Aku: Babylonian moon god
  2. Ala: Earth goddess symbolized by moon crescent
  3. Astennu: Moon god
  4. Chandra: Moon goddess
  5. Iah: Egytian moon god (Thoth)
  6. Marama: Moon god
  7. Nanna: Moon god symbolized by the crescent shape
  8. Selena, Selene: Moon goddess
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Moons of Various Planets

Some planets in the solar system have more than one moon. For example, Jupiter has 79 moons. This gives you many choices for unique baby names that mean moon.

  1. Aitne: One of Jupiter's moon
  2. Arche: A Jupiter moon
  3. Atlas: Saturn moon
  4. Callisto: One of Jupiter's moons, means most beautiful girl
  5. Charon: Pluto's desolate moon gender neutral
  6. Io: Jupiter moon
  7. Janus: Saturn moon
  8. Kale: A Jupiter moon
  9. Oberon: Uraus moon
  10. Proteus: Neptune moon
  11. Triton: Neptune moon
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More Unique Names the Mean Moon

There are various names throughout cultures that mean moon. If you prefer, you can choose one that is gender specific.

  1. Badar: Full moon (boy)
  2. Badru: Born during the full moon (boy)
  3. Luan: Moon (boy)
  4. Qamar: Moon (boy)
  5. Raka: Full moon (boy)
  6. Indu: Moon (girl)
  7. Lua: Moon (girl)
  8. Lucine: Moon (girl)
  9. Lutana: Moon (girl)
  10. Mahina: Moon (girl)
  11. Neoma: New moon (girl)
  12. Nuray: Bright moon (girl)
  13. Sasi: Moon (girl)
  14. Soma: Lunar nectar (gender-neutral)
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Names That Mean Full Moon or Moon

You can have fun selecting the ideal name that means moon. There are many names to choose from that mean full moon, new moon, or simply moon.

  1. Chan: Moon (Sanskrit)
  2. Hilal: New moon, crescent
  3. Himanshu: Moon (Hindi)
  4. Ilkay: Moon
  5. Jericho: Moon (Hebrew)
  6. Mayank: Moon (Hindi)
  7. Meztli: Moon (Nahuatl Tribe)
  8. Neoma: Full moon (Greek)
  9. Pulan: Moon
  10. Purnama: full moon
  11. Rakesh: Full moon (Sanskrit)
  12. Shashank: Moon (Hindi)

Girl Names That Describe Moon Effects

Choosing a unique name that means moon can also mean a moon effect. This might be moonlight, moon glow, moon halo, or other descriptions that make a great baby name.

  1. Ayla: Halo of light around moon.
  2. Aylin: Moon Halo
  3. Aysel: Moon flood
  4. Chandrakant: Shining moon (Sanskrit)
  5. Chantara: Moon water
  6. Crescent: Increasing in size, moon shape
  7. Jyotsna: Moonlight (Hindi)
  8. Kamaria: Moonlight
  9. Mahrukh: Moon face
  10. Mayar: Moonglow
  11. Nikini: Full moon in August
  12. Quacey: Moonlight (Scottish)
  13. Zira: Moonlight
Newborn Boy Sleeping on the Moon

Native American Names for Moon

You may find a Native American name for moon is a good choice for your baby's name. The various tribal languages have specific words for moon, moon phases, and other moon meanings.

  1. Hakidonmuya: Time of waiting moon; time of waiting moon (Hopi)
  2. Jaci: Moon (Tupi)
  3. Magena: Moon (Cherokee)
  4. Miakoda: Power of the moon (Unknown)
  5. Migina: Returning moon (Omaha)
  6. Mimiteh: New moon (Omaha)
  7. Mitena: Born on new moon (Ojibway) (Omaha)
  8. Ooljee: Moon (Navajo)
  9. Pamuy, Pamuya: Water moon (Hopi)
  10. Taini: New moon (Omaha)

81+ Unique Names to Choose From That Mean Moon

With a wide range of unique names that mean moon, you're sure to find one that you like for your baby. When you say a name that means moon, it can create a mystical and ethereal feeling.

80+ Unique Names That Mean Moon