87 Classy Girl Names That Start With V

Published November 30, 2020
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Girl names that start with V offer you quite a few choices. Exploring the meanings of girl names is a great way to determine if it is a name you may want for your baby girl.

Girl Names That Start With V and Meaning

When browsing lists of baby girl names that start with V, you may be surprised to find a name that you've never seen. You may find yourself considering more than one name and looking for ways to narrow your choices.

  1. Vada: Famous ruler (German)
  2. Vaetild: More glory, mother of Skraeling children (Czech), (Norse)
  3. Val: Strong, healthy (Latin)
  4. Valarie: Strong, brave (French)
  5. Valda: Brave (Latin)
  6. Valdis: Chosen (Welsh)
  7. Valechka: Protecting ruler (German)
  8. Valen: Renowned ruler (Norse)
  9. Vasilisa: Foreign woman (Greek)
  10. Vela: Vigilant (Spanish)
  11. Velda: Power, ruler, Holy spirit of forest (German), (German Teuton tribe)
  12. Vella: Beautiful (Italian)
  13. Venetia: Courage of a bear (German)
  14. Venice: Lovable, city in Italy (Italian)
  15. Ventura: name of northern Italian city (Italian)
  16. Venus: Goddess of Love (Greek)
  17. Verity: Truth (Greek)
  18. Verna: Springtime (Latin)
  19. Verochka: Protecting friend
  20. Verona: Truth (Italian)
  21. Veronica: Victory (Latin)
  22. Vesta: Faith (Czech)
  23. Vianey: Alive (Latin)
  24. Vicuska: Life (Hungarian)
  25. Vor: Universal ruler (Russian)
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Baby Girl Names Starting With V in English

Popular baby girl names that start with V and are in English give you exciting choices for your little princess. You can choose the perfect name when you have several potential names in English.

  1. Vail: Dweller in the valley (English)
  2. Varina: From the fortress (English)
  3. Venessa: Soft, rich fabric (English)
  4. Violet: Purple flower (English)
  5. Virdia: Lovely purple flower (English)
  6. Virginia: Maiden, virgin (English)
  7. Vlada: Enchantress, Lady of the Lake (English)
  8. Vivian: Alive (English)

Classy Adorable Girl Names That Start With V

A classy yet adorable girl's name that starts with V might be the right fit for your baby girl. You can try it on for size and imagine how it will mature with her as she grows.

  1. Valencia: Valor (Spanish)
  2. Valentina: Healthy, strong (Latin)
  3. Valerie: Strong, brave (Latin)
  4. Valeska: Glorious ruler (Slavic)
  5. Valora: Brave (Latin)
  6. Valorie: Courageous (French)
  7. Van: Of or from (Dutch)
  8. Vanda: Strong fighter (Swedish)
  9. Vanessa: Butterfly (Greek)
  10. Vani: Elegant, speech (Sanskrit)
  11. Vara: Butterfly (Greek)
  12. Vedia: Vital force (Hindi)
  13. Vega: Dweller in the meadow, eternal law (Spanish), (Hindi)
  14. Vera, Verra: Faith, true (Russian), (Latin)
  15. Verbenia: Goddess of love and beauty (Latin)
  16. Verdad: True (Latin)
  17. Verena: From the bridge (Dutch)
  18. Vianne: Alive, evening star (French), (Latin)
  19. Vicki, Vicky: Victory, conqueror (Latin)
  20. Viola: Violet (Italian)
  21. Violetta: Purple (Latin)
  22. Violette: Purple (Latin)
  23. Virag: Violet (Latin)
  24. Virginee: Chaste; virgin (Latin)
  25. Viviana: Alive (Latin)
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Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With V

You may prefer to choose your baby girl's name from a list of unique baby girl names that start with V. Accompanying each unique name is its descriptive meaning that can lend greater insight into the history of the name.

  1. Vanna, Vannah: God's gift, God is gracious (Hebrew)
  2. Vanora: Butterfly (Greek)
  3. Vanya: God is gracious, butterfly (Hebrew), (Greek)
  4. Varinka: Rose (Hebrew)
  5. Varsha: Defending ruler (German Teuton tribe)
  6. Vartoughi: Foreign woman (Czech)
  7. Varya: Rose lady (Armenian)
  8. Vaughn: Small (Welsh)
  9. Veda: Knowledge, wisdom (Sanskrit)
  10. Vedette: From the vale (French)
  11. Victoria, Viktoria: Victory (Latin)
  12. Victoriana: Victory, conquering (Spanish)
  13. Victorina: Victory (French)
  14. Victorine: Triumphant (Latin)
  15. Vida: Life (Latin)
  16. Vidalia: Life (Latin)
  17. Vienna: Forest stream (Dutch)
  18. Viera: Faith, truth (Latin), (Russian)
  19. Viheke: Capital city of Austria (Latin)
  20. Vimala: Resolute defender (German Teuton Tribe)
  21. Vita: Life (Italian)
  22. Viveca: Life, place of refuge, conqueror (German), (Latin)
  23. Vivianna: War castle, a place of refuge (German Teuton tribe)
  24. Vivianne: Wise (Hindi)
  25. Vivien: Alive (German)
  26. Vivienne: Alive (Latin)
  27. Vladka: Lively (French)
  28. Vladlena: To rule (Russian)
  29. Volva: Name of a river in Russia (Russian)
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Girl Names That Start With V for Your Baby

You may decide that girl names that start with V are classy. You can read over the various lists and decide which one best suits your precious little angel.

87 Classy Girl Names That Start With V