92 Mexican Boy Names From Popular to Unique

Updated March 16, 2022
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Whether you're Mexican, Hispanic, or just love Mexican culture, there are tons of great Mexican boy names to choose from for your little mijo. Check out what's popular in Mexico and old Mexican names to see what suits your baby boy best.

Popular and Common Mexican Boy Names

A look at the most popular boy names in Mexico shows that compound names and names ending in vowels are well-liked by expectant parents.

  • Alejandro (ah-lay-HAHN-droh) - Means "defending man"
  • Arturo (ahr-TUW-ro) - Means "bear king"
  • David (dah-vee-d) - Means "beloved"
  • Eduardo (eh-DWAHR-doh) - Means "fortune guard"
  • Enrique (ahn-rhay-kay) - Means "home ruler"
  • Felipe (fye-lee-pay) - Means "horse lover"
  • Fernando (fehr-NAN-do) - Means "brave journey"
  • Francisco Javier (frahn-SEES-koh hah-VYER) - Means "Frenchman new house"
  • Gabriel (ga-BRYEHL) - Means "God is my strength"
  • Gonzalo (gawn-zaw-loh) - Means "battle"
  • Juan Carlos (kooh-ahn-KAR-los) - Means "God is a gracious man"
  • Jesus (hai-sooh-s) - Means "God is salvation"
  • Jorge (haw-r-hay) - Means "farmer"
  • José Luis (hoh-SAY-loo-EES) - Means "he will add/famous battle"
  • Julio César (hu·lio SEH-sar) - Means "downy beard/hairy"
  • Miguel Ángel (mee-GHEHL ANG-khehl) - Means "Who is like God's messenger"
  • Sergio (SAHR-JHiy-ow) - Means "servant"

Famous Mexicans in Entertainment

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Look to famous Mexican actors, directors, and musicians from the past and present for great baby boy name inspiration.

  • Alfonso (all-fon-so) - Direction Alfonso Director Cuarón
  • Carlos (car-lohs) - Musician Carlos Santana
  • Diego (dee-ai-goh) - Actor Diego Luna
  • Eugenio (ay-oo-hayn-yo) - Actor Eugenio Derbez
  • Gael (gai-ell) - Actor García Bernal
  • Guillermo (gee-air-mo) - Director Guillermo Del Toro
  • Marco Antonio (mahr-ko an-toh-nyo) - Musician Marco Antonio Solis
  • Oscar (oh-scar) - Boxer Oscar De La Hoya
  • Rico (Ree-co) - Actor Rico Rodriguez

Most Popular Mexican-American Boy Names

Mexican-American baby boy names include many popular baby names in the U.S. that are Hispanic names, as well as some of the most popular boy names in New Mexico.

  • Angel (ANG-khehl) - Means "messenger"
  • Daniel (da-NYEHL) Means "God is my judge"
  • Elijah (i-LIE-jə) - Means "my God is Yahweh"
  • Ezekiel (i-ZEE-kee-əl) Means "God will strengthen"
  • Ezra (EHZ-rə) Means "help"
  • Isaiah (ie-ZAY-ə) Means "God is salvation"
  • Jose (kho-SEH) Means "he will add"
  • Julian (hooh-lee-ahn) - Means "downy beard"
  • Liam (LEE-əm) - Means "desire to protect"
  • Logan (LO-gən) - Means "little hollow"
  • Noah (NO-ə) - Means "rest"
  • Matteo/Mateo (ma-TEH-o) - Means "Gift of God"
  • Santiago (sahn-tee-ah-goh) - Means "Saint James"
  • Sebastián (seh-bas-TYAN) - Means "venerable"

Powerful and Strong Mexican Boy Names

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If you want a strong baby boy name, look to the first names of Mexican presidents and other Mexican leaders and heroes as inspiration. For a unique Mexican name, consider using the last names of notable, powerful Mexican men as the first name for your son.

  • Adolfo (a-DHOL-fo) - Means "noble wolf"
  • Álvaro (AL-vah-roh) - Means "elf warrior"
  • Andrés (an-DREHS) Means "manly"
  • Benito (beh-NEE-to) - Means blessed"
  • Emiliano (eh-mee-LYA-no) - Means "rival"
  • Lázaro (LA-sa-ro) - Means "God has helped"
  • Manuel (ma-NWEHL) - Means "God is with us"
  • Miguel (mee-GHEHL) - Means "who is like God?"
  • Pancho (PAN-cho) - Means "Frenchman"
  • Pascual (pas-KWAL) - Name related to Easter
  • Venustiano (be-noo-STYAH-no) - Means "love"
  • Vicente (bee-SEHN-teh) - Means "to conquer"

Native Mexican Names for Boys

The names of Aztec leaders and gods or monikers of Mayan gods have an essence of power and cultural strength to them that can help build your son's strong Latino identity from the beginning.

  • Ahluic (ah-loo-eek) - Mayan god of material wealth
  • Ahulane (ah-oo-layn) - Mayan God of War
  • Balam (bah-lahm) - Mayan for jaguar
  • Chac (tja-k) - Mayan supreme god of storms
  • Huitzilopochtli (wee-tsee-loh-poch-tlee) - God of war
  • Itzcóatl (eet-koh-aht) - Nahuatl ruler
  • Kukulkan (koo-koo-lkan) - Mayan god
  • Montezuma (mohn-tay-zoo-ma) - Aztec ruler
  • Naycon (nay-cohn) - Mayan god of war
  • Quetzalcóatl (keht-səl-ko-AHT-əl) - Aztec god
  • Tenoch (te-NOCH) - Aztec ruler

Old Mexican Names for Boys

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Traditional and old Mexican names can make a comeback anytime if modern parents choose to honor these historical boy names.

  • Adalberto (a-dhal-BEHR-to) - Means "noble and bright"
  • Adelardo (a-dheh-LAR-dho) - Means "noble and brave"
  • Aquiles (ah-KEE-lays) - Means "pain"
  • Hernan (ehr-NAN) - Means "brave journey"
  • Ignacio (eeg-NA-syo) - Means "fiery one"
  • Jeronimo (khai-roh-nee-moh) - Means "holy name"
  • Mariano (mahr-rhee-ahn-noh) - Means "manly"
  • Octavio (oh-k-tah-vee-oh) - Means "eighth"
  • Porfirio (paw-r-fee-dee-oh) - Means "purple dye"

Rare and Uncommon Mexican Boy Names

If you want an uncommon Hispanic boy name or a rather rare Mexican name, dive into lists of unique and archaic Spanish names. Giving your little boy a one-of-a-kind name with Mexican ties gives him his own identity and embraces his cultural history.

  • Antelmo (on-tell-mo) - Means "wrath and protection"
  • Atanasio (ah-tah-nah-syo) - Means "immortal"
  • Balbino (bahl-bee-no) - Means "stammered"
  • Celino (seh-LEE-no) Means "heaven"
  • Celio (SEHL-yo) - Means "heaven"
  • Eberardo (eh-beh-RAR-dho) - Means "brave boar"
  • Facundo (fa-KOON-do) - Means "eloquent"
  • Grimaldo (gree-mahl-do) - Means "masked leader"
  • Próspero (p-raw-s-pey-rho) - Means "fortunate"

Mexican Culture Names for Boys

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The names of famous Mexican landmarks or Mexican cities and states can become great modern monikers for parents searching for a cool Mexican name to give their son.

  • Akumal (ah-koo-mal) - Coastal resort on the Yucatán Peninsula
  • Cozumel (coh-zoo-mehl) - Island in Caribbean Sea
  • Guaymas (gwy-mas) - City in the southwest part of the state of Sonora
  • Malecon (mah-lay-cone) - Mile-long esplanade in Puerto Vallarta's Centro
  • Manzanillo (mon-zah-neeyo) - Pacific Ocean port city in the state of Colima
  • Monte Alban (montay-ahl-bahn) - Large pre-Columbian archaeological site
  • Queretaro (kay-reh-tah-ro) - City in Mexico
  • Tajín (tah-heen) - pre-Columbian archeological site in southern Mexico
  • Tampico (tahm-pee-co) - City and port in the southeastern part of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Tulum (too-loom) - Town on the western shores of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula
  • Uxmal (oosh-mal)- Ancient Mayan
  • Zitacuaro (seet-ah-quaro) - City in the Mexican state of Michoacán

Baby Boy Names Inspired by Mexico

From Mexican leaders to the country's landscape, you can find inspiration for Mexican boy names in so many various elements of Mexican culture. Little boys full of Latino spirit will grow to appreciate their name inspired by this country and culture. When choosing a cute Mexican boy name for your little guy, use the Latin American pronunciation or look at a pronunciation guide for other ways to say the name.

92 Mexican Boy Names From Popular to Unique