Sweet Boy Names That Mean Joy or Happiness

Published July 20, 2020
joyful baby boy

Parents often hope their son is a cheerful child, so selecting a name that means joy or happy is natural. Pick one of these names to describe your son's positive outlook on life.

Great Boy Names That Mean Joy or Happy

Choose a baby boy name that means joy or happy for a son you wish to bestow those same characteristics upon through his name. These male baby names may have multiple meanings, but at least one name meaning reflects joy or happiness in some form.

  • Asher - happy
  • Edwyn or Edwin - happy friend
  • Fagan- joyful or glad
  • Felix - joy, lucky or fortunate
  • Jevin - joyful
  • Jolly - happy, cheerful
  • Kamaran - happy
  • Ron (can be short for Ronald) - joy or song of joy
  • Winston - joyful stone
  • Zelig or Selig - happy, blessed, or holy

Names may also have religious significance, so look for Christian names like the unisex Shiloh (peace or abundant joy). You might also consider a mythological Hindu name that means joy like Nanda.

Boy names that mean joy or happiness

Boy Names That Mean Happy or Joy From Around the World

If you want a name with cultural significance, look for a moniker that means happy or joy that comes from cultures and countries around the world. These names are wonderful first or middle names for boys. Determine how the names are pronounced in different languages before you select one.
  • Ajay - (EY-JHey)- joyful
  • Anand (aa-NAEND) - happiness or joyful
  • Ayo (AA-Yow) - full of joy
  • Dilshad (DihL-SHAA-D) - joyous or happy heart
  • Gale (Gey-L) - gives joy
  • Gil or Gilon (JHiy-Laa-N) - joy
  • Ilarion or Illarion (iy-LAA-R-iy-ow-N) - joyful or happy
  • Macario or Makarios (MaaKAAR-iy-ow) - happy or blessed
  • Oron (ow-RAA-N) - joy or light
  • Radman (RAA-DMahN) - joy
  • Saeed or Sa'id (Saa-IY-D) - auspicious, lucky or happy
  • Whelan (WEHL-aeN) - joyful
  • Xing-fu (zhing foo) - joyful or happiness
  • Yuki (YOO-KyEE) - happiness
  • Zorion (ZAORiyAHN) - happy

Names That Reflect Joy and Happiness for Boys

A name may not have the direct meaning of joy or happiness, but there are plenty of names that reflect those feelings through their meaning. Consider:

  • Alan - cheerful
  • Blythe - cheerful
  • Caius - rejoice
  • Gauis - rejoice
  • Isaac - laughter
  • Ike - brings laughter
  • Jay - rejoice or jaybird (Jay can be short for other names; also is unisex.)
  • Jesse - gift or gift from God
  • Jude - praise or thanks
  • Luke - light one or bringer of light
  • Sunny - bright, light, cheerful
  • Tate - cheerful
  • Vito - life
  • Xavier - bright or splendid
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Happy or Joy As Your Baby's Name

Few countries have baby naming rules, so there is likely nothing to stop you from naming your new son whatever you please. An original, unique baby name can help you truly personalize your son's name. Happy can be used as your baby's first or middle name with no mistaking the meaning. Joy is traditionally a girl's name, but you can still use it for your son. Alternatively, you may want to create your own version of both names, like:

  • Happie
  • Hap-pi
  • Joie
  • Joyo
  • Joyoust

Baby Boy Names That Make You Smile

When it comes to selecting the best baby name for your son, you want to pick something that makes you smile. If you're happy, your baby will be too!

Sweet Boy Names That Mean Joy or Happiness