Birth Announcement Wording Ideas for Every Family

Published October 13, 2018
Pink baby birth announcement

The wording of your baby's birth announcement tells friends and family all about your precious new addition and sets the tone for what kind of parent you'll be. While all birth announcements contain similar information, you can choose to share traditionally or a more fun and creative way.

Birth Announcement Wording Examples

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to announce a birth through email at work and send a different, more detailed announcement to friends and family. From preemies to multiples, you can always find a personal way to introduce your new little love.

Traditional Birth Announcement Wording

Traditional birth announcements come from the new parents' perspective and feature sweet, simple language and basic baby stats.

  • Please join us in welcoming [Baby's Name] to our family. Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color:
  • The [Last Name] Family is honored to present its newest member, [Baby's Name]. Born on [Birthdate] at [Birth Location], he/she is [Height] inches tall and weighs [Weight] pounds. [Baby's First Name/Nickname] will arrive home on [Date]. Visitors are encouraged to call or text [Parent's First Names] before meeting the little lady/man.
  • The parents of [Baby's Name] wish to announce his/her safe arrival into their arms on [Birthdate]. [Baby's First Name] measured [Height] and [Weight] with [Hair Color] and [Eye Color].
  • Mr. and Mrs. [Parent's Last Name] proudly introduce their daughter/son [Baby's Name] born on [Birthdate] at [Birth Location]. The family is doing great and couldn't be happier. Well-wishers are welcome to call and schedule a visitation after [Baby's First Name] arrives home on [Homecoming Date].

Religious Birth Announcement Wording

New parents with strong religious ties may want to incorporate their beliefs into the birth announcement.

  • By the grace of God, we introduce [Baby's Name] to our blessed home. With ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes, his/her [Color] eyes and [Color] hair make our hearts grow. Prayers of strength and love for the new parents and baby can be sent via email to [Email Address] or delivered in person on [Date, Time].
  • Purple girl birth announcement
    We've been embraced by God's grace! Help us welcome with love [Baby's Name], [Additional Information].
  • Rejoice! Heaven has sent us a perfect angel. We are blessed to share [Baby's Name] with our friends and family. All [Height] and [Weight] of our beautiful baby boy/girl are precious beyond compare.
  • Our Prayers Have Been Answered in the form of a beautiful/handsome baby boy/girl, [Baby's Name]. Please join us in thanking the Lord for his/her health and safe delivery on [Birthdate] at [Birth Location].

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Wording

Wording that uses feminine themes and tones helps show off your little girl.

  • Check out our cute new chick, [Baby's Name]. She peeped into the world on [Birthdate] at [Birth Time].
  • Grab your shades cuz our [Baby's Name] shines bright like a diamond! On [Birthdate] she added shimmer and shine to our lives as all [Height, Weight] sparkled into the world.
  • Like fairy dust from fairy wings, our little girl [Baby's Name] is the most magical thing. She floated into the world on [Birthdate] with [Hair Color] and [Eye Color] sprinkling a love spell as she came. Get enchanted by [Baby's First Name/Nickname] when you schedule a visit after [Homecoming Date].
  • She might wear purple or she might wear pink, but one thing's for sure [Baby's Name] is our missing link! Her [Color] hair might get wrapped up in bows, but what kind of girl she'll be no one quite knows.

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Wording

Share your new baby boy with friends and family using birth announcement wording made for any little guy.

  • Stud Alert! Hold onto your daughters, [Baby's Name] with his [Color] eyes and [Color] hair is bound to steal a few hearts.
  • Our All-star lineup just got better. Make way for the [Last Name] family MVP, [Baby's Name]. Stats: [Height, Weight, Birthdate, Hometown].
  • There's a new Sheriff in town and he goes by the name of [Baby's Name]. Our little cowboy mosied on into the world at [height, weight] on [birthdate]. Saddle up and come on over to [Address] to meet him.
  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye! King [Baby's Name] has made his debut on [Birthdate]. His royal highness is [Height, Weight] of cuteness and cuddles. All are welcome to set their eyes upon him after he moves into his new castle on [Homecoming Date].

Show Off Your New Baby

Whether you choose a serious or silly tone, birth announcements show off who your baby is and who you want them to be with a theme and photos. Choose words that best describe your new little one and your family so others can join in your joy.

Birth Announcement Wording Ideas for Every Family