New Year's Pregnancy Announcements That Make an Impression

Published June 16, 2021
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Announcing a pregnancy is an incredibly exciting event for many expectant parents. When it comes time to share the news of a baby on board, parents channel all of their creativity into finding the perfect way and time to let the world in on their little secret. If you discover that you're expecting during the holiday season, consider a New Year's pregnancy announcement. Nothing rings in the new year like news of a baby!

Funny New Year's Pregnancy Announcements

When announcing a pregnancy, it's important to incorporate your feelings and personality into your news, no matter the time of year. Choose an announcement that plays to you and your partner's general attitude towards life. If you announce your pregnancy around New Year's, consider playing on the festive party elements of the holiday with these funny announcements.

  • The new year is a time for re-birth... and in our case, actual birth.
  • In search of a designated champagne drinker this year. Baby on board!
  • Happy New Year! Next year we are popping a different type of bottle.
  • Tonight won't be the last time we stay up well past midnight. Sleepless nights ahead in the new year.
  • My New Year's resolution is to sleep now, because in 9 months we will be up all night long.
  • The champagne isn't the only thing that's about to pop! We are expecting.
  • We are using New Year's Eve to practice counting down. #9monthcountdownbegins!
  • Last New Year's Eve without having to overpay a babysitter!
  • Passing on the bubbly, waiting for the cuddly. Baby "Name" arriving in 9 months!
  • For next year's party: make our reservation for 3.
  • Carrying the New Year's Eve VIP
  • Bumping into this new year! (Wear a cute shirt with arrows pointing to your belly.)
  • Pushing the New Year's diet off for another nine months!
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Heartfelt New Year's Pregnancy Announcements

Some journeys to parenthood are bumpy roads. If you have worked and prayed for this pregnancy with all of your might, ring in the New Year with a heartfelt announcement. The New Year is a perfect time for rebirth, hope, and fresh starts. Incorporate these general messages associated with the holiday into your pregnancy announcement.

  • We are "expecting" this next year to be a wild ride.
  • A new year brings new titles. Partner to Parent in the new year.
  • In this new year, The "Name" Family welcomes the new and some baby blue! (For a family expecting a boy.)
  • Happy New Year to me. I'm a parent-to-be!
  • New Year... New body... New baby!
  • This year we are expecting to make some big changes, and one tiny six-pound one!
  • Our New Year's resolutions include: eating cleaner, staying healthier, and becoming parents.
  • Ringing in the new year for both of us!
  • With joy, love, and gratitude, we celebrate a new year and a new baby. Baby "Name" is making their debut.
  • Gearing up for our most incredible adventure yet. Baby "Name and year."
  • This year we have more to celebrate than ever! Baby "Name" arriving later this year.
  • Cheers to a whole new kind of memory-making in this new year. Baby "Name" arriving soon.
  • Next New Year's we celebrate with our tiny new mate.
  • Toasting to a new chapter in life, full of love, adventure, and lots of diapers.
  • Starting the new year off with a bang AND a bump!
  • This next year will be a year of the letter B. Blessings, bump, and baby.
  • Building our family in this upcoming year.
  • (The date of new year): The One Where We Become P.A.R.E.N.T.S. (Spoof on the hit sitcom Friends.)
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Fun Ways to Announce Baby Without Using Words

If you are pulling double duty and telling friends and family that you're pregnant on New Year's Eve, create a surprise that they won't see coming. Think about showering guests with pink and blue confetti at midnight, serving champagne in baby bottle-shaped glasses, or going really big and setting off pink and blue fireworks to ring in the New Year. No matter how you choose to announce that you are joining Club Parent, do it in a way that reflects your nature and your vibe. It isn't every day that you get to announce a pregnancy!

New Year's Pregnancy Announcements That Make an Impression