Cute & Clever Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Published January 18, 2022
See you soon baby!

You've been keeping the massive secret that you are expecting, and now you are finally ready to share the big news with the world. An announcement as grand as this must have the perfect words to match the perfect little family addition. These pregnancy announcement captions are cute and clever, and they will delight every recipient of your wonderful news.

Darling Pregnancy Captions for Families Expecting Baby #1

Letting the world in on your most fantastic secret is a big deal, so announce it in a big way. Choose the perfect picture and caption to reveal that your sweet human is arriving soon.

  • Room in our hearts to love another. Baby on the way!
  • Welcoming a new roommate (due date here).
  • We're the three best friends that anyone could have. (Line from the movie The Hangover).
  • Mommy-to-be and a family of three. Can't wait for baby!
  • Taking our love of projects to a whole other level. Baby (last name) due (due date). (Pair with an image of the expectant parents with tools or engaged in a DIY project).
  • Survey saaaaaaays... PREGNANT!
  • Buckling our seatbelts for the wildest ride yet. (Pair with a cute pic of expectant parents in the car).

Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Those Expecting a Little Lady

She is bound to be sugar, spice, and everything nice. These captions are ideal for any couple who has discovered that they are awaiting the arrival of their little lady.

  • Don't mind me, just gearing up to birth my bestie! Baby girl arriving later this year.
  • Stocking up on bows, glitter, and pink!
  • Baking my mini-me and making my dreams come true.
  • Welcoming the only girl allowed to steal my honey's heart.
  • Come (insert due date), hearts will be full, wallets will be empty.

Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Parents Awaiting Bouncing Boys

A bouncing boy is on his way, and you could not be more thrilled. Share the news that you are pregnant with a dapper dude with one of these catchy pregnancy announcement captions.

Pregnancy Announcement Caption for Parents Awaiting Bouncing Boys
  • Counting down the days until we meet Prince Charming.
  • Daddy is getting his very own assistant.
  • Waiting on my dream man.
  • Move over, hubby, a new guy is coming to town!
  • Can't wait to meet our little man! Baby boy (last name) due (due date).
  • Baking the sweetest of buns. Ecstatic to announce we are expecting a son!

Announcements for Families Adding Another Kiddo to the Mix

You are growing your brood yet again! Tell your loved ones that another precious child is joining the gang with one of these cute pregnancy announcement captions for families who are adding more kids to the mix.

  • Our little guy needed a partner in crime. Baby #2 arriving (insert due date).
  • Baby #1 turned out so great; we thought we would up the ante. Baby #2 is making their debut (insert due date).
  • The family superhero is expecting their forever sidekick. (Pair caption with an image of a child in a superhero costume holding up a "We are expecting" sign or letter board).
  • Building his/her best friend. (Pair with your favorite image of your child wearing a Big Brother/Big Sister shirt).
  • What can we say? The more, the merrier! (Pair with a family photo that includes you and the bump).
  • Someone is getting a promotion! (Child's name) is going to be a big brother/sister.
  • What's one more? (Pair with a creative pregnancy announcement image of your busy, growing family).
  • Working on building that football team of ours. Rookie team member due (insert due date).
  • We thought we were done, but babies are too fun!
  • Baby #1's clothes were too cute not to take for another spin. (Pair with images of your favorite outfits from your first baby).

"We're Expecting" Captions From the Dog (for Families With Fur Babies)

Up until now, your pup was your baby. Things are about to change now that you are welcoming a human into the world. Let Fido help tell the world that a little one is on the way.

Expecting Caption or Families With Fur Babies
  • Mom and dad are getting us a pet human, and we cannot wait!
  • Guard dog duty starts (insert due date).
  • NOT what I had in mind when I asked for a new toy.
  • I "woof" you already, baby.
  • Not sure about sharing my human's attention. Snuggle stealer arriving (insert due date).

Pregnancy Announcement Captions Full of Fun and Humor

Babies are serious business, but your pregnancy announcement doesn't have to be. Share your pregnancy joy with one of these funny announcement captions.

  • To be clear, NOT holiday weight. Baby (last name) arriving (due date).
  • Sorry if we have been MIA. Been busy growing a human being.
  • There is only one good reason to put up with feeling this bad. We're preggo!
  • Goodbye feet... hellllllo baby! (Insert due date here).
  • Oops, we did it again! (Ode to popstar Britney Spear's hit song).
  • The only test I ever looked forward to! (Pair with a picture of a positive pregnancy test).
  • Trying to keep my feet up and my food down. Baby (last name) arriving (due date). Pair with a picture of a mom on the couch with a meal in her lap.

Heartfelt Pregnancy Announcement Captions

These captions are perfect for any parent-to-be who has known the struggles it sometimes takes to finally experience the wonder of pregnancy. These captions are heartfelt and emotional. They highlight the sheer joy and gratitude felt by parents who have waited patiently to experience the magic of growing a human.

  • The greatest adventure is just a few months away. We are expecting!
  • Our home, hearts (and this body) are expanding.
  • In love, and we haven't even met yet.
  • For this child, we have waited.
  • You are worth waiting for little one.
  • Can't wait to meet our little pot of gold. (Perfect for a rainbow baby pregnancy).

Pregnancy Captions That Capture What a Blessing a Baby Is

Your faith saw you through the trials and tribulations of trying for a baby. Give thanks for your greatest blessing with one of these faith-inspired pregnancy captions.

  • For this baby, we have prayed.
  • Thank you, Lord, for this miracle.
  • Heaven knew you were just what my soul needed.
  • Waiting on our miracle.
  • God gave us you, and in that, He gave us all.
  • We trusted in each other, our Lord, and the universe, and our prayers were answered. Welcoming God's gift (due date).

Short and Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Short, sweet, and to the point are these catchy captions. News like this speaks for itself.

Short and Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Caption
  • You, me, and finally... THREE!
  • Enjoying the wiggles, looking forward to the giggles.
  • Nauseous... tired... sore... emotional... WORTH IT.
  • The wait was worth it.
  • Carrying precious cargo.
  • Trading sleep-filled nights for a baby to hold tight!
  • Keep calm and belly on.

Captions for Expectant Parents of Multiples

When it comes to pregnancy, you hit the jackpot! You are about to have your hands full, quite literally, with two babies on the way. These pregnancy announcement captions are tailor made for parents of multiples.

  • This is what happens when you pray twice as hard: Expecting twins!
  • When it comes to pregnancy, we are overachievers. It's twins! (Insert due date).
  • Might be pink, might be blue. All we know is there are TWO. Yep. It's twins!
  • Our dream came true... times TWO.
  • Adding TWO stockings to the mantel this year. (Pair with a pretty holiday photo of stockings hung on the mantel).
  • So THIS is why God gave me two arms! Expecting twins (insert due date).

Cherish the Moments, the Memories, and the Experience

When announcing your big news, be sure it is exactly how you dreamed it would be by pairing the perfect caption with the most cherished images. Go short and sweet, funny and catchy, or heartfelt and sentimental. Whatever you decide, create an image and caption combination that captures one of life's most wonderful moments: the realization that you are going to be a parent!

Cute & Clever Pregnancy Announcement Captions