Intriguing Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Published April 27, 2020
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If you want a gorgeous name for a girl, check out girl names that mean "beautiful." You can find tons of names that reflect words like "beauty" combined with other powerful words such as "smart" or "strong" to fit the pretty personality of your little girl.

Interesting Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Every language has at least one word or name that means "beautiful." Explore what beauty means in different cultures and countries to find exotic baby names.

  • Anwen (ahn-wehn) - "very beautiful" in Welsh
  • Aoibheann (ee-van) - Irish Gaelic
  • Ātaahua (ah-tah-hoo-uh) - Maori
  • Aysun (eye-soon) - "as beautiful as the moon" in Turkish
  • Bahiyya (bah-hee-yaw) - Arabic
  • Bella (bell-uh) - Italian
  • Buhle (boo-leh) - Southern African
  • Caoimhe (kee-va) - Irish
  • Eirian (ay-ree-an) - Welsh
  • Grażyna (gra-zin-a) - Lithuanian
  • Husna (hoos-na) - "more beautiful" in Arabic
  • Indah (een-dah) - Indonesian
  • Juan (chwehn) - Chinese
  • Kallisto (kah-lee-stoh) - "most beautiful" in Greek
  • Kalyani (kahl-yahnee) - Sanskrit
  • Kanta (kahn-tah) - Sanskrit
  • Konjit (kohn-jiht) - Amharic
  • Lawan (lah-wahn) - Thai
  • Linda (leen-duh) - Spanish
  • Manju (mon-joo) - Sanskrit
  • Marilag (mah-ree-lahg) - Tagalong
  • Mei (may)- Chinese
  • Nava (nah-vah) - Hebrew
  • Nazli (nahz-lih) - Persian
  • Nefertari (nehf-are-tah-ree) - "the most beautiful" in Egyptian
  • Nizhoni (nih-zoh-nih) - Navajo
  • Shayna (shay-nuh) - Yiddish
  • Shiphrah (shee-frah) - Hebrew
  • Xiu (shyoh) - Chinese
  • Yaffa (yah-fah) - Hebrew
  • Ziba (see-bah) - Persian
  • Zuri (zooree) - Swahili
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Girl Names That Mean Beautiful and Something Else

Many baby girl names are formed by combining two or more words in a single language. If you want a name that means something like "strong and beautiful" or "smart and beautiful," check out these combo names.

  • Aimi (a-ee-mee) - "love and beautiful" in Japanese
  • Akemi (a-keh-mee) - "bright and beautiful" in Japanese
  • Amahle (ah-mah-she) - "the beautiful ones" in Zulu
  • Anong (ah-nohng) - "beautiful woman" in Thai
  • Aruzhan (ah-roo-gion) - "beautiful soul" in Kazakh
  • Ástríðr/Astrid (ahs-treed) - "god and beautiful" in Ancient Scandinavian
  • Bellamy (bay-lah-mee) - "beautiful friend" in French
  • Belle (behl) - French
  • Branwen (bran-wehn) - "beautiful raven" in Welsh
  • Calanthe (kuh-lan-thee) - "beautiful flower" in English
  • Chimaka ( - "god is beautiful" in Igbo
  • Dilay (dee-lie) - "beautiful moon" in Turkish
  • Dulcibella (duhl-see-bell-uh) - "sweet and beautiful" in archaic English
  • Haunani (how-na-nee) - "beautiful snow" in Hawaiian
  • Kalliope (kal-lee-oh-peh) - "beautiful voice" in Greek
  • Kallistrate (kah-lee-strah-tee) - "beautiful army" in Greek
  • Kaniehtiio (gun-yeh-dee-yo) - "beautiful snow" in Mohawk
  • Misaki (mee-sah-kee) - "beautiful blossom" in Japanese
  • Nefertiti (nehf-are-tee-tee) - "the beautiful one has come" in Egyptian
  • Orabela (oh-rah-beh-lah) - "golden beautiful" in Esperanto
  • Puanani (poo-a-na-nee) - "beautiful flower" in Hawaiian
  • Rozabela (roh-za-beh-la) - "rosy beautiful" in Esperanto
  • Sigrid (see-grid) - "victory and beautiful" in Norwegian
  • Solfrid (sool-free) - "sun and beautiful" in Norwegian
  • Tomomi (toh-moh-mee) - "wisdom, friend, and beautiful" in Japanese
  • Yewubdar (yoo-ub-dar) - "beautiful beyond limits" in Amharic
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Unique Girl Names That Mean Beauty

Another way to find names that mean "beautiful" is to look at names that mean something similar, like names that mean "beauty."

  • Ælfflæd/Elfleda (ah-fled-ah) - "elf beauty" in Old English
  • Aglaia (uh-gl-eye-uh) - Greek
  • Aoife (ee-fuh) - Irish
  • Ezhil (eh-zihl) - Tamil
  • Hasna (has-na) - Arabic
  • Indira (in-dee-ruh) - Sanskrit
  • Kallos (kah-lohs)- Greek
  • Kanani (ka-na-nee) - "the beauty" in Hawaiian
  • Lavanya (lay-wun-yuh) - Sanskrit
  • Noy (noi) - Hebrew
  • Ruwa (roo-wa) - Arabic
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Cute Girl Names That Mean Pretty

One synonym for "beautiful" is "pretty." You can also find lots of names that mean the more humble version of beautiful, which is "pretty."

  • Bonita (buh-neet-uh) - Spanish
  • Bonnie (bah-nee) - English
  • Delyth (dehl-ith)- Welsh
  • Hla (la) - Burmese
  • Jeong (jung) - Korean
  • Jolie (zhaw-lee) - French
  • Marikit (mah-rih-kiit) - Tagalong
  • Ting (teeng) - Chinese
  • Yating (yah-teeng) - "elegant and pretty" in Chinese

Beautiful Names for Beautiful Girls

Every parent thinks their daughter is beautiful, so why not give her a name that shouts it to the world? Whether you're creating a bombshell character for a book or video game, naming your new pet, or picking out a baby name, these beautiful names hold great esteem. While some names that mean "beauty" aren't very original or uncommon, these unique baby names offer a new take on baby names and meanings.

Intriguing Girl Names That Mean Beautiful