100+ Muslim Baby Names and Their Deeper Meaning

Updated January 16, 2022
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Every culture has its fair share of stunning baby names, and the Muslim culture is no exception. The following Muslim baby names reflect a deep and rich heritage, a strong belief system, and other qualities and traits that Muslims hold dear.

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Boy Muslim Baby Names That Reflect Faith and Leadership

A strong sense of faith is embedded in the Muslim culture, hence it is no surprise that droves of babies are gifted names that reflect or are inspired by a higher power or spirituality. Names alluding to a royal presence or scholarly angle are also popular options for baby names.

  • Aaban: Name of the angel
  • Aahil: Prince
  • Aalim: Religious scholar
  • Aasim: One who stays away from sin
  • Abbud: Worshipper
  • Amaar: One who prays five times fast
  • Anas: Name of one of the Prophet's companions
  • Ata Allah: Gift of God
  • Awwab: Returning to Allah
  • Ayoob: Prophet's name
  • Azaan: Call for the prayer
  • Baha al Din: Magnificence of the faith
  • Mustaeen: The chosen one
  • Sanaullah: Worshiper of Allah
  • Sarmad: Eternity
  • Shafin: He who cures

Islamic Names for Boys Reflecting Traits and Characteristics

Oftentimes, parents give their baby a meaningful name that they hope their child will grow up to embody. These baby names are all associated with various qualities that would make any parent proud.

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  • Aadil: Just, upright
  • Aafiya: Good health
  • Aashif: Bold, courageous
  • Alman: Kind, willing, wise man
  • Amaan: Most loveable
  • Amali: My ambition
  • Amin: Trustworthy
  • Amir: Ruler, prince or leader
  • Baber: Courageous, lion
  • Baqir: Beloved one, close to heart
  • Barir: Faithful
  • Dhakwan: Intelligent
  • Masrur: Happy, joyful
  • Mateen: Solid, constant, tough, substantive
  • Maymun: Fortunate, blessed
  • Mustafeed: Profiting, gainful
  • Mustaqeem: Straight
  • Sami: High, lofty, elevated
  • Samit: Quiet
  • Shabab: Youth
  • Shad: Happy
  • Shariq: Radiant, bright
  • Tawseef: Praise
  • Taslim: Submission
  • Thawab: Reward
  • Ubadah: Worship
  • Ubaid: Faithful
  • Wafiq: Successful
  • Wali: Guardian

Royal and Religious Islamic Names for Girls

There are some beautiful Muslim names that honor royalty and religion. Any of these picks would be perfect for a beautiful Muslim baby girl.

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  • A'ishah: Wife of the prophet
  • A'shadieeyah: Princess, cute, perfect
  • Aabidah: Worshipper
  • Aaeedah: Visiting, returning, reward
  • Aalimah: Scholar, authority
  • Abrar: Devoted to God
  • Anaum: Blessing of Allah
  • Ayah: Phrase from the holy Quran
  • Eman: Faith
  • Hibatullah: Gift of Allah
  • Hifza: Protective Angel
  • Hijab: Daughter of a scholar from Baghdad
  • Hooria: Angel of Heaven
  • Hubayshah: She was a poetess
  • Muslimah: Devout believer; submitting oneself to God
  • Zartaj: Queen

Female Muslim Names Based on Traits and Characteristics

Give your baby a name that highlights the good qualities you hope she will grow up to possess.

  • AadalAlagi: Artistic and beautiful
  • Aadila: Just and honest
  • Aamanee: Good wish
  • Aaqilah: Intelligent
  • Abqurah: Genius
  • Ad'ifaah: Smart, talented
  • Aafreen: Brave
  • Fadila: Good looking, attractive
  • Ermina: Friendly
  • Fatin: Captivating, alluring, enchanting
  • Haziqah: Clever, intelligent, beautiful
  • Hudun: To become quiet
  • Hur: Virgins of paradise
  • Iffah: Purity, modesty
  • Ikram: Honor, hospitality, generosity
  • Kashifah: Revealer of secrets
  • Kulus: Clearness, purity
  • Labibah: Sensible, intelligent
  • Latifah: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
  • Na'ilah: Acquirer, obtainer, winner
  • Na'imah: Comfort, tranquility
  • Safiyyah: Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend
  • Su'ad: Good fortune
  • Sunya: Sunshine, brightness
  • Zinah: Beauty
  • Ziyan: Elegance

Muslim Names That Stem From Nature

Many cultures around the world pay homage to the natural environment via names. These nature-inspired Muslim names are serene, soothing, and excellent choices for lovely little ones.

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  • Aalam: (Male) World
  • Abaharan: (Male) Sea
  • Abal: (Female) Wild Rose
  • Abeera: (Female) The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal
  • Adawiyah: (Female) Summer plant
  • Afaaq: (Male) Place where earth meets sky
  • Afnan: (Female) Tree branches or twigs
  • Aftab: (Male) Sun
  • Aini: (Female) Spring, flower
  • Alma: (Female) Apple
  • Altair: (Male) The flying eagle
  • Amaya: (Female) Night rain
  • Ambreen: (Female) Sky
  • Anan: (Female) Clouds
  • Anjum: (Female) Stars
  • Anmar: (Female) Leopard
  • Badr: (Male) Full moon
  • Kanwal: (Female) Water lily
  • Narmin: (Female) A flower, delicate, soft, slender
  • Saqer: (Male) Falcon

Tips for Choosing Muslim Baby Names

A Muslim child or a person who later converts to Islam must be given a name that reflects his or her religious identity.

Muslim names can include:

  • Names of prophets
  • Names combined with Asmaul Husna (Names of Allah)
  • Names from history
  • Traditional or modern Islamic names

Choose a Name With Special Meaning

Choosing a name with a special meaning is very important for Muslim parents. The name given to a newborn baby is supposed to have a righteous meaning. It should bring blessings to the child throughout their life. Remember that simply because a name stems from the Islamic culture, doesn't mean that it has a good meaning. In fact, several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad changed their own Arabic names because of the negative connotations. In this way, someone named Harb ("war") would be better served by changing his name to Silm ("peace").

What the Prophet Says About Naming Babies

It is reported that the Prophet said, "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." Some Ahadeeth suggest that a child is to be named on the seventh day along with Aqeeqah, but other narrations state the Prophet also named children on the day of their birth. Muslim parents can name their babies immediately, or wait until the seventh day if needed.

Forbidden Names

One interesting aspect of Islam is that parents are forbidden to give their children certain names, such as those which are intended to belong only to Allah. To learn more about this topic, visit the Islam Questions & Answers website.

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Every parent wants their baby to have the perfect name. Consider your Islamic values as you come up with a beautiful name for your family's newest addition.

100+ Muslim Baby Names and Their Deeper Meaning