30 Cute & Modern Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Share the News 

Wow your relatives and closest friends with these unique baby announcement ideas!

Published February 7, 2023
Pregnancy announcement with friends

Congratulations! You're having a baby! One of the most exciting parts of the next nine months is getting to break your big news to family and friends. Instead of simply wrapping up a pair of booties to announce that you are expecting, try out some of these cute and modern pregnancy and baby announcement ideas to let your loved ones know in-person or in a unique way that baby is on the way.

Creative DIY Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For the couples who want to personalize the announcement themselves, we love these easy DIY baby announcement ideas to share the news.

Create a Custom Calendar

If you're sharing your pregnancy news at the beginning of the year, gift your family and friends with custom photo calendars. Select your favorite photos with them to integrate within the page designs, but put your sonogram photo as the image for the month you are due. Then, mark the date on the calendar and circle it in red. Have them flip through the pages to find out what's in store for the new year.

Share Your Joy on an Ornament

Most people love getting new ornaments for their tree or to use as household decor. You can head to your local craft store to grab DIY ornament supplies or you can head over to a paint-your-own pottery shop in your area. If you choose the latter, keep in mind that most offer custom writing after you paint your piece, which gives you the perfect mix of a personal present with a professional look. Consider adding phrases like "No More Silent Nights," "More Cheer This Year," or "Grammy-to-Be in 2023!"

Make Announcement Cookies

For those folks who have a hidden talent for decorating cookies, craft some sweet treats that reveal your big news. You can make it obvious with stork cookies or you can be more subtle with something like an oven cookie announcement.

Send a Babysitter Application

Grandparents, other relatives, and friends often make great babysitters, so why not give them a heads up about their potential new job? Make a babysitter application that has certain blanks already filled in. These can include their name, years of childcare experience, and a tentative start date. Create boxes for things like "has a car," willing to work from home," and "available on weekends" for them to fill in.

Finally, at the bottom of the page print the statement: "If interested, please return to Parents-to-Be __________________ by __________." Fill in the blanks with your and your spouse's names and your due date. Last is the delivery! Place it in an envelope and mark it as "Important: Time Sensitive." Then, either send it by mail or hand-deliver it.

Mail Out Cute Save-the-Dates

Who says that Save-the-Dates are only for weddings? Crafty moms and dads can easily turn these into baby announcements. Take fun photos, select a clever caption, and send these save-the-dates to family and friends. Remember, the more creative the better, so pick a theme that sums up your relationship best. This can circle around sports, movies, your pets, or your favorite pastimes.

Make a Grandparent Survival Kit

This gift is a great way to announce your big news to the grandparents and prepare them for babysitting duties at the same time! You can go big or small with this gift, but it should include items that will be useful when you come and visit. These can be items like pacifiers, burp cloths, a play mat or quilt, or grandparent-themed books.

If you want bigger items, a play yard can come in handy for when your little one needs to take a nap. This is very useful for when you live in town and want to go on a date night or when you live out of town and come for a weekend visit. Also, consider adding some items to butter them up - mugs and shirts that are labeled "Best Grammy Ever" are always a good choice!

Craft Dog Accessories

Your furry family members have likely already deduced that something exciting is coming into their home soon, so have them help with your announcement! Bandanas and dog pajamas are adorable as is, but you can make them even cuter with phrases like "My parents are getting a human!," "Big Brother," or "Guard Dog Duty Begins _______."

You can make these yourself or order them from various vendors on sites like Etsy. Get them dressed up for family functions or a photo for a social media announcement.

Unique Baby Announcement Ideas to Gift You Loved ones

There's something magical about the unexpected. Surprise and delight your loved ones with these creative baby announcements you can gift those people you're closest to.

Give a Birth Flowers or Gemstone Gifts

For a first time grandparent or other special family member that will be in your baby's life, floral and gemstone gifts can be a wonderful tribute to their new role. Choose the stone that will be associated with your baby's birthday and then get creative.

While jewelry is always a good choice, something more meaningful is a bouquet that symbolizes the new life that will be arriving. Buy some colored stones or glass marbles that match the future birthstone of your baby and then pick up some flowers for the baby's birth month.

For example, the birthstone for March is Aquamarine and the birth flower is a daffodil. Grab a vase from your local dollar store, some aquamarine colored marbles, and some daffodils. For an extra special touch, add a card stating: "New life will bloom this March! Congrats Grandma!"

Baby with vase of mixed daffodils

Indulge Their Sweet Tooth

Chocolate lovers will melt over this creative baby announcement idea that gives them sweet surprise. A Chocotelegram gives the parents-to-be 28 letters to announce their bundle of joy. This is a great option for in-person announcements and those that have to be done from afar.

Bring Baby Memories Back

Anyone who has had a baby is familiar with the good and bad smells that come with a little bundle of joy. Help trigger those memories by either lighting or gifting a Baby Powder candle! It will immediately put babies on the mind, making for an easy transition to your big news.

Give Them a Winning Ticket

For the folks who can't resist grabbing a scratcher every time they fill up with gas, this is a cute pregnancy baby announcement idea that will make anyone smile.

Make a Personalized Book

For the parents who already know the name of their little bundle of joy, a personalized book can make for the perfect gift to announce your pregnancy. Grandma and grandpa can read this story to their future grandchild for years to come, making for a wonderful bonding experience.

If you're on a budget, then you can also buy the book that you loved the very most as a kid and write a sweet message on the inside cover for your parents to find.

Cute Food and Drink Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There's nothing like sharing a meal or indulging in dessert with the people in your life most important to you. Make a cute announcement with one of these modern ideas inspired by food and drink.

Serve Custom Fortune Cookies with Your Meal

They say fortune cookies bring good luck and predictions for the future, so this creative announcement idea is perfect. No matter whether you make your own or have some fortune cookies custom made, this is a great way to end your meal and surprise loved ones with the news of your newest addition.

Broken fortune cookie with fortune stating it's a boy

Have a Baby Dinner

A subtle way to announce your big news is to have the family over for dinner and make the menu mini! Serve baby back ribs and a roasted assortment of baby carrots, baby red potatoes, baby portabella mushrooms, pearl onions, and baby corn. Ask throughout the meal how they like the specific items to see if they catch on.

You can also buy some custom wine labels and place the bottles on the dinner table. If they ask about what you are serving, tell them to take a gander at the wine!

Share the News Over Brunch

Similarly, mini quiches, pigs swaddled in a blanket, mini fruit tarts, and if you can find them, cucamelons (mouse melons) and kiwi berries can also support your baby theme. Elevate your announcement with secret message mugs. These coffee cups have phrases like "We're Pregnant" written inside of them, so as your guests take their last sip, they will be in for a big surprise.

Go on a Brewery Tour

Yes, you read that right. Breweries are often filled with the most down-to-earth people. Reach out and see if the owners would help you plan a grand reveal!

Simply buy enough custom pregnancy announcement beer bottle labels for the number of guests that you plan to invite and then have the staff apply them to their top selling beer. Then, have them bring out their crème de la crème product for everyone to try! If your family members and friends like what they taste, they will look at the label and your news will be revealed.

Fun and Games Make Adorable Announcement Ideas

For a cute and modern twist on traditional announcement ideas, try one of these to incorporate some extra fun as you share the big news.

Show Them a Custom Marauder's Map

Every Harry Potter fan will appreciate this unique baby announcement. This version of the "Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present The Marauders' Map" features a sneak peek at the places that the future mom and dad will visit once the baby arrives - the nursery, kitchen, and pantry. Clearly, the parents-to-be solemnly swear that they have been up to no good, making this is an adorable way to announce the little wizard!

Make Game Night Extra Special

Parents-to-be can easily sneak their pregnancy announcement into games like charades and pictionary, but you can also rig your scrabble tiles to spell out your excitement! Cards Against Humanity has specific cards that you can sneak out of the pile to make for a funny and surprising reveal as well.

Put a Jig in Their Step

For those who love partaking in a puzzle on a rainy afternoon, make them a sonogram puzzle! This is a sweet surprise after a relaxing game and a cute pregnancy announcement they can use in the future.

Plan a Word Scramble Scavenger Hunt

When hosting your next game night, create a scavenger hunt for family members and friends. To do this, first come up with your phrase. For example, BABY BROTHER ARRIVES JUNE 2023. Next, write out each letter on a separate piece of paper and number them based on which word they go with in the sentence.

Hide your letters throughout your home and create clues for guests to find them. Once they find all the letters, they must solve the word scramble! This is a great way to get your older kids involved in the announcement.

Make Your News Jumbo

For the families who love to attend sporting events, why not announce your news in a big way? Talk to the facility before game day about popping you up on the Jumbotron and invite the whole family out to the game! Then, craft some cute shirts or a sign to reveal your baby news while you are all on camera.

Cute Seasonal and Holiday Baby Announcement Ideas

There are so many cute and modern ways to incorporate a baby announcement into a holiday or seasonal theme. Use these ideas to get your imagination going!

Give Them Seeds of Joy

Gardeners will really dig this creative baby announcement idea, and it can be a perfect idea to share for spring. Parents-to-be can gift family and friends with custom seed packets from PennyWildflower. The packaging is subtle, which makes this such a wonderful surprise. When they flip over their packet of flower seeds, there is a sweet note that says: "Plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like the baby who will be here soon."

Let the Good Times Roll!

If Mardi Gras is a yearly celebration in your home, then you are quite familiar with the tradition of finding the baby in the King Cake. This year, make the moment even more special. Once the new king or queen has been found, warn them to hold on to their beads because they are not the only ones who have a baby this year!

Alternatively, you can also leave the baby out of the cake and when people inquire about who has the baby, you can make your big announcement!

Break the News in an Eggs-cellent Way

Another idea if your big reveal is in the spring, this unique baby announcement circles around the Easter season. Birdalay makes custom quail eggs with a secret message inside. This can make for an eggs-quisite reveal around the holiday!

Be Skeletons for Halloween

Did you know they make skeleton pajamas that feature a baby skeleton in the mommy skeleton's belly? This is a fang-tastic way to get the whole family involved in your announcement and make your Halloween costumes multifunctional at the same time.

Best of all, you can either buy these outfits or you can make them yourselves using a Cricut or Silhouette machine. Once your outfits are complete, go trick-or-treating at family member's and friend's houses to see if they notice the extra guest in your group.

Hang an Extra Stocking

This is another subtle way to share your big news! Simply make a stocking with "Baby X" printed on the front. Then, hang it up for your annual Christmas party or make your newly decorated mantle the backdrop for your Christmas cards. Better yet, hang this extra stocking at a family member's house when you are visiting for the holidays. They're bound to notice an item that is out of place in their home.

Sibling Announcement Ideas

Big brother and big sister will likely want to be a part of sharing this big news! Here are ways to get them involved.

Happy little girl holding announcement message with a text that new baby is coming soon

Make a Big Sibling Shirt

Big brother and big sister t-shirts are an adorable way to share your news, especially if your child has started talking. Create your own design using a Cricut or Silhouette machine and then have your soon-to-be big kid wear it to the next family function.

PRO TIP: Use bright colors to draw people's eyes toward your creation. If everyone seems oblivious to the text on their shirt, have your kids ask people what they think of their attire!

Set an Extra Seat at the Table

As you get your ready for a gathering of family or friends, take the time to set an extra place at the kid's table. Then, create a "Reserved for Baby Brother/Sister" sign to place at the spot. No matter if you are getting together for Sunday brunch, Christmas dinner, or your husband's birthday, this is a spectacular way to surprise your loved ones.

Strategically Decorate Your Pumpkins

If you plan to announce your pregnancy prior to Halloween, this can be a fun way to let friends and neighbors know your big news and get your kids involved at the same time.

Everyone gets a pumpkin that represents them. Your kids and spouse can decorate as they see fit, but you get to carve a heart into your pumpkin. Once this is done, put a mini pumpkin inside the mommy pumpkin. Last, label each pumpkin with a name and then ask your guests what they think of your fall decor when they come to visit.

Put Up an Eviction Notice

If big brother or big sister are getting a new room when the baby arrives, then put up an "Eviction Notice" sign on the door of the nursery and a "Construction Zone" sign on their future room. Invite the family over for a day of fun and have your little one share the big news about their new digs and big sibling status.

Modern Baby Announcements Make for Magical Moments

People are embracing in-person moments more than ever. Make your baby announcement extra special by getting creative and sharing the news face-to-face. Additionally, if you really want to make a splash online, designate a family member or friend to document everyone's reactions. You can also get creative with special gifts or DIY options that you can make and send to those you love. Make memories you can cherish forever with unique announcements of your little one's arrival.

30 Cute & Modern Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Share the News