Popular Anime Boy Names and Meanings

Published July 1, 2020
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Whether you're looking for a name for a new video game character or want a name for your new baby inspired by your favorite media, there are many interesting anime names to choose from. Anime boy names can come from the most popular anime shows and movies to some of the less well-known ones. You can choose anime boy names from favorite villains, heroes or characters with a bit of both in them.

Anime Male Names

There are many names that are found in several anime shows because they're very common Japanese names for boys.

  • Akira - "intelligent" or "bright"
  • Dai - "large"
  • Fuji - "beautiful"; also after Mount Fuji
  • Fumio - "scholarly hero"
  • Haku - "white" or "oldest brother" or "soul"
  • Hideo - "excellent child"
  • Hiroshi - "prosperous"
  • Isamu - "courage"
  • Izumi - "spring"
  • Kaeda - "maple"
  • Kai - "forgiveness"
  • Kaoru - "fragrant"
  • Kei -"blessing"
  • Kunio - "country man"
  • Makoto - "truth"
  • Masaru - "victorious"
  • Mikeo - "blessed and beautiful child"
  • Nobu - "to have faith"
  • Noritaka - "respect for law"
  • Rin - "severe" or "cold"
  • Shinjiro - "truthful" or "pure"
  • Taichi - "large one"
  • Takashi - "noble" or "honor"
  • Takumi - "skillful one"
  • Yukio - "snow boy" or "happy boy"
  • Yuu - "gentle or lithe"
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Popular Anime Boy Names

These anime names for boys come from some of the most popular anime television shows and movies of all time.

  • Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist) - means "noble" in French
  • Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
  • Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Eren (Attack on Titan) - means "saint" in Turkish
  • Ginko (Mushishi) - means "silver child" in Japanese
  • Gintoki (Gintama) - means "silver time" in Japanese
  • Goku (Dragonball Z) - means "aware of emptiness" in Japanese
  • Guts (Berserk)
  • Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) - means "dark red town" in Japanese
  • Ichigo (Bleach) - means "best guardian" or "strawberry" in Japanese
  • Itaru (Steins: Gate) - means "advance the road" or "concrete" in Japanese
  • Kaname (Code Geass) - means "golden eye" or "pivot" in Japanese
  • Katsuhiko (Your Name) - means "respectable man with wit and virtue" in Japanese
  • Kaworu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - means "fragrant"
  • Kenpachi (Bleach)
  • Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken) - means "smart and cheerful samurai" in Japanese
  • Kirito (Sword Art Online) - means "a person who cuts" in Japanese
  • Lelouch (Code Geass)
  • Levi (Attack on Titan) - means "attached" in Hebrew
  • Light (Death Note)
  • Ling (Full Metal Alchemist) - means "spirit" or "chime" in Chinese
  • Myōujin (Rurouni Kenshin) - means "bright soul" in Japanese
  • Natsu (Fairy Tail) - means "summer" in Japanese
  • Rintaro (Steins: Gate) - means "cheerful deer" or "many forests" in Japanese
  • Roronoa (One Piece)
  • Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin) - means "comforting appearance" in Japanese
  • Sasuke (Naruto) - means "helpful one" in Japanese
  • Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
  • Shinichirō (Code Geass) - means "one who progresses" in Japanese
  • Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - means "careful warrior" in Japanese
  • Shinta (Your Name) - means "big heart" or "trustworthy" in Japanese
  • Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
  • Suzaku (Code Geass) - means "vermillion sparrow" in Japanese and refers to a Chinese constellation known as the Vermilion Bird
  • Taki (Your Name) - means "waterfall" or "hope" in Japanese
  • Tatsuya (The Irregular at Magic High School) - means "to be a dragon" in Japanese
  • Tojii (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Tomoya (Clannad) - means "friend" or "harmony" in Japanese
  • Tsukasa (Your Name) - means "government" or "preside over" in Japanese
  • Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
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Cute Anime Male Names

Sometimes you need names for a character that's fun and adorable rather than a bold and brilliant warrior. Try these cute Japanese boy names!

  • Aito - "darling child"
  • Aoi - "blue" or a type of flower
  • Eiji - "eternity order"
  • Ikki - "horseman"
  • Iwao - "rock"
  • Kei - "lucky" or "respect"
  • Koji - "little one"
  • Michi - "pathway"
  • Ren - "water lily"
  • Shin - "gentleman" or "humble"
  • Sho - "one who can fly"
  • Sora - "the sky"
  • Tomo - "twin"
  • Yo - "honest"
  • Yoshi - "quiet"

Anime Boy Names With Dark Meanings

Some anime male names have darker or more ominous meanings. Anime boy names can also represent favorite villainous or evil characters.

  • Akuma - "demon" or "devil"
  • Frieza (villain from Dragonball Z) - "frozen heart"
  • Gilgamesh (villain from Fate) - means "ancestor is a hero" in Sumerian
  • Griffith (villain from Berserk) - means "strong prince" in Welsh
  • Hiryur - "a flying dragon"
  • Hisoka (villain from Hunter X Hunter) - "secretive or reserved"
  • Itachi (villain from Naruto) - means "weasel" which are bad luck omens in Japan
  • Kuraim - "dark and gloomy"
  • Madara (villain from Naruto) - "mottled"
  • Marik (villain from Yugioh) - based on Arabic word for "king"
  • Naraku (an evil demon from Inuyasha) - means "hell" in Japanese
  • Orochi - "big snake"
  • Orochimaru (villain from Naruto) - "large snake"
  • Raiden - "thunder and lightning"
  • Ryoto - "like a dragon"
  • Ryuk - (demon from Death Note)
  • Ryuu - "dragon"
  • Shishio (villain from Rurouni Kenshin) -"male creature's ambitions"
  • Sōsuke (villain from Bleach) - "smooth helper" or "clever mediator"
  • Souma - "moonlight"
  • Yami (villain from Yugioh) - "darkness"
  • Youkai - "demon"

Finding the Best Male Anime Names

Choosing an anime name for a male character can come from several sources. You can use popular anime shows and movies, as well as manga comics, for ideas. Traditional Japanese names are also a good source of inspiration and give you a chance to explore this rich culture while naming your new character or child.

Popular Anime Boy Names and Meanings