Signs of a Baby Boy: Exploring the Myths and Facts

Published July 8, 2021
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Congrats! You're pregnant! Life is about to get really busy once your baby arrives, and there is so much to do over the next nine months. You need to get a nursery ready, purchase all of those cute onesies and booties, and stock up on supplies. Should you be buying pretty pink everything or bulk up on blue? If you can't wait for science to reveal your baby's gender, these old wives' tales and studies might help you determine if your pregnancy points to signs of a baby boy.

Boy or Girl? Life's Greatest Surprise

Learning that you are soon to become the proud parent of a bouncing baby boy, or a doting girl dad, or mini-me-making mom, is truly one of life's greatest surprises. Learning the gender of the baby is one of those moments that is rarely forgotten, and lives in parents' memories for the rest of their lives. It's hard to wait to see what you are having, and the anticipation can be nerve-wracking.

Are there non-invasive ways to know what you are having, sans science?

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Can You Predict Gender?

Countless women in the family way have sworn that they predicted their baby's gender long before the baby arrived, thanks to timeless old wives' tales or pregnancy myths. Old wives' tales are fun ways to play around with gender prediction, but there is no science to back up the results that they yield. Even if these gender predictors all turn up for Team Boy, you won't want to go out and buy all blue everything. Wait for science to confirm what you think you already know.

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Savoring Salty Foods? Maybe a Boy

Pregnancy cravings are a symptom of gestation that many women experience. If you can't get enough french fries and potato chips or protein-rich foods, then you might by housing a baby boy. One of the more common old wives' tales is boy moms cannot do without these tastes.

Frozen Feet? Baby Boy For You

Do you find that while plenty of your body parts are hot and sweaty for nine months, your feet are constantly cold? Chilly toes in pregnancy have long been believed to signify that a little man is making his way into the world.

All Aglow? No Girl For You

Some women notice that their skin looks better than it ever did when they are expecting. Everything else might feel like it is falling apart, but as far as giving good face goes, your cheeks are glowy, dewy, and supple. One old wives' tale says that mamas carrying boys are the ones who get to enjoy the pregnancy glow. Baby girls steal mom's looks during pregnancy, leaving mama looking worse for wear.

Where's Your Weight?

Pregnant women carry their pounds in different ways, and no two pregnant bodies are alike. Some women pack pounds on in areas that are not the belly, while other women don't even look pregnant from the back! Another popular old wives' tale is that ladies expecting boys carry their baby weight in front, instead of in their rear ends and on their hips.

Predict a Boy With Pupil Size

Look deep into mom's eyes because the answer to whether or not she's having a boy could be revealed through her pupils. No science backs this theory up, making it nothing more than an old wives' tale, but plenty of people claim that dilated pupils mean that mom can expect a son in the upcoming months.

Low Bellies, All Boys

Does your belly hang low, does it wobble to and fro? If so, then a boy might be baking! One pregnancy myth says that mamas who carry their bumps low have a baby boy bun in the oven, compared to mothers with higher set bumps. Those ladies are said to be expecting females.

Swing That Ring From Side to Side

Can a swing of your wedding ring predict a bouncing baby boy? Some people think that allowing a ring to dangle from the end of a string reveals the gender of a baby. Lie on your back with the string and the ring hanging above your pregnant belly. Does the ring start to sway from side to side? If so, then a boy is predicted. If the ring revolves in gentle circles, then a baby girl it is. Of course, this theory is a complete myth, but it's a fun gender reveal test to try out while you await your baby's birth.

No Pregnancy Pounds For Partner? It's a Boy

Some pregnant women pack on the pounds, while others barely tip the scales. Partners are also susceptible to gaining some excess baby weight during the gestational period. If your partner does not gain pregnancy weight along with you, you could have a little boy.

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Listen to Your Heart

People have long believed that a fetal heartbeat under 140 bpm means a boy is on the way. A heartbeat below 140 might hold true for many, but lots of women carrying girls have lower fetal heartbeats as well; in fact, nearly half! A study done between November 1997 to February 2003 revealed that of the 477 women who underwent first-trimester scientific testing, no significant difference in fetal heart rate existed.

Living With Your Partner Can Firm Up Chances of a Son

Can your current living situation reveal the gender of your baby? Probably not. But still, the old wives' tale regarding family makeup and gender continues to exist. It is said that expectant mothers who live with their partners can hope to welcome a baby boy into their homes. One study was done on this phenomenon, and it found that a slightly higher percentage of boys were born to mothers who lived with a partner. That said, the margins were minimal. 51.5% of women who lived with a partner before they conceived gave birth to a boy, compared to 49.9% of women who birthed girls. That's way too close to call!

Say What About Science?

So what does science say about gender? Ultrasounds and prenatal diagnostic tests like CVS and amnios will give you gender results that you can bet your bottom dollar on, but other studies swear to know who is growing in bellies too. These studies have some science to back up their findings that boys are behind the bump, but they still should be followed up with a reliable genetics test to absolutely know what gender the baby is.

Low-Stress Lifestyle? Might Be a Boy

A low-stress lifestyle for the carrying mother might mean a boy is coming her way. A study from the University of Granada revealed that women who experience low stress levels in life before conception, are more likely to birth a boy. A 2006 study mirrored this finding when some 700,000 New York City births were studied, and it was revealed that the likelihood of a male birth hit an all-time low in the months following 9/11.

Eating Habits Pre-Pregnancy Could Sway Gender

What are you eating, and how much are you consuming? One study claims that moms carrying sons are likely to consume 10% more than moms carrying girls. This could be due to the higher levels of testosterone that male fetuses secrete. It could also account for males being bigger on average than girls upon their birth.

Food Aversions Could Mean a Boy

More food aversions might also mean a male is joining your brood. A study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior found a link between a pregnant mother's level of food disgust and aversion and male gender in utero. This could be connected to the long-standing belief that male embryos are more fragile. Hence, women's bodies and immune systems become wary of many foods that could be problematic in any sense.

Need to Know for Sure? Pair Old Wives' Tales With Truth

If you desperately need to know that you are having a boy, don't simply rely on old wives' tales. Several scientific testing measures will ensure that you are indeed carrying a boy, and you might want to look into them before throwing a massive gender reveal party. An NPT Screening and NT test, both of which can be done in the first trimester of pregnancy, will give parents-to-be surefire gender results, as will a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Use old wives' tales to have a bit of pregnancy fun; but use scientific testing to truly determine if you are about to become a Boy Mom.

Signs of a Baby Boy: Exploring the Myths and Facts