The Dark Side of Gemini

Published October 21, 2018
man holding happy and sad face

Gemini is symbolized by the twins and ruled by Mercury, the trickster planet. In Ancient myths, Mercury (Hermes) is the slippery messenger to the gods, the patron of thieves, and the inventor of lying. Gemini is the wordsmith, the salesperson, the messenger, the thief, and the liar. The dark Gemini twin is wily, deceptive, and full of mischief.

The Good and Bad Twin

Most Geminis are cheerful, tactful, enthusiastic, versatile, fun and witty social beings. However, all astrological signs can be expressed in positive, negative, or dark ways. Gemini is no different. All Geminis display a duality of sorts.

Negatively, a Gemini can be:

  • Moody
  • Irresponsible
  • Inconsistent
  • Untrustworthy
  • Gossipy
  • Quick-tempered

However, if a Gemini goes to their darkest side they can become erratic, unstable, and volatile. At their worst, they can have garden variety sociopathic and bipolar-like traits, which can lead others to think they might be suffering from a mental illness.

The Dark Twin

Geminis tend to intellectualize their emotions, but a dark Gemini has difficulty empathizing with other people or understanding the emotional consequences of their actions. They tend to act without regard for others and feel no guilt or remorse. It's this lack of empathy that leads to all of Gemini's darkest traits.


Though a dark Gemini lacks empathy they are capable of mimicking emotions and manipulating others by appearing friendly, charming, and caring.

Compulsive Liars

Dark Geminis are compulsive liars. They will stretch the truth, exaggerate, talk trash, and outright lie. Even if everyone knows what they are saying is a lie they'll disregard the truth if the lie makes them look better or gets them what they want.

Back Stabbers

A dark Gemini will compliment you to your face and then turn around and whisper something foul behind your back. Rub them the wrong way and you can be sure they'll have something cheeky or negative to say about you. They may even lie and spread false rumors about you.

Impulsive Behavior

A Dark Gemini can turn on a dime and impulsively say or do anything they feel is expedient to the moment, even if it's cruel, reckless, improper or immoral.

Create Chaos

A dark Gemini plays games with a lot of different people at the same time and creates chaotic interpersonal interactions. They'll doublespeak, tell you one thing and someone else another, and play one person against another. Generally, they have fun toying with people to set up dramas.

When Do the Dark Traits Appear?

A dark Gemini has a grandiose self-image, wants the approval of others and is very cocky. Criticize, ignore, or show them any kind of disapproval and they go ballistic and begin acting out to prove they are brightest and best. The more they are criticized or ignored the more manic and grandiose their behavior becomes.

Can a Dark Gemini Change?

Alternative therapies like yoga, exercise, and guided meditative strategies can help by reducing anxiety and stress. Psychotherapy could help. However, a Gemini who has gone to the dark side usually won't seek help or take advice from others because in their mind they're "all- knowing."

How to Deal With a Dark Gemini

If a Gemini expresses negative traits you can talk to them and they'll usually try to change their behavior. But if a Gemini reveals the dark traits above, they'll behave quite differently. Try to talk to or change a dark Gemini's behavior and they'll feel criticized and will only get worse. If you believe you're dealing with the worst kind of Gemini, it's best not to trust or believe anything they say and quickly run for the door.

Gemini in a Horoscope

An astrological birth chart is much more complicated than the Sun sign only. There are the planets, the Moon, the Ascendant, the 12 houses, and other important points in various astrological signs. Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their horoscope, so it's not necessary to have a Gemini Sun to exhibit one or more of these dark Gemini traits. As a matter of fact, if you have a Gemini stellium, the personality traits associated with Gemini are strong in you, and you can behave more like a Gemini than someone with only a Gemini Sun.

The Dark Side of Gemini