100+ Beautiful Mongolian Names for Boys and Girls

Updated March 3, 2022
Mongolian mom and baby

Mongolia, an Asian nation situated between Russia and China, has a rich history and culture that may not be as well known as more prominent nations in the region. If you're looking for an unusual and exotic name for your new baby boy or girl, Mongolian names may be a perfect choice.

Mongolian Names for Babies With Meanings

Interestingly, naming conventions in Mongolia differ from Western nations in terms of one's name order. A typical Mongolian name will have the child's father's given name first, followed by their own name. There are no surnames or family names in Mongolia. If a child's father's name is John, and the child's name is Robert, their full name would read John Robert.

Mongolian Girl Names Based on Flowers and Nature

When it comes to naming the next generation, plenty of cultures are inspired by nature. Many Mongolian girl names tend to describe natural things like flowers, animals, and celestial elements. This leads to some lovely Mongolian names and meanings behind them.

Mongolian mother and daughter
  • Altansarnai (all-tan-sar-nigh) - golden rose
  • Altansetseg (all-tan-seht-sig) - golden flower
  • Ankhtsetseg (ahn-t-seht-sig) - first flower
  • Badamlyanhua (baa-dahm-lee-ahn-yuah) - water lily
  • Bayartsetseg (bare-t-seht-sig) - flower of joy
  • Delbee (dell-bee) - petal
  • Enkhtsetseg (enk-seht-sig) - peace flower
  • Khaliun (cal-ee-uhn) - red deer
  • Khongorzul (con-gar-zuhl) - thistle
  • Khulan (coo-lahn) - donkey
  • Khulgana (cool-gah-nah) - mouse
  • Möngöntsetseg (mahn-gur-t-seht-sig) - silver flower
  • Namuunaa (nah-moo-nah) - poppy
  • Naranchimeg (nah-rahn-chuh-meg) - sun ornament
  • Narangerel (nehr-ayn-jer-ehl) - sunlight
  • Narantsetseg (nehr-ayn-t-seht-sig) - sunflower
  • Nomin (noh-men) - lazullete, an ingredient in Lapis Lazuli
  • Nomintsetseg (noh-men-t-seht-sig) - azure or blue flower
  • Odtsetseg (ode-t-seht-sig) - star flower
  • Odsar (odd-zah) - stars and moon
  • Odval (odd-vuhl) - chrysanthemum
  • Saran (sehr-ran) - moon
  • Sarangerel (sehr-ran-jehr-ell) - moonlight
  • Sarantsatsral (sehr-ran-satz-rahl) - moonbeam
  • Sarnai (sahr-neigh) - rose
  • Shurentsetseg (sure-rahn-t-seht-sig) - coral flower
  • Uuliinyagaantsetseg (you-lee-ahn-t-seht-sig) - pink mountain flower
  • Üüriintuya (are-ee-in-tuhr-yah) - light of dawn
  • Yargui (yahr-gee) - primrose
  • Zambaga (zahm-bah-gah) - magnolia

Popular Mongolian Girl Names for Your Little Princess

Many popular Mongolian baby names for girls refer to personal characteristics, qualities, or treasured objects like jewels or ornaments. Do any of these names help capture your sentiments about your baby?

Little girls holing balloons
  • Altandöl (all-tan-dahl) - golden flame
  • Arban (ar-bin) - fluent
  • Bayarmaa (bare-mah) - mother of joy
  • Bolormaa (bow-lahr-mah) - crystal mother
  • Bulga (buhl-gah) - sable
  • Chimeg (chuh-meg) - ornament
  • Enkhjargal (enk-jehr-gul) - a state of peaceful happiness
  • Enkhtuya (enk-too-yah) - ray of peace
  • Erdenechimeg (ehr-dehn-chuh-meg) - jeweled ornament
  • Eyeldeg (eye-lel-dehg) - polite and kind
  • Galtmaa (gahl-t-mah) - fire mother
  • Gerel (jehr-rehl) - light
  • Gürgem (guhr-gem) - saffron
  • Khair (care) - love
  • Khutulun - Perfect Mongolian princess name in honor of the warrior Mongol princess herself
  • Möngömaa (mahn-gur-mah) - silver mother
  • Ochmaa (aug-mah) - flame mother
  • Orghana (ore-gah-nah) - a princess from Mongolian history
  • Oyon or Oyun (oi-uhn) - wisdom
  • Oyuunchimeg (oi-uhn-chuh-meg) - noble mind
  • Sayana (say-ah-nah) - million
  • Shaazan (shah-zin) - porcelain
  • Soyolmaa (soy-ul-mah) - mother of culture or art
  • Tsagaangerel (sahg-ang-jehr-ehl) - white light
  • Tsetsegbal (zeh-zeg-bahl) - flower honey
  • Tungalag (ton-gah-lag) - serenity or clarity
  • Tuya (too-yah) - ray of light
  • Uranchimeg (you-ran-chuh-meg) - an artistic decoration
  • Yagaan (yuh-gahn) - pink

Mongolian Boy Names Based on Temperament

Like their female counterparts, Mongolian boy names tend to describe personal traits and qualities or items in the natural world, like animals and weather. These popular Mongolian male names focus on a child's potential personality.

  • Amgalan (am-gay-lin) - peaceful
  • Bataar or Baatar (bah-ter) - hero
  • Batsaikhan (baht-sigh-hen) - strong and nice
  • Batbayar (baht-buy-are) - joyful
  • Batjargal (baht-ger-gull) - happiness
  • Batu (bah-too) - faithful
  • Delger (dell-gehr) - prosperous
  • Esen (ay-sun) - healthy
  • Gerelt (jehr-elt) - radiant
  • Jargal (jehr-gull) - happiness
  • Lkhagvasüren (leh-cog-vis-sore-ehn) - a great healer
  • Monkhbat (mahn-k-bit) - firm for eternity
  • Tarkhan (tar-han) - skillful
  • Tugi (too-gee) - silly
  • Turgen (tuhr-gin) - fast
  • Ulagan (yuu-lay-gehn) - worldly

Mongolian Warrior Names for Baby Boys

May your son grow to be fierce in the face of adversity, strong and loyal to others, and clever in the midst of conflict. These are all qualities any parent would be proud of in a child. Channel them by giving your son a warrior name.

  • Batuhan (bet-too-ehn) - firm or strong
  • Batzorig (bah-zore-ehg) - courageous
  • Chenghiz or Chingis or Genghis (geng-giss) - great and wise
  • Chuluun (chuh-loon) - strong as a rock
  • Ganbaatar (gone-bah-tar) - a steel hero, perfect Mongolian warrior name for your little fighter
  • Ganzorig (gan-zore-egg) - brave
  • Temujin (tehm-moo-gin) - strong as iron
  • Timicin (teh-my-sin) - a strong person
  • Tomorbaatar (tohr-mehr-bah-ter) - a strong hero

Popular Mongolian Boy Names Rooted in Nature

Many popular Mongolian baby boy names have meanings that focus on the natural world. These Mongolian first names make excellent choices for parents looking to honor their heritage and gift their child with a name connected to the earth.

  • Altan (ahl-ten) - golden or red dawn
  • Borjigin (bore-jig-gen) - a blue-gray wolf who was an ancestor of Genghis Khan, according to legend. This is a beautiful ancient Mongolian name.
  • Boroo (bore-ewe) - rain
  • Chaghatai (chah-geh-tie) - baby
  • Chono (cho-noh) - wolf
  • Dzhambul (jum-bull) - fortress
  • Enkh (ehn-kuh) - peace
  • Erden (err-din) - treasure
  • Gansükh (gahn-sick) - a steel axe
  • Gantulga (gan-tuhl-gah) - a steel hearth
  • Khan (con) - ruler
  • Khartsaga (cart-sah-gah) - hawk
  • Khürel (cur-ehl) - bronze
  • Köke (coh-keh) - blue
  • Möndör (mahn-duhr) - hail
  • Nachin (nah-chin) - falcon
  • Nugai (new-guy) - dog
  • Oktai (ogk-tie) - understanding
  • Otgonbayar (awk-ken-buy-are) - youngest joy
  • Taimoorkhan (tie-more-hahn) - ruler
  • Tömör (tohr-mehr) - iron
  • Yangir (yang-gear) - wild goat or ibex
  • Yisü (yee-suhr) - nine or abundance
  • Yul (yuh-ll) - from the far horizon
  • Zamilan (zuh-mill-in) - the world
  • Zhanzhin (zan-zin) - commander

Choosing a Mongolian Name for Your Boy or Girl

Mongolian names for boys and girls have beautiful meanings behind them that parents will instantly be drawn to. Before settling on the perfect name, make sure you're comfortable pronouncing and writing out some of the longer names. If you're looking for a name that will stand out in a crowd, these rare names will definitely work for you and your new baby.

100+ Beautiful Mongolian Names for Boys and Girls