Free Printable Multiplication Chart and Times Tables

Updated April 9, 2020
Three school children doing math equations

When kids are learning their multiplication facts, free printable multiplication charts and tables can be invaluable tools. Free multiplication chart PDFs can be used at home or at school. Click on the table you want, then download and print. If you run into problems, check out these helpful tips.

Printable Basic Times Table Chart

A basic printable times table chart shows all the multiplication equations for each number from 1 to 20 on one page. Kids can use the times tables to memorize basic multiplication equations by reading them over and over or as a reference tool to check their work.

Tips for Using a Times Table Chart

The times table chart is pretty straightforward, but kids can modify it to find patterns.

  • Have kids highlight all the multiples of 2 on the whole page in yellow.
  • Kids can highlight multiples of 5, 10, or any other number in different colors.
  • Fold the chart into quarters by row so kids can concentrate on learning the multiples for only five numbers at a time.

Printable Multiplication Grid Charts

Multiplication charts show multiplication facts in a grid format so kids can better understand this mathematical process. To use the grid, look at a number in the first column, then look across that row to see multiples of the number. Kids can use the table to see patterns in multiplication facts as a way to better understand the concept of multiplication.

Multiplication Grid 0 to 12

This multiplication grid shows all the multiplication facts for the numbers 0 through 12. A large grid chart like this is a handy homework helper or visual aid for multiplication lessons.

Multiplication Grid 1 to 100

This multiplication grid shows all the multiplication facts for the numbers 1 through 100. An expanded chart like this is great for advanced math students.

Tips for Using a Multiplication Grids

When your kids first look at the multiplication table, the information can seem a bit overwhelming. Explain how it works and incorporate it into fun activities to help kids get comfortable using it.

  • Present one row at a time by having kids cover the rest of the page with a piece of construction paper.
  • Explore patterns like all numbers multiplied by 0 equal 0, numbers multiplied by 1 equal themselves, or numbers multiplied by 5 result in a sum ending in either 5 or 0.
  • Have kids color rows or columns in different colors to highlight trends and make it more visually appealing.
  • Give each student a laminated grid to keep at their desk and use for group activities or individual worksheets.
  • Use the grid as an example to show kids how to write a multiplication chart.
  • Show kids how to trace one finger along the row for a number in the first column and trace another finger down the column of any number in the first row to find what those numbers equal when multiplied.

Printable Individual Multiplication Tables 1 to 12

When kids are starting to learn their multiplication facts, an individual table for each number can help them stay focused on that number. These multiplication charts for kids feature traditional multiplication equation facts and the Common Core technique of using counters to show and explain what multiplication means. Each number has its own bright color to make them more fun and help differentiate each multiplication table.

Tips for Using Individual Multiplication Tables

When your child has built confidence in recognizing patterns from the grid, then he is ready to tackle the individual multiplication facts. You want kids to go beyond memorizing the facts and actually understand the process of multiplication.

  • Give kids tangible counters they can arrange as a tactile way of understanding each equation.
  • Cover the right side of the table so kids can only see the counters and have them write the correct equation.
  • Cover the left side of the table and ask kids to arrange counters that illustrate each equation.
  • Print out all the tables and staple them together as a multiplication table booklet.

Additional Multiplication Aids

Most kids can't learn multiplication by using tables alone. Other materials that can supplement teaching multiplication lessons include:

  • Kids can test their knowledge of multiplication tables by writing in the multiples of each number to fill in a blank multiplication table.
  • Printable multiplication flash cards where kids can review facts from 1 to 12
  • Free, printable board games like Multiplication Madness which features basic multiplication equations
  • Finger math tricks that help kids figure out problems without using a table
  • Online games, math board games, and other homemade math multiplication games
  • Printable math worksheets kids can complete as homework
  • Math manipulatives like Lego bricks or plastic counters to show the equations
  • Learn division facts via free printable division charts, since division is the inverse of multiplication

Learning Times Tables

Kids as young as first grade can start learning about multiplication and tools like printable multiplication tables are really helpful. Learning times tables doesn't have to be scary or upsetting when you use the right materials for each child.

Free Printable Multiplication Chart and Times Tables