50+ Cousin Captions to Share Your Connection 

Add the perfect cousin caption to take your social media posts to the next level.

Published January 26, 2023
Cousins playing together

Whether you're posting a picture that Aunt Jane sent from the summer you spent at her house or your recent trip you took with your cousin to NYC, you need a great caption to go with it. For many of us, cousins were a key part of our growing years - and the relationship is stronger than ever today. Try adding a funny, cute, or nostalgic cousin caption to spice up your feed and show your followers just how important your cousins are to you!

Short Captions for Instagram Pictures With Your Cousins

If you ever wonder where you get your saltiness from, all you have to do is look at your cousins. Cousins are the people in your life that just get you. Mostly because they came from the same family. Celebrate your cousins with a witty post.

Cousins having fun together
  • Cousins are the special ingredient in your family recipe.
  • Childhood memories are littered with blanket forts, giggles, and cousins.
  • A picture of your cousins takes you back to a simpler time.
  • Cousins are the best leaves on your family tree.
  • Family time is fun time with your favorite cousin.
  • Cousins always know your deepest secrets.
  • Friends always ask about that one cute cousin.
  • Cousins are the roots of your childhood.

Cute Instagram Captions for the Little Cousins in Your Life

Cousins come in all different sizes (and personalities). But your little first and second cousins are so cute. Show off your love for your little cousins with a fun caption sharing your time together. They might be able to get away with anything, but you love them just the same.

Little kids playing together in the yard
  • It's the little cousins that make you ready for parenthood.
  • The light in a little cousin's eyes brings a smile to your lips.
  • Little cousins bring a bit of magic to your get-together.
  • A little hand and a lot of love - little cousins.
  • The family get-together got a whole lot cuter. Your baby cousin walked in!
  • The little cousins are here! You've graduated to the adult table.
  • A little package holding a lot of cuteness.
  • Is this what I acted like when I was little? #littlecousins
  • Jamming with my cutest cousins - life with the littles.

Funny Captions When Cousin Time Is Nothing But Laughs

Insta would be nothing without pictures of the family. Have a caption ready for your crazy cousins. Whether you met up by accident or were catching up at the family reunion, fill your feed with your time together. Cousin time might mean trouble sometimes, but it's always full of laughs.

Cousins laughing together
  • Cousins can never get away from you! You're rooted in the same family tree.
  • Just like hot sauce, cousins add a little spice to life.
  • If you think my cousin is a handful, meet my aunt.
  • My cousins have the best cousin, just saying!
  • Cousins help you get on the naughty list.
  • Cousins are the fruit to my cake.
  • There was always that one cousin that put the f in fun. You are that cousin.
  • No one accepts you like your cousins - they don't have a choice.

Best Friend and Cousin Captions to Show Your Bond

When your cousin is your best friend, life is just better. You might have had that one cousin you connected with since birth; maybe because you're about the same age, or maybe you just get each other. But that connection has held you together through life's ups and downs. Whether you're posting on Facebook, Instagram, or in your Snapchat story, give a shout-out to your favorite cousin that highlights that special bond.

  • Love is at the heart of a cousin.
  • Cousins are lifers in the friend game.
  • Childhood + Cousins = Fun
  • Bad decisions are better when cousins join in!
  • Besties start as cousins.
  • Only cousins get it.
  • Cousins are the perfect gift! Thanks auntie.
  • From sleepovers and sass to always having my back - favorite cousin.
  • It's always a good time to call your favorite cousin.
  • Cousins are the family you want to hang out with.
  • Cousins are like siblings that you don't have to see every day.

Fun Questions to Caption Cousin Posts

Get your followers involved by adding the perfect question to your Instagram post. Whether you're planning a cousin day out or it's just for random cousin time, you never know which pics are going to go viral!

  • Can you see the resemblance? Cousins or twins?
  • Is it the three musketeers? Nope, just my cousins and me.
  • Are you rolling with your cousins? I am!
  • Do we have that (insert last name) DNA or what? Cousins for life.
  • Do my cousins slay or what?

Get Nostalgic With a Throwback to Childhood

Cousins level up your childhood; why build a fort alone when you can enlist your cousins to help? Plus, it's great to have older cousins to watch out for you. Share a few of your favorite throwback pics with the perfect intro. If there were more than one of you that wreaked havoc during your growing-up years, these can be great captions for group cousin pics too.

  • Cousins bedazzle your memory lane.
  • Cousins make you feel like a little kid again.
  • Want to spend a moment in the past? Have lunch with a cousin.
  • Cousins - the forever playmates of your memories.
  • Your cousins open a window to your past.
  • Childhood is framed by moments with our cousins.

Cousin Love Captions You Can't Help but Share

Sure, you fight with your cousins. But that's because you love them so much. Ten minutes later, you're besties again. Take a minute to celebrate cousin love with a heartfelt caption. Whether you're at a wedding, a family reunion, or just hanging out and having cousin time, you might grab a few pics that show how much you really do love one another. These sweet, touching phrases might also be the perfect happy birthday cousin post when their special day rolls around, too.

  • Big love for all my fun-loving, beautiful cousins.
  • The peas to my pod are the cousins filling my heart.
  • Sink or swim, cousins are in the family boat together.
  • Time with cousins is another brush stroke on the beautiful painting of life.
  • Cousins are the backbone of your family reunion.
  • Cousins are a sweet melody that follows you through the symphony of life.

Picture-Worthy Captions About Your Cousins to Perfect Your Post

Cousins can be big part of anyone's life. And you don't just need to give them a shout-out on National Cousins Day! Post a selfie of the two of you just because. You can also use these captions to celebrate their birthday. If one of your cousins is having a bad day, a quick Insta post is sure to help cheer them up. Show your cousins you're thinking of them and make their day.

50+ Cousin Captions to Share Your Connection