90 Camping Captions for Your Outdoor Adventure Posts

Published May 19, 2022
Father and son relaxing at campsite

No camping trip is complete without dozens (maybe hundreds, or even more) of photographs featuring gorgeous scenery and awesome adventures. Embellish your images with your favorite camping captions from the list below to make your memories of the trip all the more special -- and shareable!

Super-short Camping Captions

You can say a lot about the experience of camping in three words or less. Sum it all up with these super-short sayings, each of which is only two or three words long.

Man Sitting By Campfire
  • Cot life.
  • Born to camp.
  • Got firestarter?
  • Sleeping baggage.
  • Trial by campfire.
  • S'more the merrier.
  • Plays with campfire.
  • Adventure abounds.
  • Vacation exploration.
  • Sasquatch slept here.
  • My backpack overfloweth.

Camping Selfie Captions for Instagram

Some selfies require more than three words. When that's the case, consider the following list of camping-themed selfie captions.

  • J'adore to explore.
  • Let's go take a hike.
  • Nomad is an island.
  • Don't camp my style.
  • Leader of the backpack.
  • Have backpack, will travel.
  • I never met a campground I didn't like.
  • If you're looking for me, I'll be camping.
  • I can see paradise by the campfire light.
  • Camping, where have you been all my life?
  • If camping is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • Star none, campgrounds have the best views.

Tent Camping Captions

Camping newbies usually start with a tent before venturing into the backcountry or stepping up to the luxury of a recreational vehicle (RV). Whether you're a long-time tenter or are new to this kind of adventure, embellish your photos with the captions below.

Orange tent lit up under the stars
  • Flashlight the night.
  • Have tent, will camp.
  • You call this a shelter?
  • Glamp me with your best shot.
  • Shelter me with your best tent.
  • What do you think of my tent pad?
  • There they go again, pitching a tent.
  • I've got the fever -- cabin tent fever, that is!
  • There's no air conditioning in tent camping.
  • Are you sure this tent is sturdy? There sure is a lot at stake!
  • When bears look at this tent, do they just see a candy wrapper?

Backcountry Camping Captions

If you'd rather venture into the backcountry instead of pitching your tent in an improved campground, you're sure to love the camping captions below. They're truly suited for rugged outdoor adventures.

  • Gimme shelter.
  • Backpacking bunch.
  • Backcountry as I want to be.
  • I don't need no stinkin' shelter.
  • Off the beaten path is where it's at.
  • What do you mean, forage for food?
  • Don't go off-terrain to try and please me.
  • Nobody gets defriended in the backcountry.
  • But I thought you said we were going glamping.
  • Backcountry camping is like a multi-day trust fall.
  • What happens in the backcountry stays in the backcountry.

RV Camping Captions

Whether your RV adventures are in a basic camper van or truck camper or a sporty travel trailer or high-end motor home, these captions are sure to capture the essence of this type of camping.

Camper leveling support leg in use
  • RV there yet?
  • This is RV we roll.
  • RV campers let it ride.
  • You had me at RV trip.
  • RV camping is on the level.
  • Does this RV look good on me?
  • Park me out at the campground.
  • This camper is a swagalicious ride.
  • To RV or not to RV? That is the question.
  • Camping in an RV is smooth trailing.
  • You can't spell adventure without RV.
  • Who's got the biggest RV in the campground? Me, that's who.

Captions for Camping With Friends and Family

When you head to the great outdoors with the family you're related to or the friends you'd choose to be family if you could, use the captions below to help create and share lasting memories.

  • Trail mixer.
  • Kinfolk kindling.
  • Camping dynasty.
  • Camping with my pack.
  • Camping connects families.
  • Camping out with my mutuals.
  • Camping with the 'rents and sibs.
  • Camping: It's cheaper than family counseling.
  • The family that survives camping together can weather any storm.
  • Let's wait and see who is still on speaking terms at the end of this camping trip.

Captions for Couples Camping

Some camping trips are designed for romantic duos. Whether you're with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other of any ilk, going camping can bring your closer or, in some cases, put your relationship to the test.

  • Partners in nature.
  • All's campfire in love and war.
  • Come on baby light my campfire.
  • Camping is a great excuse to snuggle.
  • Don't go trailing, to try and please me.
  • Partners who camp together play (and stay!) together.
  • Wondering how compatible you are? Go camping together.
  • Do I need to be concerned about where you developed those knot-tying skills?
  • How did I not know that you have the power to conjure fire with your hands?
  • A camping trip might be a better pre-marriage requirement than a couples' retreat.

Cute and Funny Campground Captions

You're sure to snap some grin-worthy or laughter-inducing photos on any camping trip. Add some of these snappy campground captions to take your pics to the next level.

Camper Van With Guitar And Fire Place Parking In Forest At Night
  • Quiet hours start when?!?
  • Campground, take me away!
  • Love the campground you're in.
  • Campground sweet campground.
  • I'm hangry for some campfire grub.
  • I never met a campground I didn't like.
  • What do dogs love about camping? Ruffing it!
  • The website said bathhouse, but that is a pit toilet.
  • Where do dogs sleep at the campground? A pup tent.
  • Why is camping so exhausting? Because it's in-tents.
  • Is it just me, or did that campground host seem a little sus?
  • The worst day in a campground beats the best day at work.
  • Want your kids to appreciate how good they have it at home? Take them camping.

Make Camping Even More Fun

No matter how you like to camp, spending time in the great outdoors is always a blast. Whether it's your first camping adventure or if you regularly pack up your gears and head out to commune with nature, you're sure to have a great, picture-perfect time. The only thing more fun than going camping is checking out the photos after the fact. If they're captioned with witty sayings, that's even better. You're sure to find fun sayings to enhance your images in the list above. For even more ideas, explore these fun road trip captions. After all, you have to heady out on the highway before you can set up camp at the campground.

90 Camping Captions for Your Outdoor Adventure Posts