70+ Boat Captions for Those Perfect Days on the Water

Published October 3, 2022
Group of friends on a yacht in the sea

If you go for a boat ride without posting selfies to Instagram, did it even really happen? Armed with your smartphone and some creative boat captions, you'll never have to ponder this question. The next time you're out on the water, snap a lot of fun photos and pair them with sailorly sayings to share the joy with your landlubber friends. Not sure how to caption your pics? Explore the boat captions below and discover the perfect words to sum up your time on the water.

Short Boat Captions for Instagram

Woman at red bikini drinking wine while sunbathing at the yacht

Let your boating photos speak for themselves by pairing them with super-brief captions. The short and snappy Insta captions below pair perfectly with fun photos of you and your crew on the water.

  • Boat life.
  • Float life.
  • Out to sea.
  • Boat goals.
  • Boat vibes.
  • Aqua nuts.
  • Hope floats.
  • Boating babe.
  • Makin' waves.
  • Float therapy.
  • Just add water.
  • Fortunate floater.
  • Salty as I want to be.

Carefree Boat Ride Captions

Woman Enjoying a Glass of Champagne on a Luxury Yacht

There's nothing quite as relaxing and awe-inspiring as a boat ride. The next time you're out on the lake or river, snap some lovely photos and share them with your social connections.

  • Floatin' the coast.
  • Livin' the lake life.
  • Not a pier in sight.
  • Chillin' on the river.
  • Cruisin' with my bffs.
  • Sailin' away from ordinary.
  • Ain't life grand on the water?
  • I like my water just a bit choppy.
  • Just soakin' up some sun and sea.
  • Does this boat make me look happy?
  • There's no such thing as a bad day on a boat.
  • Getting (a little) lost at sea is how I find myself.
  • There's nothing like sunshine and the open sea.

Boat Day Captions for Couples

smiling couple sitting on stern of sport fishing boat

When you and your beau go out cruising on the water, that's the perfect time to snap a few selfies of the two of you. Choose your favorites and share away. The sayings below will help you find just the right thing to say.

  • Love on the water.
  • My catch of the day.
  • Boatin' with my boo.
  • [He/she/they] reeled me in.
  • The only crew I need.
  • Just me and my buoy.
  • Me and my bae, floating away.
  • [He/she/they] really floats my boat.
  • Just me, my old man, and the sea.
  • On land or at sea, together is where we always want to be.
  • Who's the captain and who's the first mate? That is the question!
  • Just [him/her/them], me, and the open sea. There is nothing else on earth I need.

Insta Captions for Dogs on Boats

Dog Looking Away In Mountains Against Sky

Boats aren't just for people! Puppers love them too. There's nothing quite as smile-inducing as a photo that captures the sheer joy of a dog boating with its people. Steal Instagram with a fetching dog caption.

  • Dogs love boats.
  • That's one happy pupper.
  • Welcome to the pup deck.
  • Dogs are built for boating.
  • That's a bow wow of a wave.
  • It's ruff out here on the water.
  • Ah, to feel the wind in one's jowls...
  • Boating beats playing fetch any day.
  • Woof! I'll never go back to car windows.
  • There's a reason it's called the dog paddle.

Funny Pun Boat Captions

Happy friends on a yacht

Okay, so maybe puns inspire more groans than laughs. Either way, they're still super-cute. Your friends are sure to at least chuckle a bit (even if they also roll their eyes) when you post these punny boat captions.

  • Wake for me!
  • Too hot to paddle.
  • Thrown for a sloop...
  • Taking the sea-nic route.
  • Float-loose and fancy-free.
  • Did I leave you in my wake?
  • Gettin' a boost of vitamin sea.
  • In port today? Naut if I can help it!
  • Will I be back soon? Naut if I can help it!
  • A day at sea? Just what the dock-tor ordered!

Yacht and Sailboat Instagram Captions

Sailing yacht in windy condition summer

Lucky enough to spend time on a yacht or sailboat? Document your boating adventure by taking all the photos your SIM card will hold, then pair each one with a suitable saying.

  • Boat envy.
  • Come sail away.
  • Yacht too shabby!
  • Livin' the yacht life.
  • A sailor's life for me.
  • Work hard, sail free.
  • Sailing is in my nature.
  • Sailing soothes my soul.
  • She's a lot more than a little dingy.
  • The bigger the boat, the better the vacay!
  • The best yacht is one that someone else gets to maintain.
  • I'm not the type to ride off into the sunset. I'd rather set sail.
  • If you still think one can't buy happiness, you've probably never been on a yacht.

Caption Your Love of Boating

With such a fabulous list of aquatic captions, it's easy to spread the word about your love of boating. Use these captions as-is, or get inspired to come up with even more fabulous sayings about the joy of being on the water. Be sure to check out 250 family boat names if you're trying to name your crew's vessel.

70+ Boat Captions for Those Perfect Days on the Water