99 Deep Captions for Instagram That'll Make People Think

Published May 9, 2022
woman with arms outstretched  feeling free at beach

When you have a great picture, it looks even better with a caption. Capture the perfect deep caption for your Instagram posts. Wow, your followers with your humble attitude, deep thoughts, and sincere emotions.

Short Deep Captions for Instagram

woman sitting on mountain top

Being deep doesn't mean being long and involved. You can ponder the universe in just a few words.

  • Silence can hurt.
  • Strengthen your focus.
  • The brightness of your future doesn't fade.
  • Set your own rules.
  • Find the silence in yourself.
  • Fill your soul with peace.
  • Connect with the universe.
  • Find peace in yourself first.
  • Close your eyes and connect with the world.
  • Focus is found one breath at a time.

Deep Captions for Selfies

man making a funny face taking a selfie

Adding a deep caption to your selfies shows that you are a true thinker. Share a deep thought on Instagram or even Snapchat.

  • Words cannot begin to describe the importance of the self.
  • You were born to fly. Don't allow yourself to be caged.
  • Live your life by your rules only.
  • Close your mouth and enjoy the beautiful music silence creates.
  • Making time for yourself is your most important task.
  • The world owes you nothing. But you owe yourself everything.
  • Regret is found in a life unlived.
  • I was not born to be ordinary. I'm extra - extraordinary.
  • Dreams were not meant to have limits. It's fear that holds you back.
  • Laugh! Even if it's at yourself.

Best Deep Savage Captions for Instagram

Some of your best deep thoughts are a bit savage. Is your world full of haters? Show the world you are not meant to be messed with through these Instagram captions.

  • When I sparkle, it burns.
  • If you don't like it, look away.
  • The words you speak mean nothing to me.
  • You don't get paid to judge others, so don't.
  • The only one that can criticize me is myself.
  • You might be the stars, but I'm the moon outshining you all.
  • Even bees that make the sweetest honey can sting.
  • You can't dull my happiness. It's mine to create.
  • You see this crown? Only I can rule my world.
  • My broken pieces are the best part of me.

Meaningful Quotes to Add to Instagram

Some of your meaningful thoughts hit you all at once. Add the perfect caption to you holding that coffee, pondering at the world out the window.

  • A diamond buried in the dirt still shines.
  • It's the cracks in your soul that glitter like glass.
  • Overthinking can quickly stifle your joy and creativity.
  • The strength you gain tomorrow is found in the troubles of today.
  • You have to be strong and mightier when it's worth it.
  • True greatness starts with failure.
  • I try. I try until I do.
  • Choose kindness. It's never a wrong choice.
  • When it feels impossible, push harder.

Deep Captions About Life

mother and young daughter spending time together

Is something exciting happening in your life? Are you wondering about a new job opportunity? Set your picture off in the right direction with these quotes.

  • Don't worry about the storm on the horizon. It will come. All you can do is prepare for it.
  • Every step forward gets you closer to your dream.
  • Live in the now, not the was or will be. Today is all you hold.
  • A mountain looks impossible until you climb it.
  • Live life one memory at a time.
  • Living for today is just as important as planning for the future.
  • Sometimes, the scary path is the one you remember.
  • Remember someone had to pave that road in gold before you could walk on it.
  • Life happens one breath at a time; never waste a moment.
  • Just like a house, your future is built one brick at a time.

Deep Captions for Instagram About Love

male couple looking into each others eyes

Your path to love is just on the horizon. Think about the path of your love and how to navigate it with these deep captions.

  • True love changes your soul.
  • My heart is different now that you've walked into my world.
  • Love gained meaning the moment your eyes met mine.
  • Love is more than just a feeling. It's a moment, a memory, that never leaves your mind.
  • Some love changes you but is not meant to be.
  • Our love will not end in this world. It's a timeless love that will find us again and again.
  • There is a small piece of my heart you will forever hold.
  • To look at you is to understand the meaning of undying love.
  • Your love surrounds me. It cloaks me in the darkness, protecting me for all time.
  • You and I are cosmically connected by a phenomenon known as love.

Cool Deep Quotes for Social Media

woman looking at ocean waves on a stormy day

Keep your social media cool with a few meaningful quotes. These insightful quotes keep you thinking.

  • A storm gives you the potential to enjoy the rain.
  • The book of my life is a winding adventure.
  • When you love yourself, you're never alone.
  • Not every chapter of your life is epic, but they create an epic story.
  • Waves will take you under until you learn to swim through them.
  • Embrace your uniqueness. It's what makes you stand out.
  • Life is a bunch of minor changes that make a huge impact.
  • Find your smile and share it proudly.
  • Enchanting magic can be found in every movement if you look for it.
  • Even in darkness, there is beauty.

Clever Deep Instagram Captions to Express Your Thoughts

two female friends sitting together outside

Looking to influence your followers with the perfect caption? Show the world how deep of a thinker you are by adding a few of these to Instagram.

  • You are never alone in a world so vast.
  • The world will never know how fantastic your idea is if you don't express it.
  • Silencing your thoughts can help you find the most incredible ideas.
  • Only you can make it happen.
  • Fear is not a reason to stay silent.
  • Life doesn't change unless you take the first step.
  • Challenging your thoughts, ideas, and actions is the only way to change.
  • If it excites you, grab it and never let it go.
  • It starts with believing in yourself. The rest is relative.
  • Thoughts will overtake you if you let them. The key is not to let them.

Beautiful Deep Quotes to Get You Thinking

Keep your perspective on life beautiful. Show your influencers your deep soul by sharing a few great captions.

  • Today begins with you.
  • You have the power to shine.
  • Confidence is built one thought at a time.
  • Don't let criticism hinder you. Prove them wrong instead.
  • To find freedom, you need to walk through the fear.
  • Only you can hold you back.
  • Change should never be left up to chance.
  • Swimming upstream gives you a new perspective.
  • To walk through the fire, you must accept the heat.
  • The road before you is only as clear as you make it.

Witty Deep Captions to Share on Pictures

Some of the best captions are the ones that make you look intelligent and sophisticated. Your Instagram followers are going to love your witty banter.

  • A phoenix needs to go through the flames to be reborn.
  • A storm might take away the sun, but it will find a way to shine again. Look for it.
  • Every day has an ending and a beginning for a reason. You get to try again.
  • Intelligence is your strength.
  • Even in exhaustion, you can move forward until the end.
  • It's in the eyes that you find the storm.
  • Every day offers a new adventure sailing in the wind.
  • When the rain doesn't stop, dance with it.
  • A quiet mouth hides the loudest mind.
  • Opportunity is all around you. Don't wait for it to knock on your door.

Create the Perfect Deep Caption for Instagram

Adding pictures to Instagram is more than just a pastime for some. It's a job. When you are an influencer, you want to add the perfect caption to your pictures. Get deep with a few of these captions to get you thinking.

99 Deep Captions for Instagram That'll Make People Think