100+ Cute and Funny Drinking Captions to Share the Fun

Published July 13, 2022
girlfriends at a bar drinking cocktails and taking selfie

Did that creative cocktail even exist if you don't post at least a few snaps on Instagram? When you're going to imbibe, use one (or more!) of these creative drinking captions to invite your friends and followers to share the vibe!

Funny Drinking Captions for Instagram

Drinking quote Stein of the times man holding beer mug

Cocktail selfies are an Instagram staple, and so are funny accompanying captions. Share your sense of humor (sober or not) and give your followers something to laugh about.

  • Stein of the times.
  • Mead, myself, and I.
  • You had me at mojito.
  • Resting cocktail face.
  • Boozin' like I mean it.
  • Mocktails are for losers.
  • As liquid as I want to be...
  • One little sipsy away from tipsy!
  • I've got the happy hour power.
  • By the hair of my ginny, gin, gin.
  • Do my pours look big in this glass?
  • This may have been a pour decision.
  • Them: "Do you meditate?" Me: "No. I drink."
  • There's nothing like a drink to help one unthink.
  • Ain't nobody got time for dry humor. Bring on the booze!
  • I just open my gin and grin and say...things I may regret tomorrow.
  • Designated drinker. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Day Drinking Captions for Social Sharing

day drinking quote bloody mary cocktail with vegetables celery

Add a little humor to your Insta feed with some snapshots that highlight your favorite day-drinking beverages and occasions.

  • There's celery in it; it's practically a salad.
  • Takin' an afternoon booze.
  • I'm a lady who liquid lunches.
  • It's a great day for a liquid lunch.
  • Daytime liquor fills me with vigor.
  • Day drinkin' is cheaper than therapy.
  • Why doesn't happy hour start at noon?
  • In the South, day drinkin' is a way of life.
  • I don't judge you for eating during the day.
  • Havin' a little hunchy punchy with my lunchy.
  • It's not lunch; it's brunch. That means I can drink.
  • Some people like to snooze in. Me? I like to booze in.
  • Drinking' before noon just might make me swoon.
  • Sunlight, so bright! Why would I wait to drink at night?
  • I can't help they put football games on TV during the day. I drink while they play.

Captions to Post for Drinking With Friends

drinking quote Group Chug with friends hugging holding beers

Do you enjoy gathering with friends for wine, beer, or cocktails? Be sure to snap some pics to share on social and pair them with your favorite captions.

  • Group chug.
  • Happy our.
  • We just clink.
  • My think tankard.
  • The only think tankard I need.
  • We're having a BFF liquid-ation.
  • Friendships powered by happy hour.
  • My best buds just get wiser and wiser.
  • Friends who drink together clink together.
  • Sharin' some sips with my drinkin' buddies.
  • What's a little fermentation between friends?
  • What happens at happy hour stays at happy hour.
  • With friends like these, I'll never have to drink alone.
  • It's not the price of the wine, but the quality of the company.
  • Good friends will go out drinking with you. Best friends will nurse you through the hangover.

Beer Drinking Captions for Instagram

drinking quote Muggin' for the camera men drinking beer taking selfie

Drinking beer is its own category of enjoyment. If you're a fan of this carbonated delight, share some snaps of your hoppy (or not so hoppy) hour adventures.

  • Pitcher perfect.
  • Hoppy birthday to me.
  • It's just a little pint.
  • It's ale pilsner to me.
  • Who brought the keg?
  • Muggin' for the camera.
  • I worked hard for this six-pack.
  • I am here, now where's my beer?
  • Now that's a major league pitcher.
  • Watch me make this beer disappear!
  • My beer goggles are better than yours.
  • Lager, where have you been all my life?
  • This tale may be enhanced by a bit of ale.
  • Friends don't let friends drink cheap beer.
  • The world looks better through beer goggles.
  • I did a lot of heavy lifting to earn these beer goggles.
  • Beer, beer, I do adore even though it makes me snore.

Creative Summer Cocktail Captions

drinking quote friends at bar with strawberry daiquiris

Summer is the perfect season for tropical cocktails and frozen adult beverages. Share your enjoyment of the cocktails of summer with these creative captions.

  • Who brought the blender?
  • Rum runner, take me away!
  • Is there a daiquiri in the house?
  • I need a little summer rum-ance.
  • Boats and booze! What have I got to lose?
  • Does my drink match my patio umbrella?
  • Summer's the perfect excuse for a booze cruise.
  • There's nothing better than a cold cocktail on a hot day.
  • Save the water for the garden; bring me a shot of vodka.
  • It might be hot outside, but this here cocktail is just right.
  • Fee, fi, fo, fum. Somebody bring me a fruity drink with rum.
  • Rum turns an ordinary happy hour into a tropical vacation.
  • If heat escalates the effects of alcohol, why I am I still sober?
  • This ice-cold cocktail's gonna cool me down inside, where it counts.
  • Why I am drinking out here in the hot sun? Because the sober people are hogging all the shade.

Social Captions for Needing a Drink

drinking quote woman relaxing on sofa with book and glass of wine

Some days will drive you to drink. When you're having that kind of time, use these captions to share with your social connections.

  • Merlot me alone.
  • It's a chardonnay kind of day.
  • Humanity drives me to drink.
  • I'm not as tipsy as I want to be.
  • This day was made for drinking.
  • It's a whiskey kind of Wednesday.
  • It's time for a scotch-fueled Saturday.
  • I need a little me time to drink things over.
  • Tequila or not tequila? That is the question.
  • Ain't nobody got time to sit and sip. Pour me a shot!
  • I need to curl up on the sofa and drink about my day.
  • I've been sittin' here, waitin' for someone to bring me a beer...
  • Is that a martini on your tray, or do you need to turn around and go get one for me?

Cheers Drinking Captions for Instagram

Drinking quote friends in bar raising glasses of beer to cheer

What better way to wish "cheers!" to those who can't witness your toast in person than with a social media post? Share fun pictures with a snappy saying that perfectly sums up the moment.

  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • If you're happy and you know it, raise your glass.
  • We're so happy for you that we all decided to get drunk. #cheers
  • What's better than a tip of the hat? A raise of the glass! #cheers
  • Cheers to you and cheers to me! Where is the bar, where could it be?
  • We are gathered here today to drink together. What better reason to raise a glass and say cheers?

Holiday Drinking Captions

Santa juice Drinking quote friends in holiday hats with shots of liquor alcohol

The holiday season is a festive occasion that calls for enjoying at least a bit of libation. You might not be able to remember the joyous (or not) celebration if you don't memorialize it with a seasonal saying on social media.

  • Merry Schlitz-mas!
  • The holidays are why I drink.
  • Santa needs a little nip to sip.
  • Hit me with a shot of Santa juice.
  • All I want for Christmas is a hot toddy.
  • In the New Year, I resolve to drink more cocktails.
  • Nothing brings in the new year like a good old longneck ice-cold beer!
  • Do I drink because it's the holidays, or are the holidays here because I drink?

Spread a Bit of Social Cheer With Drinking Captions

When you're having a good time enjoying a few (or quite a few!) adult beverages, spread some social cheer with some short and sweet or cute and snappy drinking captions. For even more ideas, explore witty collection of wine captions.

100+ Cute and Funny Drinking Captions to Share the Fun