50 Engagement Photo Captions to Share Your Love on Instagram

You've found the person you want to spend forever with! Post your engagement photos and a cute caption to share your excitement.

Published April 5, 2023
young couple taking selfies at the beach

Getting engaged is a hugely important moment in your life, and it's only natural to want to share your news with friends, family, and followers. What you say in your engagement photo caption matters, but don't let it make this special time stressful. The pressure is real, but these caption ideas will get you inspired and let you focus on what really matters: sharing your joy.

Sweet and Simple Engagement Photo Captions

Young Couple Getting Engage

Telling everyone your good news doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple with these short engagement captions for Instagram or any other place you're planning to share your special photo.

  • Of course I said, "Yes."
  • You + Me = Forever
  • Something happened today, and I have the ring to prove it.
  • Just like that, we're getting married.
  • If I could say "Yes" a million times, I totally would.
  • He's/she's/they're the one!
  • We just made it official!
  • Just our version of happily ever after.
  • We've got a little good news over here.
  • Aiming for the altar.
Quick Tip

Try out some different photos with your engagement caption to see what you like best! Think close-up of the ring, selfie of you guys kissing, a picture of one of you on bended knee.... There's no wrong answer here!

Unique Engagement Captions for Instagram

Young couple in love showing off engagement ring

Your love isn't like anyone else's, so your Instagram engagement announcement shouldn't be either. These super awesome and unique captions can help you spill the beans in a totally you way:

  • Time to try on my grandma's wedding dress! I think I might be needing it.
  • Looking forward to watching you earn every grey hair and wrinkle. I feel so lucky to know we'll be growing old together.
  • Watching our future unfurl in front of us, starting with this moment.
  • What's everyone doing in July? We have a wedding for you to attend.
  • Did everyone but me know this was coming?
  • Just some sugar and my soon-to-be-spouse.
  • My prediction for our future? From now on, we'll always have a date for Valentine's Day, a hand to hold during the 4th of July fireworks, and someone to kiss on New Year's Eve. Can't wait for all the moments we'll share in this life together.
  • You know how we love to try new things, se we thought maybe we'd get married. Ready for our biggest adventure yet!
  • Get ready to hear me obsessively talk about wedding plans.
  • Thought maybe we'd make a giant life decision today. Here's to forever!

Sentimental and Super Romantic Captions for Engagement Pictures

Two women getting engaged

Getting engaged is pretty much one of the most romantic things that can happen in your life, and your engagement picture caption can reflect that mood:

  • All we've been through, all we'll go through - it all makes a little more sense with you as my forever.
  • I see time stretching out in front of us, and I'm the luckiest person in the world to be holding your hand. Here's to forever with you.
  • Forever and a day starts now.
  • Just over here saying yes to forever.
  • Life is grand, love is lovely, forever is in our future.
  • This was the easiest answer to the biggest question of my life.
  • How could I say no to this one?
  • Forever, you say? Yes, please.
  • Everything was great...until it just got even better.
  • We both said yes to this life together.

Non-Cheesy Engagement Captions

Young Couple Standing On Road

Don't want to be super sentimental? There are no rules that say your engagement Instagram caption has to be sappy.

  • Nothing going on over here except a total lifetime commitment.
  • Just a little picture of my future spouse and me.
  • Looking forward to an entire lifetime of being weirdos together.
  • It's finally happened!
  • #engagedlife
  • Someone to annoy every day for the rest of my life? Of course I said yes!
  • Looks like we're in this together for the long term!
  • #yestothewholeride
  • We're finally making it official!
  • We've done a lot of things together over the years, but getting engaged today was a pretty big deal!

Funny Captions to Announce Your Engagement

Couple looking at wedding cakes

Sure, it's a serious moment, but you can also have some fun telling people about it. These witty engagement captions will make everyone smile:

  • I was planning to marry Ryan Gosling, but I said yes to this guy instead.
  • I guess you could say we're off the market!
  • Current status: Totally taken.
  • Guess where we're going on a little walk? Down the aisle!
  • Does this rock make me look taken?
  • He/she/they made me an offer, and I couldn't refuse.
  • I see a cake in our future. A very big cake.
  • Who's got a secret? Knot us!
  • If you're looking for me, I'll be the one wearing white.
  • Who wants to come to my bachelorette party?

Share Your Engagement News Your Way

Announcing your engagement online lets all your friends share in your happiness. If you still need inspiration about how to do it, you can always use a great love quote and a simple statement like, "We're engaged!" As long as you're sharing your news your way, you can't really go wrong here.

50 Engagement Photo Captions to Share Your Love on Instagram