50+ Apple Picking Captions to Sweeten Up Your Instagram

Published October 3, 2022
Happy couple picking up fruit at the plantation

When the temperature cools down and the apples mature, that's Mother Nature letting you know that it's time to round up your friends and family for a day of apple-icious fun at a local orchard. From filling up a bushel with your favorite varieties to sipping freshly pressed cider while snacking on apple pastries, nothing signals that fall has arrived quite like apple picking season. Mark the occasion with a selection of selfies partnered up with the perfect captions to document the apple-picking fun.

Apple Picking Instagram Captions

Did you have a fabulous fruit-filled day at the orchard? Shout it out to the social-sphere! Your followers are sure to be green (or red!) with apple envy.

Hand reaching up and picking a red ripe apple
  • Will work for apples.
  • They're all Delicious to me.
  • I never met an apple I didn't like.
  • Into every life, a little Fuji must fall.
  • Havin' a Golden Delicious kind of day.
  • All in all, they're all just apples in the fall.
  • Supermarket apples are yesterday's news.
  • Dear Mother Nature, thank you for apples.
  • You see apples; I see pies waiting to be baked.
  • Everything's coming up Crimson Crisp and delish!
  • Seek and you shall find all the apples you can eat.

Captions for Family Apple Picking

What's a family outing that everyone will love? Apple picking, of course! This is your chance to get some truly candid fall family photos to share. Pair them with these creative captions.

Senior couple and their grandchild picking up apples in the garden
  • A-picking we will go...
  • Havin' a Gala time with the fam!
  • This family is filled with good apples.
  • Adventure today, applesauce tomorrow...
  • They might be fruity, but I love them - cores and all.
  • We're off to pick a bushel, a bushel of wonderful apples...
  • We picked apples together, and we liked it (even the kids)!
  • Apple picking is the stuff that family traditions are made of.
  • A family that apple picks apples together truly sticks forever.
  • Apple picking: The one activity every generation can agree on.

Apple Picking Insta Captions for Couples

When you and your sweetheart spend a day at the orchard, be sure to snap some caption-worthy pics to share. Pair them with these heart-worthy captions for true #couplegoals memories.

Man and woman holding Honeycrisp apples
  • Just me and my Honeycrisp.
  • [He/she/they] are the apple of my eye.
  • Picking autumn magic together.
  • I love [him/her/them] to the core.
  • Pickin' apples with the one I picked.
  • Pink Lady doesn't hold a candle to her.
  • We go together like apple and cinnamon.
  • Testing out our apple picking compatibility...
  • Apple picking in autumn with the one I love.

Awesome Apple Orchard Captions

Apples are awesome, but what about the orchard? It's a veritable forest of apple trees ripe for the picking! What an incredible backdrop for your social snaps.

Smiling woman harvesting apples from tree
  • The orchard is my happy place.
  • I could live in an apple orchard.
  • The orchard is calling, I must go.
  • Just strolling through the orchard...
  • This apple orchard is unbe-leaf-able.
  • There's no room for crab apples in this orchard.
  • Farm-to-table is great, but orchard to belly is faster!
  • You see an orchard; I see vats of cider looking for a place to happen.
  • The best orchard is one where the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, how powerful is a whole orchard?

Punny Apple Picking Captions

No collection of apple captions is complete without at least a few funny puns. Garner some giggles and groans with these cute but corny expressions.

Senior man with adult son drinking cider in apple orchard in autumn
  • Always stay by my cider.
  • Don't get all Winesap-py on me.
  • Pick back and enjoy some apples.
  • The orchard is my h-apple-y place.
  • Here I am, cored in the orchard with you.
  • What an a-peel-ing way to spend the day!
  • Well, that was an apple pie opening experience!
  • Walk be-cider me and be my apple picking buddy.
  • How'd you know the apples were ripe? I got an in-cider tip.
  • Where can an apple file a complaint against a worm? Apple-ate court.

Share the Apple Picking Love

From heartfelt expressions to silly sayings, there are a lot of creative ways to caption photos of your apple-picking autumn adventures. Feel free to use these as-is, or let them serve as inspiration for you to come up with even more wonderful ways to enhance your photos with words.

50+ Apple Picking Captions to Sweeten Up Your Instagram