30+ Funny Mother's Day Jokes That Give the Gift of Laughter

Published April 8, 2022
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Mother's Day is full of cards, gifts, flowers, and most importantly, fun. Make her day hilarious with a few funny Mother's Day jokes to get her laughing out loud. From mom jokes to one-liners, you can find all the original mom jokes you need to make Mother's Day laughtastic!

Funny Happy Mother's Day Jokes to Make Mom Smile

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You can fill Mother's Day with quotes, poems, and cards, but don't forget to fill it with laughter. Give her a giggle with these funny Mother's Day jokes, and maybe personalize it more with one of your favorite nicknames for mom. From a chuckle to outright LOLing, your mom will appreciate these unique mom jokes she can relate to.

  • What's the difference between a new mom and an experienced mom?
  • Why do kids always ask mom for money rather than dad?
    Because her name is MOM = Made of Money.
  • Why does every mom want to be an Emperor Penguin on Mother's Day?
    Because Emperor Penguin dads raise their young.
  • Why do moms always feel your forehead when you're feverish?
    Because they are ther-MOM-eters.
  • What's the perfect gift for a mom on Mother's Day?
    A sweater, because she's always too cool.
  • What kind of candy do moms want most on Mother's Day?
    A Kit-Kat, so you can give her a break.

Clean Mom Jokes for Kid-Friendly Fun

Moms like to laugh and crack jokes just as much as dads. Impress your mom with these fun and kid-friendly mom jokes. They will bring happiness to her big day. Rather than just saying them to her at a Mother's Day party, you can try them out at dinner or during fun games.

  • What do moms and martians have in common?
    They are both out of this world.
  • Why did the dog mom put the puppies in their room?
    They wouldn't quit yapping.
  • Where do you take a zombie mom for Mother's Day?
    The Dead Sea.
  • What's the difference between a child and a computer?
    Computers listen to their motherboard.
  • Why did the Mummy need help around the house?
    She was all wrapped up.
  • What does a kidney bean give his mom for Mother's Day?
    A coat, because she was chili.
  • What did the puppies get their mom for Mother's Day?
  • Why do moms tell jokes?
    Because dads can't have all the fun.
  • What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?
    It's time to go to sweep.

One Liner Mother's Day Jokes

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Some of the best mom jokes are based on real life. Mom-life is downright funny. Maybe not when you are taking your toddler to the bathroom for the 15th time during the movie, but when you think about it, the antics of kids are hilarious. Try these fun one-liner jokes on your mom.

  • Moms are fueled by hugs and coffee… lots and lots of coffee.
  • To a mom, the word "late" has turned to "latte." If she's not on time, it's because she needed one.
  • When kids become teenagers, moms get dogs. At least the dogs are always happy to see them when they come home.
  • When you need to understand why some mothers eat their young, ask a teenager's mom.
  • In a house full of kids, silence is mom code for "Oh no."
  • Welcome to motherhood; you'll never pee alone again!
  • Why is the word "mom" in "moment" when she never gets one to herself?
  • Mom jokes are like dad jokes, only punnier.

Hilarious Mom Puns She'll Love

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It's important to keep the gift of laughter going on Mother's Day. When you've used up all the jokes and one-liners, it's time to pull out the puns.

  • What did the jelly mom say to her kids?
    Spread out.
  • Why did the tree mom put the sticks in time out?
    They were being knotty.
  • Why do moms want you to eat your vegetables?
    Because it makes them hap-pea.
  • What does a mom love more than getting flowers on Mother's Day?
    Getting to hang out with her little buds.
  • What did the Italian mom say to her family?
    Why does everyone always want a "pizza" me?
  • What's something a daughter always borrows from her mom?
    Mom genes
  • Why did the mom yell at her little noodle?
    It was a little saucy.
  • What does a witch do for their mother on Mother's Day?
    They have a spell-i-bration.

Comical Jokes for Mother's Day

Between the Mother's Day photoshoot and fun activities, keep your mom entertained with a few good jokes. These jokes are all about mom, and they're guaranteed to make her laugh. You might even try a few of these out on a Mother's Day invitation!

30+ Funny Mother's Day Jokes That Give the Gift of Laughter