55+ Egg Jokes & Puns That Might Egg-ceed Your Eggs-pectations

No need to shop around. We have a carton full of eggs-cellent egg puns and jokes for you to enjoy!

Published February 20, 2023
Portrait Of Woman Holding Eggs On Eyes While Standing Against Wall

Are you the queen of the coop? Maybe you're eager for Easter? Or perhaps breakfast is your favorite meal of the day? No matter what your reason may be, egg puns and egg jokes are a great way to crack a conversation and eggs-ecute an eggs-cellent eggs-change! We've compiled quite the hen-semble of quips and witticisms to keep the yolks going for hours.

Clever Egg Puns That Will Have Everyone Rolling With Laughter

Puns are always a witty way to express a thought! Get all the geese in your gaggle giggling away with these hilarious egg puns.

Clever Egg Pun That Will Have Everyone Rolling With Laughter

Egg-based desserts are the best.

Am I right, or a meringue?

Looking for something to eat?

Hard-boiled eggs are hard to beat.

Why are eggs terrible public speakers?

Because inside, they are all little chickens!

How do chickens control their cholesterol?

They lay off eggs for a while!

Why did the hen get egg-spelled?

She was using fowl language!

Where does an egg always stop on a road trip?

At a shell station!

What do you call an optimist egg?

A dish that is always sunny side up!

Where do evil chickens come from?

Rotten eggs.

What do eggs consider the worst crime?


Why did the chicken stop in the middle of the road?

She wanted to lay it all on the line.

Why do eggs make terrible criminals?

They always crack under pressure

What did the detective chicken say at the crime scene?

This is a murder most fowl!

What phrase can get an egg rolling at full speed?

Let's get crackin'!

Funny Egg Jokes That Will Get People Cracking Up

These crackerjack quips are guaranteed to get some giggles! Whether you're sharing these at a party, a laid-back Easter gathering, or just posting or sharing with friends or family, they might be egg-sactly what you need to spark some laughter.

Funny Egg Joke to Crack at Parties

What do you call a trickster egg?

A practical yolker!

How do you cure a deviled egg?

With an eggs-orcism

What do you call a ghost egg who haunts chicken coups?

A poultry-gheist.

Why is an egg the best food to tell a joke to?

They are always cracking up!

How did the rooster feel after the hen agreed to go on a date with him?

Pretty plucky!

What do you call an egg hoping to catch a ride?

A hatch-hiker.

Why is Superman the best hero to fight an evil egg?

Because he has eggs-Ray vision!

Where do chickens really come from?


What is a baby egg's favorite television show?

Dora the Eggs-plorer!

During the trial, why was the omelette called to the stand?

He was an eggs-pert witness.

Why did the egg roll out of the boxing ring?

He was afraid of being beaten!

What is an egg's favorite tree?

A white y-oak!

How did the egg feel after watching the horror movie?

He was terri-fried!

How did the eggs successfully rob the bank?

They hatched a plan to run!

What is a chicken's favorite college course?


What do you call a chicken who always gets straight A's?

An egg head!

What is a hen's favorite restaurant?

Panda Eggs-press!

What did The Pointer Sisters say when they got their omelettes for breakfast?

We're so eggs-cited, and we just can't hide it!

What do the rooster Men in Black agents not want the public to know about?


Why do egg beaters make the worst comedians?

Because they don't got no yolks!

What did the egg say to his date that made her blush?

You look eggs-quisite!

How did the egg feel after the breakfast convention?

A little fried.

What is a chicken's favorite type of coffee?


Why did the chicken get a speeding ticket?

Because he eggs-celerated too quickly.

What do meditating eggs say before they take a steam?


Where can you find the freshest eggs?

New Yolk!

Why are spring chickens so sprightly?

Because they have the most hen-ergy!

Why do eggs stay home at the end of the week?

Because they don't want to be caught out on fry-day!

What do eggs think of breakfast for dinner?

It isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Why do eggs make the best comedians?

Because they always have a good yolk!

Why do eggs avoid Tom Cruise?

They think hanging out with him is whisk-y business!

Eggs-pert Level Egg Riddles

Stump your friends and family with these eggs-cellent egg riddles! They'll not only make you think egg-stra hard, but they'll make everyone laugh too.

Eggs-pert Level Egg Riddle

If you break me accidentally, I am useless. If you break me intentionally, I can serve my purpose. What am I?

An egg.

I live alone in a house with no windows or doors. If I want to exit my home, I must destroy it. What am I?

A chick in an egg.

I am both hard and soft. I sink and I float, and my life will either begin or end when I break. What am I?

An egg.

I provide food before I am born, while I am alive, and after I am dead. What am I?

A chicken.

Many times I am brown, but sometimes I am blue, and when I am in the right light, I can become see through. What am I?

An egg.

Punny Egg Captions

Social media posts are always better with a witty caption. Check out these eggs-tra special options!

Punny Egg Caption
  • Cracking up over here!
  • Hatching some eggs-cellent plans.
  • Ruling the roost!
  • Feeling a bit eggs-tra today.
  • You must be yolking!
  • Cracking under pressure isn't an option today.
  • Starting to come out of my shell.
  • I'm putting all my eggs in one basket. Planning to whisk it all!
  • Laying it all on the line.

Keep the Giggles Going

Egg puns can be used year round, but a certain holiday wouldn't be complete without a few hunts for colorful eggs. If you're looking for more inspiration surrounding this breakfast staple, check out our selection of Easter jokes!

55+ Egg Jokes & Puns That Might Egg-ceed Your Eggs-pectations