These Spring Riddles Are Plant-astic Ways to Grow Your Mind

Bring on the fun with these family-friendly springtime riddles.

Published March 1, 2023
Woman lying in field of flowers

As the earth defrosts and spring sets in, it's time to warm up your wits once again! A great way to get your mind moving is to challenge it with some fun word puzzles. These spring riddles are not only mind-boggling, but they can also be fun for the whole family.

Simple Spring Riddles for Kids

Can you solve these short spring riddles, or will they have you stumped? Kids of any age might enjoy these brain teasers.

Simple Spring Riddles for Kids

I am a bow that cannot be tied, and leprechauns store gold at the end of one of my sides. What am I?

A rainbow.

I am a place where kids splish, splash, and play, and I make rain boots a very important part of the day. What am I?

A puddle.

What is the first thing a gardener plants in the garden?

Their feet!

What can you clap, but has no hands?


What kind of flowers can you find on your face?


What runs around a garden, but never grows?

A fence!

Riddles About Springtime Weather

Made your way through the fluff? Let's see if you can handle the harder stuff! Check out these perplexing puzzles about spring!

Rhyming Riddles About Springtime

I bring both darkness and light, and I can be both wet and dry. Many times on spring nights, I take over the sky. I am known for producing both ice and rain, and you can see which way I am moving by using a wind vane. What am I?

A spring thunderstorm.

I cannot be seen, but my presence is clear. Dogs and small children consider me something to fear. I serve as a warning for a danger nearby, and I think that Thor is a pretty cool guy. What am I?


Opening me inside can bring a bit of bad luck, but when I don't work outdoors it can really suck. I tend to bloom on a rainy day, but stay shriveled when it's sunny in May. What am I?

An umbrella.

This is no April Fools' joke. I can bring quite a soak. I don't like to associate with electric guys; I just make water fill the skies. While I don't have a lot of power, I am great at bringing about a May flower. What am I?

An April shower.

I like to touch the ground, but you frequently find me in the sky. However, if I were to touch me, you could potentially die. What am I?


My rate of speed is pretty high, and my journey begins up in the sky. I never go up, I always fall down. If too many of my friends fall in the same spot, you could possibly drown. What am I?

A raindrop.

Springtime Riddles Inspired by the Outdoors

From the beauty of nature to the fun the season brings, these spring-inspired riddles might leave you smiling.

My life span is short, but my impact is long. I hum a very distinctive song. My favorite colors are yellow and black, and my bottom is shaped like a sharp little thumbtack. What am I?

A bumblebee.

I am pink and red and sometimes yellow. I symbolize someone's love for another fellow. A vase is something that I might adorn, but for those who hold me, make a point to watch for my thorn. What am I?

A rose.

I kneel a lot, but not to pray. I love to be outside on a sunny spring day. You can usually find me in a pair of gloves with a spade in my hand, boy do I love tending the land. Who am I?

A gardener.

I have bark, but absolutely no bite, and my fall colors can be quite the sight. However, in the spring, I like to grow things and I serve as a home for animals with wings. What am I?

A tree.

Sometimes I am practical, and sometimes I am pretty. You can find me in front of buildings in virtually any city. It takes a green thumb to make me look great, and many of my contents serve as gifts on an anniversary date. What am I?

A garden.

I have wings and a tail and I love to spend time in the sky, but without a proper wind, I cannot seem to fly. Sometimes my flight has a purpose and other times it's just for fun. You just need to make sure that you only enjoy me in the sun. What am I?

A kite.

Riddles Mold Your Mind

While they may seem misleading at first, the answer becomes quite obvious once you figure it out. Spring riddles are a great way to get anyone to think outside of the box! Creative reasoning is a fantastic problem-solving tool, so have fun and help your kids expand their minds at the same time.

These Spring Riddles Are Plant-astic Ways to Grow Your Mind