40+ Summer Jokes That'll Have You Swimming in Laughter

Water you doing? Stop searching for summer jokes! Here are grate options that everyone will be talking a-boat at your next barbecue.

Published April 5, 2023
School age brothers laughing outdoors

Are you feeling a bit tents after a long school year? For those planning to beat the heat by swimming, camping, and indulging in sweet treats and tasty picnic meats, we have some spectacular summer jokes to help heat up your conversations!

Summer Jokes for Kids to Shell-abrate the Season

Don't get overheated trying to come up with summer jokes to scorch the competition. We have the perfect poolside puns that will have you swimming in snickers.

Why can Cinderella not go swimming at the beach?

She lost her glass flipper!

Where do zombies like to vacation during summer break?

The Dead Sea.

What word reads the same right side up and upside down?


What do pirates and swimmers have in common?

They both love cannonballs!

What does a popsicle tell an angry ice cream bar?

Chill out!

How do sand toys feel about summer?

They really dig it!

Summer Jokes About the Sun, Heat, & Swimming

Mother and daughter on beach

Summer heat, summer sun, and swimming at the beach or pool... these are summer essentials that can bring on some waves of laughter! From water activities to beating the heat, sit back and bring on the sunscreen for this a-ray of jokes.

Every summer, the aquatic center struggles to keep a pool maintenance manager on staff....

We hear the work is draining.

How does a swimmer build up his arm strength?

Pool ups!

What is black, white, and red all over?

A penguin with a sunburn.

Banana Boat sunscreen was hiring, but I didn't get the job.

They said I should reapply.

What did the band UFO have to say about the summer temperatures?

They're Too Hot to Handle!

Why was the sun skeptical about wearing sunglasses by the pool?

They seemed a little shady…

How did the swimmers stay clean on the beach?

They washed up on shore!

What did the zookeeper say about the summer heat?

It's a real bear!

Summer Dad Jokes That'll Make the Party Sizzle

A family sits at a table outside and enjoys a summer barbecue together

Dads are some the corniest guys around, and during the summer, when the sun's out, the puns come out. Thankfully, these jokes will make anyone a happy camper. You might even find yourself want to hear s'more!

How can you tell if the crowd is excited about the hot temperatures at the baseball game?

They do the heat wave!

The sparkler and the Roman candle had quite the summer romance....

Sparks were flying everywhere!

What is an oak tree's favorite summer outfit?

His swimming trunks!

What does a pig say on the hot July day?

I'm bacon.

Did you hear about how the sun went on strike last summer?

He wanted a rays.

Dad was grilling and burned our lunch.

Misteaks were made.

Summer Vacation & Camp Jokes Guaranteed to Break the Tents-ion

What would summer be without a smattering of family vacation and a sprinkling of summer camp? Seas the day with these sun-tastic jokes!

Why was the sun so excited to start school after his summer vacation?

He knew he was bright!

The summer camp counselor quit her job.

She found the job a little in-tents.

How did the ocean say goodbye to everyone when summer break was over?

He waved!

Why was the camper disappointed when camp was over?

They wanted s'more of it.

Why did the mom spray perfume on summer vacation?

She wanted Endless Summer.

Why was the family so tired after summer vacation?

Because of all the long days.

Why did the kids asl the parents for Scotch tape?

Because summer vacation was wrapping up.

Why couldn't the ice pop take a summer road trip?

It was impopsicle with their schedule.

Funny Summer Food Jokes That'll Have You Serving Up Giggles

Father with daughter eating fast food

Are you in a pickle trying to come up with something clever to say at your summer barbecue? Let us help you with this dill-ema! We have a grate list of picnic-themed puns that are guaranteed to raise the steaks!

What is a sheep's favorite summertime food?


Everyone showed up at the end-of-summer barbecue!

It was a great time to ketch-up before school started once again!

What is a frog's favorite summertime drink?

Croak-a Cola!

The citrus fruit overheated and passed out at the baseball game!

The ambulance came to give the lemon-ade!

Do you think we should invite the corn on the cob to the summer barbecue?

Maize well!

Where is a hot dog's favorite place to stay on a summer vacation in the mountains?

In his wiener-bago!

Who can you always count on to give you the best summer gossip?

The ice cream man! He always has the scoop!

Why did the brats refuse to go to Destin, Florida for summer break?

Because the beaches were too krauted.

Why do popsicles love the summer so much?

Because it is the only time they get to chill out!

Who is in charge of inspecting the summer picnic menu?

The mainten-ants department!

Did you hear about the ice cream truck driver's crash?

He couldn't handle the rocky road!

What did the hamburger say to his slider sons who were lollygagging on the trail?


Why are gherkins always welcome at parties?

They are always a dill-ight to talk to!

The hot dog family got to visit their sausage cousins over summer break...

Needless to say, they relished their time together!

Why does corn on the cob never go out late at night?

Because they think dark summer nights are a little ear-ie!

What is a dog's favorite summertime snack?

A pup-sicle!

Why do ice cream cones always carry an umbrella in the summer?

Just in case of an afternoon sprinkle!

Did you hear about the pickle's garage sale?

He had some pretty sweet dills!

Why should you never gossip around corn on the cob?

Because they are all ears!

No one invited the watermelon to the pool party…

You could say he was a little melon-choly when he heard the news.

Why do hamburgers spend their spring at the gym?

So they can have the best buns in the summer!

What is a frog's favorite treat for a hot summer day?


Why do secret agents make the best pitmasters?

They have a license to grill!

Summer Jokes Will Melt Away Your Worries

Anything is popsicle when you have the right ice breaker! Summer jokes are a fantastic way to ensure that you always make a splash and get some giggles. If you plan to go camping this summer for your family trip, also don't forget to check out our un-bear-ably silly list of bear jokes for kids!

40+ Summer Jokes That'll Have You Swimming in Laughter