Sad Teenage Poems About Love

Sad teenage love poems

Love and sadness are closely linked during the turbulent adolescent years. Whether you want poems to read or to provide inspiration for your own writing, those featuring sad themes have many uses. Sad poems about love are a means of emotional catharsis for teens offering a way to identify and relieve painful emotions.

Original Love Poems

Michele Meleen's original sad love poems touch on a variety of teen experiences including loss, unrequited love, and social stigmas.

Defining Moment

Explore self-love in this free-verse poem about finding yourself and learning to love you.

Who Am I,
In this cold, lonely place
Where no one stands out
Yet, everyone is different?

Who am I,
In this vast array of people
Wandering through life,
Waiting for that moment
Where my self is defined?

Who am I,
In this world called life
Where dying is the easy part?
I love who I think I am,
But is that really me?

Your Eyes

Feelings of jealousy are difficult to deal with. Your Eyes expresses feelings of jealousy as the narrator's love interest doesn't notice her because he is dating someone else.


Why don't you see me through your eyes?
Why won't you see me in your mind?
I'm here, in front of your face,
Craving your embrace.
What is it that she contains?
Why can't you find me just the same?

I try so very hard
To be what you want,
But, you just can't see
There's a person inside me.

I don't want to try anymore.
I want you to see me right now.
I want you to show me how
To be like her.
I don't want to love like this,
Without you there.
I need you to see me,
I want you to care.


Teen couples without transportation and those from different school districts face challenges similar to long-distance relationships. This rhyming poem showcases what happens when the space becomes too much for young love to endure.

Time is pushing us away,
It's tearing us apart.
I wish I knew a way to stay,
But it was inevitable from the start.

The distance is too great.
The stress is just too much.
I feel we are fighting fate,
But I no longer feel the rush.

It's not your fault,
My willpower is gone.
Our time is at a halt,
I see it's all gone wrong.

I hope you understand
The way I feel inside.
I want your loving hands,
But need them by my side

Lesbian Love

Same-sex couples face scrutiny unlike many other teen couples. This haiku exposes the simplicity behind such a complex issue.

Girl loving a girl
Always judged and scorned by peers
Yearns for acceptance

Sad Poetry

Love is an intense feeling capable of producing contrasting emotional experiences. Different tones, poetic devices, and points of view capture these complicated feelings.


The phrase sad love is an oxymoron, meaning the two words have opposite meanings. This poem uses oxymoron as a device to express the unhappy feelings accompanying love.

Think of the face that tortures you
Ireland Herself set upon the stage
Troy burning behind
And the troubling of your life began

It is a noble thing to suffer for love
Suspended in an unrequited passion

Think of what tragic joy made you immortal
Poor words that never touched
The violent beauty of a woman lost in revolution
One who mothered your sorrow
To justify her indifference

And think of what she would have become
If a flame from the dying city
Unmasked that face
Think of what is left
Ask yourself


Poetry about love relates to friendships, family, and pets. This poem expresses the loss of a sibling.

Teenager mourning a love one

I caught a glimpse of you
And for a moment
You were here
Your form within the hallway
Of our lost childhood
I closed my eyes to speak
Finding you gone
Before my first word
And again, I press my mind
To conjure images
Of the person you'd become
To find you--
This raw space
Before me

An Apology

This brief poem leaves the reader with many questions. The stark, direct tone allows the audience to apply the solemn experience to a number of situations.

Your letter lies
In a clutter
Of past due bills
An unpaid fine
And more prevalent matters
I'll get to in time

Shocked to find it
With you three weeks gone

Creative Emotion

Poems for teenagers about love feature melancholy themes, but this is part of what makes them powerful. Reading poems is just as important as writing them. The ability to appreciate the intricacies of sad poetry helps you work through unhappy experiences with young love.

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Sad Teenage Poems About Love