Heart-Melting Poems for Parents of Newborns

Updated March 14, 2019
Poems for Parents

If you're looking for a way to make your baby's arrival unique and special, poems for parents of newborns may hold just the right words to mark your special announcement. Use poems that melt your heart as you read them or write your own.

Poems About Newborn Babies

Poems like these can be used for announcements, gifts or just in special notes welcoming new babies or congratulating new parents. Or, use poems to inspire your own verse!

Sweet Poem for New Parents

By Michele Meleen

No amount of planning
could prepare us
to see your face,
to feel so full of grace,
too long for your embrace.

Thanks to your sweet smile
we can end our dream's race
because you are our happy place.

A Parent's Love

By Michele Meleen

Like the sky above
steadfast, forever you see
parent's love, baby.

From Daddy

By Michele Meleen

You give me superhuman strength
and enough love to save the world.

My precious baby you have turned
me into your personal superhero.

Whenever you cry
I'll jump, I'll fly,
I'll run, I'll teleport
to get to you
and stop your cry
with Daddy's super love.

From Mommy

By Michele Meleen

I've known you now for nine long months
never able to see or hold you.
This moment is more fulfilling
than even I ever knew.
My newborn love I get to hold
and show what your Mommy can do.

The Funny Thing About Newborns

By Michele Meleen

The funny thing about newborns
is they're like terrible little thieves.
They steal your thoughts
and steal your mind
then steal your heart.
But, instead of keeping it
all for themselves
They give you back
more than they stole.

To Our New Baby Girl

By Michele Meleen

Dear Baby
Grace us with your smile.
Ignite our lives with fun.
Raise our spirits high.
Love us with all your might.

To Our New Baby Boy

By Michele Meleen

Here's to you,
our baby boy!
Five reasons
we love you:

  1. You waited patiently then came into the world with grace and style.
  2. No scream came from your lips, but you gave Mom a smile.
  3. At Dad's soft touch you closed your eyes in peace.
  4. Resting in our arms slept soundly.
  5. Together we make the perfect family.

My Baby, You Are an Inspiration

By Michele Meleen

The journey was long
you were patient and serene
my inspiration.

Wishes for My Newborn

By Michele Meleen

If a genie granted me
three wishes, Wow!
I'd ask for him
to give my baby now:
The feeling of infinite love
The knowledge of a parent's role
and a life that always feels whole.

More Resources for Newborn Poems

Whether you're looking for poems about babies or tips on writing your own, there are plenty of articles and websites to help you.

parents with newborn baby

Newborn Poems for Specific Occasions

Each birth is a unique experience that warrants a relatable poem.

Poems for Birth Announcements

The arrival of a baby is filled with happiness. Today, birth announcements are often sent by the new parents or grandparents. Within these announcements and poems babies are often called terms like:

  • Angel of love
  • Blessing
  • Delight
  • Gift
  • Miracle

Tips for Writing Your Own Baby Poem

If you're just learning to write poems, start out simple with a free-writing exercise where you simply jot down your thoughts about your baby.

  • Use a one-liner such as a new baby saying as the opening or closing line of your poem.
  • Start with a short and cute love poem format so you don't get overwhelmed with rhyme and meter.
  • Free verse format is also great for beginners because there are not rules.
  • If you really struggle with writing poetry, write a 100 Reasons Why I Love You poem to your new baby.

Keeping a Book of Poems

As you find those special poems that touch the heart, you can copy them into a journal to give to your baby he or she is grown. If you date them and keep up with the journal, it will make a fine gift when your child is old enough to appreciate it as it marks his or her advancements in life through poetry.

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Heart-Melting Poems for Parents of Newborns