Poems for Teenage Boyfriends That Are Sweet or Funny

Updated March 12, 2018
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It is perfectly all right to give or write your own poems for teenage boyfriends who will be part of your life through high school. Women have been writing poetry for the men in their lives for centuries. In fact, a long time before women could openly write fiction, they wrote poetry. Girls and women from every continent have written poetry to express their feelings, to express their opinions, and even as a form of code.

First Poems for Teen Boyfriends

If you'd like to offer a poem to your boyfriend, consider some of these.

In Return

By Barbara Menter

What can I give you in return,
for the great gift you have given me?
I still cannot believe I am so lucky,
To be sharing the same moments with you.
The days pass by in a gold haze of laughter
Shared, stories told, life lived, as we hold each
Others hearts as precious glass charms in our hands.

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A Haiku Just for Us

By Kelly Roper

Laughter and friendship,
Deeper feelings are growing
As love now blossoms.

What You Are

By Barbara Menter

What are you made up of, snips and snails? Puppy dogs
Follow you, but only see a fragment of who you are,
And what you have become to mean to me.
You are all the eagerness of a ball well caught,
Of lessons learned, and what time has taught.
You are lightning flashes of anger as injustice falls,
Quick silver color of anguish and losses.
You are the music, the rapid drumming that
Becomes my heartbeat when you and I stand
Close in the dark.


By Barbara Mentor

Our time together is a series of firsts, the first
Date and how ridiculous it seems - your shyness
My shyness since we've known each other since forever.
In the end, we could not contain our laughter, and the kiss that felt
Right as rain falling on our upturned faces.
You've seen me with head colds, and without makeup.
I wonder at your words - You are so beautiful and I
Push the hair off your face and kiss all three freckles
On your nose as you, gather my face in your hands.
The world dissolves behind bright-colored spectacles of rose.

Poems Your Boyfriend Can Relate To

It may be a surprise to learn that boys actually appreciate a well thought out sentiment, as opposed to drippy, gooey, sentimentality. When you are looking for poems for your boyfriend, try using something that captures his attention and is easy for him to relate to.

Love Is Like a Video Game

By Kelly Roper

Sometimes I think our relationship
Is like a video game.
You try to make the winning moves
While I'm doing the same.
Maybe we should approach this thing
In a different kind of way.
Let's look at it like we're on the same team,
It's us playing the world every day.

Racing Like My Heart

By Barbara Menter

To me, just to be frank here, these are cars
Driving in circles, chasing one another.
I do not understand the subtle nuances of each
Wave of the flag, each turn's danger ratio.
I watch it, though, just to see your eyes rapt,
Somewhat like the way you look at me.
Sometimes, like right now, I am the farthest
Thing from your mind, but I know as you
Sometimes squeeze my hand in unfathomable excitement
I'm still close to your heart, and that makes my heart go vroom!

Girl and boy with cell phone

About Your Cell Phone...

By Kelly Roper

I know who my competition is,
And it's not a blonde or brunette.
It's your trusty cell phone that
Receives the attention I should get.
I'm not trying to cut your off from your friends,
I just wish your attention wasn't so divided.
So just for today, would you put it away
And have eyes just for me? Let's try it!

Big Game

By Barbara Menter

There is enough food here to feed a crowd, not three.
I mean it's just your brother, you and me.
Right here in the living room.
But for all the agony, and the catcalls, and the fights with
The referee, we might as well be sitting in the cold air
With a gazillion people with blue faces….from paint
And getting beer tossed on me -
Whoops - never mind - your brother just did that.
This is love and Valentine's Day is coming.

Write a Poem, Take a Chance

The important thing about poems for teenage boyfriends is keeping it real. Boys think in a very concrete sense, but that doesn't mean you can't imprint your heart in the wet cement of his emotions. Go ahead and give it a try.

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Poems for Teenage Boyfriends That Are Sweet or Funny