40 Sweet Baby Girl Quotes That Will Make You Melt

Published January 18, 2022
Adorable baby smiling joyfully at her mom

Your little lady has stolen your heart with a single glance. With her birth, your entire world shifted, making her the center of all. These baby girl quotes capture the sentiments of how you feel about the tiny person who now mesmerizes your soul.

Short and Sweet Baby Girl Quotes

These short and sweet quotes on parenting a baby girl are the perfect words to help express the love you have for your lovely little one.

Mother and baby playing in the bed
  • This little girl is nothing short of a blessing and a wonder.
  • Baby girls are to be loved, cherished, and honored for all time.
  • This little girl is everything I ever dreamed of.
  • Baby girls are the key to unlocking the rest of your heart.
  • She is the miracle of all miracles.
  • Baby girls are massive blessings in tiny bodies.
  • A little girl is a lifelong dream realized.
  • She is a feast for the eyes and a party for the soul.
  • This little girl is everything I never knew I needed.
  • Whatever she grows into, I know it will be amazing.

Famous Baby Girl Quotes

The arrival of a little girl changes everything, and these quotes express the massive amount of power a small human being exerts over the human heart.

Mother Holding Baby's Hand
  • "She's far more precious than jewels." - Proverbs 31:10
  • "Though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare
  • "Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains." - Napoleon Bonaparte
  • "A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give." - Laurel Atherton
  • "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." - Kate Spade
  • "A tiny daughter gives parents a life in a climate of perpetual wonder." - Pierre Doucet
  • "She's a little wildflower with a lot of warrior underneath." - Melody Lee
  • "A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." - Coco Chanel
  • "You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars." - E. E. Cummings
  • "I know a girl, she puts the color inside my world. " - John Mayer

Funny Quotes About Your Darling Little Lady

Becoming a parent certainly changes everything, and the birth of your daughter has provided you with sentimental, serene moments of wonder, as well as a few funny memories to store away for the years to come. Sure, little girls are made with sugar and spice, and as proven with these quotes, maybe a bit more spice in some cases!

Mother Hugging Sleeping Baby Girl
  • When you see your baby girl, you realize two things: You'll never love like this again, and you are in trouble.
  • Loving this baby costs nothing. Filling her closet will cost everything.
  • Enjoy the sweetness of a baby daughter now. It will offset the saltiness that should arrive in about 14 years.
  • Amazing how something so small can fill the entirety of your heart.
  • Because of her, you will love harder, fear more, and sleep less... and it will all be worth it.
  • If I'm forced to work a 24-hour shift, I'm sure glad this little thing is my boss.
  • She is the cutest, sweetest thing I have ever seen. This fuels me through the long, hard nights of sleeplessness.
  • This little lady proves there really is someone out there for everyone.
  • Women are amazing. They can grow and give birth to their best friend.
  • If this baby girl loves me a fraction as much as I love her, we will be just fine.

Sentimental Baby Girl Quotes to Give You All the Feels

With the arrival of your baby girl, your heart now swells to great heights. You now spend your days reveling in the wonder that is this small and perfect child. These sentimental quotes about baby girls hit all the right emotional notes.

Chubby baby legs and feet on a bed
  • Little girl, I'll always love you, never leave you, and cherish you for all of my days.
  • A baby girl is the only thing that can make you forget the exhaustion, the crying, and the stinks that come along with parenthood.
  • Look at your baby girl and know that anything is possible, everything is worthwhile, and nothing means more than her.
  • This little girl is your light. Let her lead the way. She will show you.
  • Never have I loved, dreamed, or smiled so hard as when I saw my baby girl.
  • The will to do all and everything came in the form of a seven-pound baby girl.
  • In looking at her, I knew I would and could never quite love like this again.
  • Everything about her is little, except for the way she makes me feel.
  • For you, baby girl, there is nothing I would not do.
  • For all the days of your life, you only need to think of me or whisper my name to the wind, and I'll be there, always by your side.
  • I hold her in my arms and my heart, and she holds me in her gaze.

Use a Special Baby Girl Quote to Emphasize Your Feelings

Whether you are looking for the perfect words to complement a newborn picture caption, send wishes in a new baby card, or put in a baby book to highlight a memory, a few of these baby girl quotes are bound to make the cut. Go short and sweet, sentimental or funny, but whatever you choose, be sure it captures exactly how you feel about the little human that is your sun, moon, and stars.

40 Sweet Baby Girl Quotes That Will Make You Melt