100 Thoughtful Anniversary Quotes for Friends

Published September 27, 2022
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Be the kind of friend who remembers everyone's anniversary! It's so thoughtful to send your love to your besties who are celebrating such a wonderful relationship milestone. Whether you've known them so long you were at their wedding (or were even in their wedding party), or your friendship is relatively recent, sharing a thoughtful wish for continued wedded bliss is sure to make an already special day even more wonderful.

Anniversary Wishes for Your Very Best Friends

Anniversary Wishes for Your Very Best Friends

When your closest friends celebrate another year of wedded bliss with the ones they love, that is certainly an occasion for celebration. Whether they're celebrating with a party or on their own, be sure to send your heartfelt wishes for a wonderful anniversary.

  • Keep on living the happily ever after dream, dear friends.
  • Friends, may love light every moment of your lives together.
  • No one deserves happily ever after more than the two of you! Happy anniversary!
  • May every moment of your life together be blessed with the happiness you both deserve.
  • I am in awe of the work you've put in to build an amazing life together. Happy anniversary.
  • May your anniversary be joyous and may your love grow even stronger with every passing day.
  • My wish for you, dear friends, is that you always stay truly, madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love.
  • Your happiness is so important to me. I love how happy the two of you are together. Happy anniversary.
  • Knowing that you two have each other makes my heart sing. Happy birthday to two of my favorite people.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy anniversary and another amazing joy-filled year together.
  • My anniversary wish for you, two of my favorite people, is that your lives are filled with love and happiness.
  • May you always see forever when you look into each other's eyes. Have a wonderful anniversary, dear friends.
  • The very best friends apparently make the very best spouses. May your capacity for love continue to grow year after year.
  • It was a great honor to stand on the altar with you as you began your lives as a married couple. May you always be happy together.
  • Friends like the two of you deserve all the happiness in the world. Best wishes for a happy anniversary and many joyful returns.
  • You two really are an example of synergy - separately you're awesome people and together you're unstoppable. Happy anniversary.

Sincere Happy Anniversary Quotes for Friends

Sincere Happy Anniversary Quote for Friends

Love always deserves to be celebrated! Don't limit your anniversary well-wishes to only the innermost of your inner circle. Use the quotes below to wish all of your friends - IRL and otherwise - a very happy anniversary.

  • Celebrate matrimonial bliss!
  • Have a spectacular anniversary.
  • May you forever be happy together.
  • Here's to you on your anniversary!
  • Warm wishes for a wonderful anniversary.
  • Together is where it's at! Happy anniversary.
  • Have a lovely day on your anniversary, friends.
  • Together looks great on you! Happy anniversary.
  • Cheers to you on this special day. Happy anniversary.
  • Today is all about the two of you. Happy anniversary!
  • It's a great day to celebrate forever. Happy anniversary.
  • Live, love, and be happy. Have a wonderful anniversary!
  • Have a happy anniversary and an even better year to come.
  • Happy anniversary to two people who deserve a truly remarkable day.
  • Live, love, and celebrate! That's what anniversaries are for. Have a great one!
  • It's a great day to eat, drink, and be married! Have a wonderful time celebrating together!

Anniversary Quotes for Recently Married Friends

Anniversary Quote for Recently Married Friends

Every year of marriage is a milestone to be celebrated! Whether your friends are celebrating their first or second anniversary, or they've been married a bit longer, the quotes below are sure to strike just the right chord.

  • May love always keep you happily together.
  • Here's to good decisions! Happy anniversary.
  • Wedded bliss suits the two of you. Happy anniversary.
  • Anniversaries are made for lovers. Make yours a great one!
  • May you be blessed with many more years of marital bliss!
  • May your [first, second, etc.] anniversary be a symphony of love.
  • Enjoy today and celebrate your love like only recently-weds can!
  • Make today all about the two of you. Have a wonderful anniversary!
  • With each year that passes, may your love grow deeper and deeper.
  • May every anniversary you celebrate lead to an ever-deepening love.
  • Being hitched looks good on both of you! Happy anniversary, friends!
  • It's a joy to watch your love story unfold. Happy anniversary, dear friends.
  • Love is the very best reason of all to celebrate. Make your anniversary magical!
  • May you always be husband and wife! Have a wonderful day celebrating married life.
  • Have an incredible anniversary with your eye on tomorrow, for the best is yet to come.
  • It's a joy to watch the two of you continue to become better together. Much love as you celebrate your anniversary.

Anniversary Quotes for Long-Married Friends

Anniversary Quote for Long-Married Friends

It's awesome to have couples in your friend group whose love has stayed the course. As time goes by, make an even bigger deal out of your friends' anniversaries. Treat every anniversary like the marvelous occasion that it is with warm wishes for them to share many, many, more years (or decades!) of love.

  • You make forever look easy!
  • Your long-time love makes my heart sing.
  • May your day be as delightful as your love is enduring.
  • Forever looks great on the two of you. Happy anniversary!
  • May this anniversary be as joyful as the day you got married.
  • Happy anniversary - another year down in your quest for gold!
  • You make forever look fabulous! Have a wonderful anniversary.
  • Celebrate your special day in style, like the power couple you are!
  • Happy anniversary to the couple who epitomizes #marriagegoals.
  • Your relationship is an inspiration. Have a wonderful anniversary.
  • The love you two have for each other is an inspiration to the rest of us.
  • Cheers to the day you tied the knot all those years ago. Happy anniversary!
  • Congratulations on cracking the code to everlasting love. Happy anniversary!
  • Real love for the real world. Nobody does it better than you. Happy anniversary.
  • When mad love survives in the real world, that's something to celebrate. Happy anniversary.
  • If you inspire each other half as much as your love inspires the rest of us, you will always be madly in love.
  • Seems like it's about time for you to write a book on how to have a long and happy marriage. Happy anniversary!

Lighthearted and Funny Anniversary Quotes for Friends

Lighthearted and Funny Anniversary Quote for Friends

Sentimental anniversary quotes are super-sweet, but they're not the only option. Funny quotes, silly sayings, or even puns can be a great way to share lighthearted anniversary greetings with your compadres.

  • Have a very marry day!
  • Happy marriage birthday, friends!
  • Happy anniversary lovebirds. Enough wed!
  • Happy anniversary, outliers! You beat the statistics!
  • When it comes to anniversaries, the more the married.
  • May your day be bride and beautiful. Happy anniversary.
  • Couples who stay together celebrate anniversaries forever.
  • Happy anniversary to two people who truly deserve each other.
  • Way to show those divorce statistics who's boss. Happy outlier day!
  • This is what happens when you put a ring on it. Happy anniversary!
  • If you've gotta grow old, may as well do it together! Happy anniversary.
  • You two sure found the right person to get into wed with! Have a wonderful day.
  • Nobody's perfect, but you two are surely perfect for each other. Happy anniversary!
  • Celebrate your anniversary in a new way every year, friends. After all, variety is the spouse of life.
  • Congratulations on making it another year closer to one day becoming an old, happily married couple!
  • From the aisle to the wed carpet, may each year of your life together be even more glamorous than the last.

Short Anniversary Sayings and Captions

Short Anniversary Saying

Would you rather share a shorter saying? Anniversary quotes don't have to be long to be meaningful. The super-brief sayings below are great anniversary messages to text to your friends or to share as comments on their anniversary selfies.

  • Perfect pair.
  • Meant to be.
  • What a pair!
  • Forever love.
  • Love always.
  • Lucky in love.
  • Power couple.
  • Wedded bliss.
  • Two of a kind.
  • Soulmate fate.
  • Better together.
  • Looks like love.
  • Together forever.
  • Forever sweethearts.
  • Forever in progress.
  • Linked for a lifetime.
  • Love each other forever.
  • Keep doing life together.
  • Be together and prosper.

Wish Your Friends a Wonderful Anniversary

With so many great ideas for friend-appropriate anniversary messages, you'll never have to wonder what to say! Use the thoughtful quotes and sayings above to send a special shout-out to your friends when their special day rolls around.

100 Thoughtful Anniversary Quotes for Friends