92 Birthday Captions for Yourself To Celebrate Another Year

Published April 12, 2022
teenager girl blowing out candles in her birthday

It's super-fun to mark another trip around the sun in social style by sharing just the right selfie paired with a carefully chosen birthday caption for yourself. No matter what kind of birthday vibes you're feeling this year, you're sure to find just the right wording in this collection of sayings curated with celebratory photo sharing in mind.

Short Birthday Captions for Yourself

Portrait of a young man celebrating birthday at home

Snap a selfie, update your DP (display picture), and shout out to the world that today's your special day with these super-short Instagram birthday captions for yourself

  • One year adultier.
  • HBD to me.
  • Older still.
  • Yearly beloved.
  • Stronger today.
  • Forever young.
  • Birthday wisdom.
  • Another year better.
  • Center of attention.
  • Hashtag refresh #[insert age]

Longer Birthday Captions for Instagram

Young Woman Having A Virtual Birthday Party

Short captions are snappy and fun, but you don't have to limit yourself to just two or three words. After all, it's your birthday - so use as many words (within reason!) as you want.

  • My birthday selfie is better than yours.
  • There's no bliss better than birthday bliss.
  • Today is all about me and how awesome I am.
  • I've never been a better age than I am right now.
  • Happy birthday to me; I'm excited to face this day with glee.
  • That time my birthday cake was like a fireworks display.
  • With or without you, I'm making birthday memories today!
  • Mom and dad, enjoy the anniversary of the best thing you ever did!
  • If I didn't announce by #bday on Insta, would it even really happen?
  • Be sure to congratulate my mom on the day she brought me into the world.

Birthday Selfie Sayings

Woman holding cupcake with birthday candle

Show off how awesome you look on your birthday with these specially scripted selfie sayings.

  • Me, just older.
  • Birthday glow.
  • Birthday beauty.
  • Greetings #[insert age].
  • Birthday #unfiltered.
  • Resting birthday face.
  • That day I woke up #insert age.
  • It's a #nofilter kind of birthday.
  • This is what [insert age] looks like.
  • Don't hate me because it's my birthday.

Birthday Vibes Social Captions

Don't leave your friends guessing about your birthday mood. Put your birthday vibe out there with a telling caption.

  • Birthdays are a big deal.
  • Age is a state of mind.
  • Today's all about me.
  • Aging better than fine wine.
  • Facing a new year free from fear.
  • Gettin' my way on my birthday.
  • Growing up, but not getting old.
  • Prepping for an amazing birthday.
  • Facing another year with gratitude.
  • Fortune favors those who grow old(er).

Funny Birthday Captions for Yourself

woman blowing out birthday candles

Inject a bit of humor into your birthday captions with a funny saying or silly pun in honor of your big day.

  • Too hot to candle!
  • Don't go countin' candles.
  • Aging is for the young at heart.
  • Havin' a birth-shattering day.
  • Gettin' a cake out of my birthday.
  • Birthdays can be a double-aged sword.
  • Do all these candles make me look old?
  • When does this maturity thing kick in?
  • Switchin' to numeric candles this year.
  • Ain't nobody gettin' older 'round here.

Good Morning Birthday Captions

Add these birthday captions to the very first selfie you snap on the anniversary of your birth.

  • Up and older.
  • Hello birthday!
  • Seize the birthday!
  • Welcome #birthday.
  • Rise and #birthday shine.
  • Rise and face the birthday.
  • It's the dawn of a new age. #[insert age]
  • It's gonna be a #birthday crown kind of day.
  • It's a great day for the anniversary of my birth.
  • Welcome to the first day of the next year of my life.

Birthday Celebration Captions

Woman celebrating her birthday alone at home

Use these Instagram captions to share pics from the various ways you're celebrating your big day.

  • Livin' my best birthday.
  • Guest of honor.
  • Cheers to me!
  • Where's my confetti?
  • Birthdays really take the cake.
  • Let us gather together to celebrate me.
  • Doin' birthday stuff with my crew.
  • Celebrate me from year to eternity.
  • It's my turn to be the guest of honor.
  • Having' a birthdate with my BFFs.

Birthday Girl Captions

Birthday gals looking to feel super-special on their big day may want to should out on social media with these fun and celebratory captions.

  • Birthday princess.
  • Birthday queen.
  • My birthday tiara is showing.
  • Queen for a birthday. #bdaygirl
  • It's a great day for a birthday tiara.
  • Girls just wanna have #birthday fun.

Birthday Guy Captions

Birthday guys can get into the social fun with their own brand of birthday captions.

  • King for a #birthday.
  • Long live the #bday king.
  • Boy yesterday, man today.
  • Havin' a man-tastic birthday!
  • Not so fresh prince. #birthdayguy
  • If I were the last man on Earth, today would still be my birthday.

Birthday Hashtags for Your Instagram Captions

No matter what sayings you decide to use for your birthday selfie, make them uniquely Insta-ready with some birthday-focused hashtags.

  • #hbd
  • #instbday
  • #happybday
  • #birthdayparty
  • #instabirthday
  • #birthdaycake
  • #birthdayvibes
  • #birthdayparty
  • #happybirthday
  • #birthdaycelebration

Caption Your Birthday

It doesn't matter if you're turning 20, it's your 80th birthday, or you're 120, kick off the best birthday ever with a captioned selfie (or two, or more...)! These birthday captions are made to share via Instagram and other social apps, so you can greet your birthday with a message that captures the unique combination of your personality and your state of mind as you celebrate the anniversary of your first day on Earth.

92 Birthday Captions for Yourself To Celebrate Another Year