Happy Birthday, Son-in-Law: 40 Messages to Make His Day

Published March 5, 2021
hugging her son in-law

The man that your child married probably has a special place in your heart. Over the years, he grew on you and became the bonus kid in your life! Let him know how much you adore him with one of these, "Happy birthday son-in-law," quotes.

Funny Happy Birthday Son-in-law Quotes

You and your son-in-law have a great relationship and a fun banter. He will smile ear to ear with any of these birthday quotes.

  • Cheers to the son we never knew we wanted.
  • One year older, not so sure about one year wiser. Happy birthday son-in-law!
  • Happy birthday to the guy who puts up with our spawn every single day.
  • Kick back and relax. Don't let our bio kid boss you around on your special day.
  • Happy birthday wishes to an "Awe-son-e" guy.
  • You know we love you, son-in-law. If we didn't, we wouldn't have walked her down the aisle.
  • If it weren't for you, who knows where she would be today! Thank you for taking care of our girl.
  • Happy birthday to our favorite child! (Shhhhh- Don't tell your spouse we said that!)
  • We celebrate you today and every day that we don't have to come over and fix something for our dear child. Happy birthday.
  • We questioned our child's decision-making skills until he/she picked you. Happy birthday, son.
  • They say you can't put a price on love. Your wedding says otherwise! Happy birthday son-in-law, you guys were worth every penny.
  • We thought of giving you a gift but figured our dear kiddo was gift enough. Happy birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Son-in-law Quotes

Sentimental Happy Birthday Son-in-Law Quotes

He has made your family complete and is the perfect other half for your dear child. Tell him how much you love and appreciate him on his birthday.

  • You were born into a different family, and we are blessed that you made your way into ours. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to an amazing husband, father, and son. There is nothing that you are not incredible at.
  • You hold a special corner of our hearts. Happy birthday to our son-in-law.
  • Your love, patience, and devotion to your family make us beam with pride that you are our son-in-law. Happy birthday to you.
  • When we count our blessings, we count you twice. Happy birthday.
  • Parents only want the best for their kids, and in you, we sure got what we wanted. Happy birthday to the best son-in-law ever.
  • When we look at you and our child, we know that soulmates truly exist. Happy birthday from your in-laws.
  • Happiest of birthdays to our very special bonus son.
  • We never thought anyone would be good enough for our kid, but you sure proved us wrong. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • Warmest birthday wishes to the man who made us happy to give our child away.
Sentimental Happy Birthday Son-in-Law Quotes

Birthday Quotes for Trying Relationships

It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, and you and your son-in-law have had your ups and downs over the years. No matter, he is still an important family member and will want to hear that through everything, you are still thinking of him on his birthday.

  • We have had our ups and downs, but through it all, we are so glad our child chose you to walk through life with. Happy birthday.
  • We know life with our daughter has been a wild rollercoaster at times. Thanks for never getting off the ride. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • We prove that some relationships really are worth fighting for. Happy birthday sparring partner!
  • We might not always agree on things, but no matter what, we will always be family. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • Of all the things that we are proud of, we are most proud to still call you son. Happy birthday!
  • Your marriage has had some twists and turns in the road. Thanks for never getting off at the next exit. Happy birthday to our son-in-law.
  • We've called each other a lot of names, but never quitter! Happy birthday son, thanks for never quitting me.

Happy Birthday From a Father-in-Law

He is your wingman in the family, your sports-watching or duck hunting buddy. He isn't biologically yours, but he is your son all the same.

  • In you, I gained a son, a friend, and a partner in crime. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • I've never been so pleased to share my man cave with anyone. Happy birthday to my main guy.
  • You are a constant reminder that I didn't lose a daughter/son, I gained a son. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • Happy birthday to the most handsome son-in-law in the world. Remember, girls always choose guys who remind them of dad.
  • Happy birthday to a man I respect and love. I'm so proud to call you my son.
  • Birthday wishes to a dude who shows grit and determination each and every day. We know you possess these qualities because you are wed to our daughter.
  • Thinking of you on your birthday, but trying to not think of your celebrating with my daughter.
Happy Birthday From a Father-in-Law

Happy Birthday From a Mother-in-Law

He is the bonus boy in your life and just as much son to you as the children who you birthed. Let him know that he owns a corner of your heart with one of these quotes tailormade for mothers-in-law and their married-in sons.

  • You are my favorite kid because I got all the good and had none of the hard work raising you! Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • Being your mother-in-law has been a true joy. Happy birthday, dearest son-in-law.
  • Birthday wishes to the guy who fits right into all of this crazy.
  • In-law relationships can be tricky. Guess we got lucky! Happy birthday.
  • Pleasing a mother-in-law is hard to do. You make it look effortless. Happy birthday, son-in-law.
  • Today you deserve the best, so order take out. We know our daughter can't cook! Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday From a Mother-in-Law

Always Share the Birthday Love

Your son-in-law is not your biological child, and you may have hit some bumps in the road as you adjusted to him becoming a part of your family. No matter your journey with this family member, always make sure to celebrate him on his special day. Family members who marry into a family should always feel included and loved. A genuine birthday message will make him feel like one of the gang.

Happy Birthday, Son-in-Law: 40 Messages to Make His Day